[Kana Ohori] [GRET-07] Super Cocky Heroine – Completely Defeated Insult – Princess Noa – 2012/01/27

Starring: Kana Ohori

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GRET-07

Release Date: 2012/01/27

Total Duration: 99 min

Noa is an elite fighter who graduated the Galaxy Federation’s training school with honors. After graduation, she is sent out to Earth, where she fights as ‘Princess Noa,’ the ace fighter of Earth’s Defense Army. Intelligent, athletic and very beautiful, Noa beats up every assassin of an evil king Souther. Noa should be a perfect fighter, but among the defense army she is also known as a prank-loving, super-cocky troublemaker. Even during the fight with Prince Damned of Planet Goliath trying to invade Earth, Noa maintains her cocky attitude. After winning the fight against Damned, she captures the defeated prince who is trying to escape. In fact, Noa is having fun doing naughty things to the humiliated prince. Noa refuses to listen to the Commander’s well-meant advice, and keeps enjoying herself until she is quite satisfied, and sends the poor captive prince to the jail. Knowing that his beloved son is terribly humiliated by Noa, angry King Souther of Planet Goliath himself travels to Earth and launches an assault against her. Noa fights Souther, thinking this is going to be another easy victory, but King Souther is a much stronger enemy than she expected. Noa realizes her mistake but too late, and she is defeated for the first time in her career. But her defeat in the fight is only the beginning of the real nightmare. Super Cocky Heroine Noa’s greatest humiliation show of the universe begins now! Noa is now getting through the full course of humiliation, but can Noa, a heroine with an unyielding spirit, survive it?

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[Ayaka Tomoda, Yume Kanasaki] [GPTM-24] Superheroine Avengers – 2012/12/14

Starring: Chieri Sakurai, Mao Yura, Yuma Miyazaki, Yume Kanasaki, Ayaka Tomoda

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GPTM-24

Release Date: 2012/12/14

Total Duration: 142 min

The five superstar super heroines assemble, and tackle evil incarnations! Here are the Fighting Unit Ranger Pink, the Sailor Fighter, the American Comics Heroine, the Lovely Girl Mask and the Stark-Naked Masked Heroine. The enemy’s aim is to rule the earth and brainwash all the super heroines. One day, one mysterious meteorite approaches the earth, and its abnormal phenomena draw the super heroines who belong in a different world; however, the meantime evil people try to make the most of energy which the meteorite emits. All the super heroines, who have gathered, splendidly fight against various foes such as monsters, manitou men, false gods and terrorists, but gradually they’re cornered and fall in a crucial situation. Finally, all the super heroines are retaliated by evil people, and all of them are humiliated and raped to shoot cum inside of a vagina, in the end they receives sexual brainwashing and swear loyalty to evils.

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[Anri Suma, Seara Hoshino] [GPTM-05] Mechanized Human – Boseider – 2010/07/09

Starring: Anri Suma, Seara Hoshino

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: GPTM-05

Release Date: 2010/07/09

Total Duration: 181 min

Somewhere among the mountains, far away from the civilized world, the world’s first-ever humanoid robot “Specimen V” is about to be born at Saimyoji Robot Engineering Institute. On that fateful night, however, the institute is raided by the enemy, and Doctor Saimyoji, who knew the attack was coming, has disappeared without a trace, leaving everything to the host computer “Mother.” Professor J, mortal rival of Doctor Saimyoji, sends out a monster robot in his attempt to kill the doctor’s only son Taro, but suddenly a mysterious blue shadow appears to rescue Taro. Taro is saved by a small woman he has never met before. “Is this the robot my father used to talk about?” Yes, she is Boseider, the world’ greatest android his father had created. Taro names the robot “Yuu” and the two start to live together. While Yuu develops her own personality by recording everything she experiences in her electric brain, Taro is gradually attracted to the girl who is willing to risk her life to help him. But their happiness doesn’t last long as Android Akumader arrives, who is destined to destroy Boseider. Moreover, a beautiful woman Selena Konoe seduces Taro and Yuu starts to feel lost and confused. The most fierce and erotic battles of robots are about to begin now.

