[Miku Abeno] [GTRL-46] Rape Hunter BEAST Vol.1 Shadow Ranger -Shadow White – 2017/10/13

Starring: Miku Abeno

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GTRL-46

Release Date: 2017/10/13

Total Duration: 65 min

Beautiful Fighter Shadow White/Madoka Yukihime is targeted by space beast Rape Hunter Beast. The purpose of the beast is having a strong and brutal child as his successor. However it is not easy to defeat Shadow White/Madoka Yukihime because she is a proud fighter and descendant of ninja. Rape Hunter Beast feels sexual excitement to seriously fight with female fighter. Shadow White/Madoka Yukihime is gradually driven into the corner by Rape Hunter Beast’s high fighting ability. Shadow White/Madoka Yukihime loses her energy and is raped by Rape Hunter Beast. Her skin, heart, and vagina is violently abused. Shadow White/Madoka Yukihime uses last scientific ninja arts while she is raped but…!?

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