[Mikuni Maisaki] [GOMK-20] The Star of Celine – 2013/03/08

Starring: Mikuni Maisaki

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GOMK-20

Release Date: 2013/03/08

Total Duration: 88 min

Inspired by God’s words, a brave beauty girl warrior Star of Celine decides to fight evil. The people of France, encouraged by her fights, are uprising against their corrupt government that has long oppressed them. But General Sade concocts a cunning plan to capture the rebel, and the evil general closes in on The Star of Celine who risks her own life for love and freedom. Betrayed by her most trusted allies, she is captured and taken away to the ruthless General Sade, who abuses her pale-white body, fondling her vagina. Then she is subjected to knotted rope torture and electric vibrator torture, and she is forced to reach orgasm again and again. The Star of Celine is driven crazy physically and mentally, and finally she gets raped and cummed inside. The despaired heroine becomes a plaything for the filthy ones.

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