[Risa Saiki] [ZDAD-34] Mighty Honey – 2012/01/13

Starring: Risa Saiki

Video Director: Kanzo Matsuura

JAV Video ID: ZDAD-34

Release Date: 2012/01/13

Total Duration: 60 min

Leona transforms into Mighty Honey to fight villains every time they appear. After hearing her acquaintance reporter Tanabe remark that it is no good to have people rely too much on Mighty Honey because she settles every problem, she decides not to transform as much as possible in solving incidents. Learning that the wicked trader Sayama Kogyo is disposing of highly poisonous industry refuse unlawfully, Leona and Tanabe start deep cover investigation to discover that a pair of wicked aliens pulls strings behind the Sayama Kogyo operation! Leona turns into Mighty Honey and keeps fighting, but the wicked aliens inject a fluid developed from the refuse and transform into mutants. Mighty Honey gets slugged by the super-power mutant, knocked out and captured. Leona is tortured but rescued by Tanabe who has broken out. On learning that the mutant specter is after the president’s life, Leona goes out again to confront the mutant specter!

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