[Reina Shirogane, Rei Tokunaga] [GHKP-31] Art Guardian Mio VS Monster Namenba – 2017/10/13

Starring: Reina Shirogane, Rei Tokunaga, Ichika Hayano

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: GHKP-31

Release Date: 2017/10/13

Total Duration: 135 min

Mio Bitou is an ace of Art Guardian which is a security guard for art collections. Mio and female investigator Maguchi were ordered to solve the case that Art Guardians became missing while they are guarding art works. Then, monster Namenba suddenly attacks the two. Namenba captures Maguchi, and lick Mio to deprive her energy. Namenba loves strong and beautiful woman’s energy. She was the criminal of the recent missing cases. Namenba knows that Mio is searching the case, so she attacks Mio and licks her body to deprive her energy. Mio is exhausted when she is rescued by Maguchi. In addition, Maguchi shows her real identity as a lesbian, and tortures Mio’s body. Then, Namenba appears there. Mio transforms into Art Guardian to protect Maguchi even though she was attacked by Maguchi. Mio easily defeats Namenba. Namenba smiles although she is driven into the corner. Namenba says Maguchi to wake up. Mio is surprised but Maguchi changes her appearance to Namenba and gets a full nelson on Mio. Two lesbian Namenbas lick Art Guardian Mio’s whole body to torture her.

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