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[Jun Nada, Mahiro Aine] [GMMD-15] Wild Ranger – Wild Pink : Badly Fallen Heroine – The Female Commander Betrayer – 2011/04/22

Starring: Mahiro Aine, Jun Nada

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GMMD-15

Release Date: 2011/04/22

Total Duration: 90 min

One year after the demise of the Dark Sacrifice, the junto of vice, a mysterious corps Leviathan has come invading. The new Wild Rangers are formed, assigning as its commander Shizuka Ugetsu, aka Wild Pink, who once conquered the Dark Sacrifice alone in a heroic venture. Yayoi Kamishiro, who admires Shizuka like her own sister, has been quite active on the team as the newborn Wild Pink. While respected as an able commander, Shizuka remembers secretly her damned torture and rape experiences as well as the womanly sexual desire which behind her glory and fame, uncontrollably torments her body as she recalls the untold shame… And, the boss of the Dark Sacrifice, supposedly burned to death, returns as Clarken before Shizuka. Hiding his anger for having his face burned ugly, he manipulates the body of Shizuka who has been undergoing brainwashing and orders to trap Yayoi Kamishiro. Unable to cast off the pleasure broken into her, Shizuka betrays Yayoi, her quasi-sister Wild Pink, despite her will. Since then, Commander Shizuka Ugetsu changes into the vicious woman fighter Siren of the Leviathan. Shizuka loads the dice with Yayoi’s transformation bracelet. Unknowingly, Yayoi uses it to transform before her enemy and she slips into her reinforced suit mounted with chastity belt for pleasurable torturing. Yayoi the newborn Wild Pink is captured, screwed and broken in. Shizuka, the one-time adorable commander, tortures Yayao relentlessly, whom Clarken and his fighters ram with violence. Beat down, stout-hearted Yayoi falls for pleasure and is subdued just like Shizuka, becoming the vicious woman fighter Scula. [Bad ending]

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[Anri Hoshizaki] [GGTB-07] The Operation Of Mechanizing A Heroine – Project Blender 1 – 2010/02/12

Starring: Anri Hoshizaki

Video Director: Masayoshi Shiki

JAV Video ID: GGTB-07

Release Date: 2010/02/12

Total Duration: 66 min

In the near future the city of Cheyenne has become a crime-infested place where a big corporate Mitsuya rules, and in the street a bloody war between rival gangs goes on forever. Misato Houjo is the leader of the gang that dominates the city and she gets a tip about a drug deal involving the opposing crime group Circus. She hides herself at the location for the deal to steal the drug, but she is double-crossed by her subordinate and gets caught. The fact is, Circus is in league with TPU, Mitsuya’s security company, which uses Misato as guinea pig for “Blender 01,” a project engineered by TPU to create a cyborg soldier, and Misato is forced to receive a full-scale cyborg operation. Brainwashed Misato, still a prototype model, is sent back to her gang’s hideout where she kills all the members. After a short circuit caused by an electric shock, Misato recovers her lost memories, but she is terribly shocked at her remodeled boy and cannot overcome the shock completely. Still, determined to seek revenge, Misato enters the headquarters of TPU, but….

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[Anikka Albrite] [GGFH-10] Pink Battle Ranger – 2012/12/14

Starring: Anikka Albrite

JAV Video ID: GGFH-10

Release Date: 2012/12/14

Total Duration: 70 min

Pink Ranger has come down on Earth, chasing after Devil Devillas. Then, here appears an earthling! But, the earthling, puppeteered by Devillas, transforms into Devil Beast to torment Pink Ranger. Pink Ranger, avoiding to hurt the earthling, drains her energy and gets caught. Devillas runs electricity onto Pink’s reinforced suit to test its strength and succeeds in sucking Pink’s energy out. With her mask taken off, Pink Ranger loses her breath and gets confined into a jail cell. Using her last remaining energy, Pink Ranger breaks out from the cell, where Devillas has been waiting. Exhausted, Pink Ranger is assailed by Devillas’ ferocious hands!! Can she ever get away from Devillas!? {Bad ending}

