[Defecation, Urination] [TAN-417] 素人うんち倶楽部7 ここは一線を超えた大人の社交場 – 2013/07/11

JAV Video ID: TAN-417

Release Date: 2013/07/11

Total Duration: 179 min


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[Rino Takanashi, Miku Abeno] [GHKQ-65] Handsome Boy Hero Slave Project -A Boy Fall to the Transvestite Pleasure Training- – 2018/11/09

Starring: Miku Abeno, Nanami Takanami, Rino Takanashi

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: GHKQ-65

Release Date: 2018/11/09

Total Duration: 70 min

A boy hero, Wonder Boy has a strong justice spirit. The Galaxy Guild send two female cadres as an assassin to the Earth. They snake into the base of Wonder Boy. They sexually harass Wonder Boy as a body check. Wonder Boy was a virgin. Female cadres toy WB who isn’t accustomed to women. WB elects his penis unconsciously and turns red with embarrassment. He is injected a drug. He loses his body control and is violently tortured. His revealed nipples are elected like a girl and his pants are smeared with his sperm. Two female cadres are intoxicated with his sperm that put on their fingertip. WB is finally forced to put on woman’s cloth. WB loses his glint in his eyes. He is just embarrassed as a feeble boy. He shows fool face. He elects his dick with surrounding female’s laugh. Don’t lose superhero Wonder Boy!

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[Ikuta Saori, Enema] [PSI-227] 野外露出浣腸 人妻・熟女編 – 2011/08/16

Starring: 円城ひとみ, 生田沙織, 杉本蘭, 西岡まき, 名取美知子, 木下雪絵

JAV Video ID: PSI-227

Release Date: 2011/08/16

Total Duration: 239 min


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