[Chika Arimura] [GOMK-55] KUNOICHI -Shinobi- 4 Shippu – 2013/07/26

Starring: Chika Arimura

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GOMK-55

Release Date: 2013/07/26

Total Duration: 82 min

The time is at the end of the Edo period…A female undercover ninja named Gale daily receives a secret mission from Japan’s feudal government, and slashes evils. This is a story that one undercover ninja Gale fights against an evil ninja gang that plots to overthrow Japan. As usual, Gale receives a secret mission and goes out to terminate a satanic wrong-headed monk named Bloody-Hell. In a toby at dead of night, Gale takes her sword and tries giving heavenly ordained death to Bloody-Hell, but Bloody-Hell uses some spooky magical techniques and conversely drives Gale into a corner. Gale faints with the enemy’s technique called Thunder Driver Between the Legs, and meanwhile, Bloody-Hell takes off Gale’s loincloth and sees her sexual organs…But Gale turns shamefulness into fury, and somehow manages to beat Bloody-Hell, but even she has just got damage, she is aimed by a cruel female ninja called Skeleton-Hunter. Gale has the mantle taken off and has the Japanese kimono slashed, but somehow she runs away. Yet, Skeleton-Hunter never stops chasing her even the sun comes up…At last, Gale loses a battle, and she receives outdoors insult in a toby. Even by lower class people who are deadly starving for a woman, Gale allows them to shoot semen inside of her vagina, and she spills a very important secret. For that reason, she is ordered to perform hara-kiri (an honor death with cutting own belly deeply) by Japan’s feudal government. She has already lost the spirit of a female ninja and she gets exposed to public as a betrayer.

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