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[Briana Blair] [GGFH-01] Foreign Heroine Superior Lady – 2011/10/28

Starring: Briana Blair

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: GGFH-01

Release Date: 2011/10/28

Total Duration: 92 min

One day, Superior Lady rescues Editor-in-Chief. When she comes home, she hears Crow’s voice. ’I have your Editor-in-Chief. If you want him,come to a warehouse.’ Superior Lady runs out of her apartment immediately. As soon as she arrives at the warehouse,Crow appears! Crow says the chief is next to him and put in a garbage bag! When she approaches the bag, it wriggles!! Superior Lady starts suffering! After she takes off the bag,she finds Crow’s henchman hanging an ore from his head!! Crow’s henchmen pounces on Superior Lady who is being deprived of the power! From here, Crow’s torture starts in order to make her confess whereabouts of the spacecraft!!

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[Chika Arimura] [GEXP-98] Heroine Doing Great – Freedom Fighter Phoenix – 2012/12/14

Starring: Chika Arimura

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GEXP-98

Release Date: 2012/12/14

Total Duration: 83 min

Liberty Warrior Phoenix is fighting to reclaim freedom from the dictatorship Yapoo. She succeeds after a hard battle in capturing Gila, captain of the Monarch’s Guards, and together with Makoto, leader of the rebel forces of Yapoo ”Crimson Sun”, puts Gila to torture to make him talk the whereabouts of Priest Madoh. But, Gila wouldn’t talk even if he is accosted by Phoenix sexually. Thrown into a jail, Gila breaks out easily. Waiting for Gila to break out, Phoenix and Makoto follow Gila to find that he has been in close communication with the Monarch’s Guards. Makoto and Phoenix fall into a trap in pursuit of Gila, and Makoto is taken captive. With Makoto as a hostage, Phoenix cannot wield her full power and is also captured. Even under torture, she provokes Gila despite the excruciating pain and succeeds in luring Gila’s underlings to fight with her. Phoenix beats down all of them and corners Gila . But, then and there comes Makoto, her comrade, pointing a gun at Phoenix… What will happen to the cursed Liberty Warrior Phoenix!? {Bad ending]

CLICK TO GET "GEXP98HeroineDoingGreatFreedomFighterPhoenix20121214 part 1.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Ayaka Tomoda] [GEXP-96] Superheroine Domination Hell – Holy Sky Force Feather Pink – 2012/12/14

Starring: Ayaka Tomoda

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: GEXP-96

Release Date: 2012/12/14

Total Duration: 64 min

Holy Sky Force Feather Rangers is a band of evil-fighting soldiers. Today they set out to defeat the humanoid monster Balbals that their enemy Discorea has sent out! Balbals can change the shape of its hands and wrists into various types of weapons. The monster concocts a plan to divide the rangers and eliminate them one by one, and its first target is Feather Pink! In front of Feather Blue, a captured Pink (counterfeit) appears! Caught off guard, Blue gets imprisoned, receiving the monster’s cannon attack. Balbals lures Pink into a trap by remote-controlling the captured Blue and she also gets caught. Balbals then tampers Pink’s transformation device and strips her of any abilities to protect herself from attacks. Using a steel trap and a cannon as well as electric shock, Balbals tortures Pink whose body gets weaker and weaker! Then with its talons Balbals rips up her armored suit! Battered and exhausted Pink has to go through another round of torture that drives her over the edge!!

CLICK TO GET "GEXP96SuperheroineDominationHellHolySkyForceFeatherPink20121214 part 1.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GEXP96SuperheroineDominationHellHolySkyForceFeatherPink20121214 part 2.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GEXP96SuperheroineDominationHellHolySkyForceFeatherPink20121214 part 3.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME