[Eri Ueno] [THR-01] Facsimile edition super-heroine 1 – 2004/02/26

Starring: Eri Ueno

JAV Video ID: THR-01

Release Date: 2004/02/26

Total Duration: 60 min

Now in fashion are girls with big butt and tits. Heroine Hallow is one of them. She sneaks into the gang’s hide out, and zips and zaps the enemies. Hallow is so cute. But now she falls into a trap… With her legs tied and spread apart, she gets electric shocks and whipped hard, which she bearly endures. Now, she gets molested in her cunt by the enemy androids, which sends ecstatic pleasure to her body. Aroused, he indulges hereself with masterbation. And, the ”death snake” thrusts into Hallow’s body, as she screams in ecstasy and faints.

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