[Misa Noah, Saki Hatsumi] [GOMK-65] Psychic Girl Noah the Third – 2013/08/23

Starring: Saki Hatsumi, Chisa Hiruma

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GOMK-65

Release Date: 2013/08/23

Total Duration: 67 min

Mirai Hayano is a school girl, but also a warrior with special ability. She transforms into Noah the Third and fights against Faust the Lord of Darkness. One day, Tachibana (the freelance writer) reporting the organization of Faust, is attacked by the lower combatants. But Noah the Third saves Tachibana and that makes her have an interest in Noah. Tachibana believes Mirai is the superhero who saved her and dangles around her to seek for truth. After the great effort, Tachibana finds out the hidden truths of Noah’s past. Meanwhile, Faust sends out an enormous monster to destroy the city. But Noah the Third and three of her servants destroy the monster, which makes Faust furious of the blunder. He captures one of the three servants. After finding out the identity of the servant, he decides to brainwash the servant into attacking Noah the Third. Noah gets betrayed by her servant, humiliated and broken hearted.

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