[Miki Eguchi] [TDLN-06] Heroine subjugation hungry demon hell 3 – 2004/09/15

Starring: Miki Eguchi

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: TDLN-06

Release Date: 2004/09/15

Total Duration: 85 min

Any contacts of President Jefferson and his aide are lost on the vicinity of between North Aldesia and its border. According to its government opinion, they consider it as the criminal act done by a party of the Black-Commander known as radicals of North Aldesia. The government orders the president rescue mission to a special force named ”The Battle-Scramble Y(Ypsilon).” With utmost secrecy, the elite unit ”The Battle-Scramble Y(Ypsilon)” sneaks into a capital of North Aldesia called Hanynzum, and they search for a secret base of the Black-Commander. But under such a circumstance, ”The Battle-Scramble Y(Ypsilon)” is taken a mean advantage of by the foe, and they are about to become unbearable against the foe’s malicious torture…

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