[NTSP-03] Bushido Girls – 2014/04/11

Starring: Yurina Ayashiro

JAV Video ID: NTSP-03

Release Date: 2014/04/11

Total Duration: 89 min

[Insult]’Do you really think you will be able to defeat me!!’ Jyubei slashes down the enemy. Suddenly she feels pain… black aura is unleashed from her body and Jyubei loses consciousness… And a ninja carries her to their headquarters. When she regains consciousness, the ninja questions her. ’You are the one right? The samurai who killed all of my comrades!’ Jyubei has no clue what he is saying and cries, ’I don’t know what you mean… Please forgive me’. But he believes Jyubei is lying and tortures her until she speaks the truth. The ninja tries a different way to make her answer. He starts touching her delicate spot and Jyubei asks him to stop. Just that moment, a different ninja reports that by kissing her, she will be very obedient. The ninja kisses her but nothing happens. Finally he decides to rape her to take full control. [Hazing]Jyubei is training with Tengu to become a more powerful samurai… Tengu is tired of how Jyubei does not learn well and begins beating her. Jyubei falls from the pain… ’What are you doing! Stand up!’ She tries to stand up but many men surround her and…

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