[Anri Suma, Seara Hoshino] [GPTM-05] Mechanized Human – Boseider – 2010/07/09

Starring: Anri Suma, Seara Hoshino

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: GPTM-05

Release Date: 2010/07/09

Total Duration: 181 min

Somewhere among the mountains, far away from the civilized world, the world’s first-ever humanoid robot “Specimen V” is about to be born at Saimyoji Robot Engineering Institute. On that fateful night, however, the institute is raided by the enemy, and Doctor Saimyoji, who knew the attack was coming, has disappeared without a trace, leaving everything to the host computer “Mother.” Professor J, mortal rival of Doctor Saimyoji, sends out a monster robot in his attempt to kill the doctor’s only son Taro, but suddenly a mysterious blue shadow appears to rescue Taro. Taro is saved by a small woman he has never met before. “Is this the robot my father used to talk about?” Yes, she is Boseider, the world’ greatest android his father had created. Taro names the robot “Yuu” and the two start to live together. While Yuu develops her own personality by recording everything she experiences in her electric brain, Taro is gradually attracted to the girl who is willing to risk her life to help him. But their happiness doesn’t last long as Android Akumader arrives, who is destined to destroy Boseider. Moreover, a beautiful woman Selena Konoe seduces Taro and Yuu starts to feel lost and confused. The most fierce and erotic battles of robots are about to begin now.

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