[Ayaka Tsuji, Miwa] [ZHPD-19] Super Heroine Jr. Saves the Crisis !! 3 Beauty Fighter Sailor Soldier Alpha – 2006/01/13

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Miwa, Asuka Nagayoshi, Kisaki Tokumori, Rika Inoue

Video Director: Tomoaki Sato

JAV Video ID: ZHPD-19

Release Date: 2006/01/13

Total Duration: 70 min

Alpha rescues the Princess who is captured by the Wicked Party. The Princess is overwhelming moved, and insists that she will also become a Sailor Soldier. Alpha, who gives in to her persistence, starts training with the Princess. Just then, the combatants of the Wicked Party attack them, and a large-scale battle breaks out! The Princess seems to have a knack for fighting and knocks the combatants down. Alpha fights a seesaw battle with the executive, but the Princess who becomes faint from exhaustion is captured once again. This turns out to be a great problem that Alpha has to win back the Princess at all cost.

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