[Hiroko] [THP-34] Super Heroine in Danger Vol.34 – Evil Buster Yuko – 2010/06/11

Starring: Hiroko

Video Director: Masayoshi Shiki

JAV Video ID: THP-34

Release Date: 2010/06/11

Total Duration: 64 min

A common female college student named Yuko (means a spirit child) has been afflicted by fearful dream every night. And one day, she has a chance to approach her yearning senior named Hikaru (means a light) in the middle of attending school. Yuko attains a promise of a date instantly. And after a while, she goes out just like being in the seventh heaven. But when she sees Hikaru, she loses herself with Hikaru’s hypnotism which seems to be taken and possessed by something, and she is kidnapped by someone! And also Hikaru goes somewhere. After Yuko is kidnapped, she wakes up in a gloomy warehouse but suddenly she is attacked by some tentacles and is driven into a deadly pinch. Then, a ring in her finger shines, and she transforms herself into a warrior with a deep red China dress. Actually Yuko is a warrior who inherits the blood of an evil-monsters-busters which subjugate demons from generation to generation. She finds that Hiharu is also kidnapped, and in order to rescue Hikaru, she challenges long-nosed goblins called the Skull-Dugout-Monk to battles. However, the enemy shelters themselves behind Hikaru as the hostage. Due to that, Yuko falls to the enemy’s hand and she is given disgraceful tortured by long-nosed goblins who have a grudge in evil-monsters-busters. Well, is it possible for Yuko to rescue Hikaru!? [HAPPY END]

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