[Ruka Ayase] [THP-16] Super Heroine in Big Crisis 16 – 2007/09/01

Starring: Ruka Ayase

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: THP-16

Release Date: 2007/09/01

Total Duration: 75 min

The evil group, Black Dragon, was committing many crimes. Blue Stretcher goes for saving of her sister, Pink Stretcher, captured by Black Dragon. Blue Stretcher beats combatants and the monster Gareon and infiltrates the hideout of the enemy, but she is caught and violated. Beating, kicking, attacking her thug and breast, and pro-wrestling technique… She is whipped and her costume are torn into pieces!! And still the enemy’s attack won’t stop. Her breast is grabbed and she gets stunned. Her exposed breast and thug is sprayed with itchy liquid. She bears till the end but her body is torn one step before her stun. And she scratches herself and gets faint with too much ecstasy. However, her sister helps her get out barely and fights, but she is again imprisoned. And she becomes the rat of the combatant’s sex outlet, and raped by the monster. Unfortunately, the brainwashed sister plays her. But, she barely gets out the place with the help of normalized sister, but…

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