[Riko Kitagawa] [TBB-83] Heroine Suppression Vol.83 Blu-Sailor Striker -Infernal Attack Lesson- – 2018/08/10

Starring: Riko Kitagawa

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TBB-83

Release Date: 2018/08/10

Total Duration: 90 min

Lyrica Hoshino/Blu-Sailor Striker is an undercover agent belongs to government organization Zeus. Her next mission is to investigate a high-ranked private school Beni-Bara academy. This academy may have a connection with shadowy organization that made her colleague cripple. However, a female masked principal stands in front of Blu-Sailor Striker and monster teachers violently torture her. Blu-Sailor Striker keeps fighting to revenge on them.

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