[Kaori Aikawa] [JDSD-18] Heroine Incontinence sailor dream – 2010/05/28

Starring: Kaori Aikawa

JAV Video ID: JDSD-18

Release Date: 2010/05/28

Total Duration: 61 min

Super beauty heroine Sailor Dream has been fighting a death battle with the Death God Empire over the legendary treasure ”Glorious Noah”. Ambushed by the Death God Empire fighters while at home in her school uniform before transformation, Sailor Dream, constrained and interrogated for the hiding place of Glorious Noah for a long time, finally wets her panty. Glorious Noah, robbed by the Death Empire, must be taken back. Sailor Dream sets out to enemy land, puts up fight in her usual self, but gets captured and pisses miserably again in her pants while being dominated. Then, friendly Masked Count appears and hands her the stick for transformation. Transformed, Sailor Dream fights gallantly, gets shot by a sniper by the enemy weapon and dominated, and pisses again in her cute Sailor Dream costume. Constrained on her hands and knees in the enemy interrogation room, Sailor Dream gets spanked hard for the information on Dream’s base location and wets herself. A never-to-miss sight to see is the scene where Sailor Dream gets her abdomen vibrated severely, with her bladder swollen to the maximum with urine, making her piss. Hang in there, Dream! The Earth’s destiny depends on you! [Bad ending]

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[OL・秘書, 樹花凜] [JMRD-03] 新・おもらし物語 3 – 2007/11/23

Starring: 樹花凜

JAV Video ID: JMRD-03

Release Date: 2007/11/23

Total Duration: 85 min



[放尿, 早見こころ] [JMRD-02] 新・おもらし物語 2 – 2007/10/12

Starring: 早見こころ

JAV Video ID: JMRD-02

Release Date: 2007/10/12

Total Duration: 75 min



[瀬崎るな, 放尿] [JMRD-01] 新・おもらし物語 – —

Starring: 瀬崎るな

JAV Video ID: JMRD-01

Release Date: —

Total Duration: 75 min



[Kitagawa Erika, SM] [JSPR-04] スプラッターヒロイン 04 プレイウーマン – 2010/05/14

Starring: 北川エリカ

JAV Video ID: JSPR-04

Release Date: 2010/05/14

Total Duration: 81 min

法律で裁けない犯罪者に正義の鉄槌を下す現代の仕置き人、人呼んでプレイウーマン。そんな彼女にある依頼が舞い込む。息子を同級生の不良グループにリンチされた上に殺されたというその男は不良グループに復讐したいと言うのだ。早速プレイウーマンは熟れた身体を餌にカツアゲ中の不良グループに近づき、まんまと牙を剥いて襲ってくる不良どもを拳法の達人であるプレイウーマンが叩きのめす。そして、一旦、わざと不良グループを逃がす。彼らのバックに強大な黒幕の存在を嗅ぎつけたプレイウーマンは黒幕をおびき出す作戦に出た。不良グループのリーダーの父親である暴力団に呼び出されたプレイウーマンは拳法で相手の用心棒を倒すが、相棒の情報屋を人質に捕られ死のリンチゲームを受ける事になる…。[BAD END] 


[Naoko Oosako, Kotomi Asakura] [JOVD-17] Female Pro Wrestling Bloody Domination Death Match – 2011/07/08

Starring: kotomi Asakura, Nami Shinohara, Naoko Oosako

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: JOVD-17

Release Date: 2011/07/08

Total Duration: 121 min

To make money for her elder sister in hospital, Nami Shinohara, an ace wrestler of a women’s pro wrestling organization Atenas, moves to another pro wrestling company Dominus, popular for its matches featuring heels beating up baby faces. Kotomi Asakura, Atenas’s up-and-coming star wrestler who adores Nami, also joins Dominus. In their first match the girls fight a sadistic female wrestler Hunteress Ramy, and Hound, the only male wrestler of Dominus who acts as Ramy’s faithful watchdog. Despite Kotomi’s protests that fighting a male wrestler is not part of their deal, the gong rings and the match gets started, which turns out very tough for the girls, with the Dominus wrestlers pulling out dirty tricks including two-platoon attacks while the referee is not looking at them. Nami and Kotomi manage to win the battle in the end, but Tank Oosako, Dominus CEO and sometime wrestler, frames the girls by drugging them and humiliates Nami, with whom she has been long infatuated. With Kotomi taken hostage, Nami can do nothing but endure Oosako’s humiliation, but when Ramy breaks their promise and starts humiliating Kotomi, too, Nami flips out, knocks down Ramy and Oosako and tries to run. Angered at unexpected attack, Oosako and Ramy beat up Nami and Kotomi in the ring ruthlessly. Though the girls attempt to fight back, the weapon attacks continue and their bodies get soaked in blood.

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