[Shijimi, Madoka Hanai] [ZDAD-37] Junior idol heroine Cutie Rebellion – 2012/03/23

Starring: Hikari Shiraishi, Madoka Hanai, Asami, Shijimi

Video Director: Motoharu Takauji

JAV Video ID: ZDAD-37

Release Date: 2012/03/23

Total Duration: 63 min

Two junior high school students, Mai(means dancing) and Ayumi(means stepping) are beefed-up contenders of the Olympic Games. But their parents are killed by the Bogue, and they’re taken away. Then, the Bogue forcibly inject animal’s genes into them in order to make them super humans. Each of their flesh is remodeled, such as swan’s genes are injected into Mai, and wildcat’s genes are injected into Ayumi. Mai has been caught first by the Bogue. But actually she has played like being brainwashed, and has gathered the enemy’s information. Then, Mai has closely contacted with her aunt Reiko(means a beauteous girl) who’s an investigator, and Mai has waited for an opportunity to escape. And now, Mai rescues Ayumi who’s about to be brainwashed, and succeeds in escaping from the Bogue’s facilities. The two heroines in the same boat respectively attach the Animatector-Swan and the Animatector-Lynx. And they decide to fight against the Bogue with Reiko. But while Mai and Ayumi aren’t home, Reiko is attacked by the Bogue’s female cadre named Snake. Mai and Ayumi sense the aunt’s crisis, and attach the Animatector respectively and rush to save Reiko. But strong foes appear in front of them one after another. But somehow, the Swan and the Lynx beat the foes, and reach to where Reiko is being captured. But Snake stubs Reiko with a poison needle, and press them to return to the Bogue if they want to rescue the aunt. They reject the demand of Snake and choose to fight against Bogue to rescue Reiko, however… Well, is it possible for the Swan and the Lynx to defeat the Bogue and rescue Reiko? Now begins the desperate struggle of the two young heroines!!

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