[Rina Kichise] [THP-49] Superheroine In Grave Danger Vol.49 – Steel Girl Power Woman – 2013/07/12

Starring: Rina Kichise

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: THP-49

Release Date: 2013/07/12

Total Duration: 65 min

Here comes a beautiful woman who has a well-plumped dynamite body and blonde hair. She is Power-Woman from the U.S.A.! She comes all the way to Japan to take back a stolen treasure. People who have stolen the treasure are ’the Tusk clan’ who are ninja burglars since old times in Japan. But as far as she pursuits their tracks, Helen, who is Power Woman, is attacked by their assassins; however, their attack with a Japanese sword is just equal to a child’s toy for her! Yet, Power-Woman, who was raised in the U.S.A., is simple and innocent, and also never doubts people deeply because of the superior power. So, without a doubt, she bottoms up a cup of Japanese tea that is actually poisoned. Power-Woman loses the psychic power, and she receives old Japanese-style torture that has been carried on the tradition of the ninja gang ’the Tusk clan.’ Power-Woman, who has lost supernatural power by now, agonizes over a Japanese hemp rope that eats into the flesh and a stone plate that has a sort of saw teeth, which are now equal to painful weapons for her. And also she gets spanked with a stick and then exposes the whites of her eyes. Actually, the purpose of ’the Tusk clan’ is to overthrow the U.S.A. after they hears a secret of the treasure’s ability from Power-Woman. A head of ’the Tusk clan’ sees Power-Woman’s well-rounded body that is wrapped with a white leotard. Now he induces lascivious desires, and earnestly licks all over the body, and then rapes her. Power-Woman, who is supposed to be an iron maiden from the U.S.A., has the white pure skin spoiled and has compulsorily a big dark-black meat pole given into the vagina, and she gets forced to reach the acme. While Power-Woman is raped, she feels that the Japanese are so brutal people from the depth from her heart…. Well, is it possible for Power-Woman to seize a chance of victory…!? [HAPPY END]

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