[Sumire Kurokawa] [GTRL-57] Spandexer Trilogy The Third Chater : Sun Angel Torture – 2018/10/12

Starring: Sumire Kurokawa

Video Director: Masayoshi Shiki

JAV Video ID: GTRL-57

Release Date: 2018/10/12

Total Duration: 65 min

The last Spandexer Sun Angel face with evils. Parnas became a real evil fighter after his father’s death and he feels pleasure to torment superheroine. He constructs a large-sized amusement park “Dymos” in Augus town. Parnas plans participatory torture show as the biggest event in Dymos to torture Spandexer by ordinary people. They are confused at first but gradually enjoy torturing superheroine as a game. Is Spandexer going to be exposed as an attraction in Dymos forever!?

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