[Nana Kunimi] [GMMD-02] Giant Hermaphrodite Heroine – Planet Woman – 2010/04/09

Starring: Nana Kunimi

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GMMD-02

Release Date: 2010/04/09

Total Duration: 74 min

Transformed into Planet Woman from the Star Lumley, Yuna, a member of the Earth Defense Corps, has been fighting day and night with cosmic aliens invading the Earth. She is a Hulked-out goddess, beautiful and angelic, defending the Earthlings. But, Sidos and Zaros from the Star Exxa of cosmic criminals are aware of her weakness and secrets! After her defeat in a Hulk battle, it becomes revealed that Yuna the Planet Woman from Star Lumley is monoclinous! A bulging, shiny silvery dick is exposed between her groins! The beautiful image of a Hulk goddess defending the Earth now begins to crumble! Rubbed and groped by the aliens, Hulk Heroine’s huge penis shamelessly oozes out Cowper liquid despite her will! At last, Hulk Heroine reaches her climax time and again, ejaculating her cum on the street! Townspeople are shocked and amazed out of their minds. Slammed down in humiliation on her face, Planet Woman keeps coming endlessly, spewing her cum profusely, spreading it across town. Turned back to human body, Yuna is taken away into outer space as she gets raped and molested in the space ship…

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