[Fetish, 杏樹紗奈] [MIBD-557] 13 Cute Beautiful Girls and Their Wide-Open Mouthpussies 3 Hours – 2011/04/23

Starring: Tsukasa Imai, Aika Miyazaki, Nao Mizuki, Remon Tachibana, Hina Kurumi, Ari, Harumi Asano, Yua Kisaki, Anna Nagasawa, Rika Mizuhara, Yuko Kizaki, Kiara Sugiki, Airi Misora, Mika Osawa, Mariko Hirota

JAV Video ID: MIBD-557

Release Date: 2011/04/23

Total Duration: 178 min

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[Aika Miyazaki, Naoko Oosako] [THH-15] SUPER Heroine Domination 15 – Justy Lily – 2008/08/08

Starring: Aika Miyazaki, Naoko Oosako

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: THH-15

Release Date: 2008/08/08

Total Duration: 78 min

Succeeding the research work of Dr. Minazuki, her father, Yuri Minazuki, the daughter, has now successfully developed the nano machine, which is a device to reinforce organic substances, designed to cure the sick and the injured by sending them inside bodies. But, Rei Yayoi, her assistant since her father’s days, snatches away the device and starts reinforcing men in an attempt to conquer Japan. Yuri, defying Rei, develops another reinforced Justy System which fortifies organic substances further. Using the device, Yuri turns herself into Justy Lily, and challenges Rei, now calling herself as Sister Zero. But Rei is only a cat’s paw of his friend Jumbo Killer. Jumbo Killer, with his huge body and sneaky tactics, clobbers and stomps her and squeezes the secrets of the Justy System. Using the System, Jumbo Killer succeeds in getting rid of Sister Zero who has been on his nerves. Angered, Justy Lily in her true self tries to down Jumbo Killer, but he has his power intact. Justy Lily and Jumbo Killer now confront each other in the final battle! [Happy Ending]

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[Riri Kouda, Aika Miyazaki] [TBW-04] Heroine Brainwash 04 – 2008/05/23

Starring: Aika Miyazaki, Aika Miyazaki, Riri Kouda

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: TBW-04

Release Date: 2008/05/23

Total Duration: 70 min

Both the Fantastic-Girl and the Great-Woman fell into the fearsome trap by Morgan who was a cadreman of their old enemy named the Evil-Bowlition and they were driven into the biggest pinch. Morgan transformed himself into the Fantastic-Girl and tried to lure the Great-Woman cleverly, and he captured her and gave her brainwashing. Also the Great-Woman who was already brainwashed lured the Fantastic-Girl so easily, and she drove the Fantastic-Girl into a corner mentally and physically by teasing and bullying her sensitive pure spot endlessly and obscenely just as only female opponent could do. 「BAD END」

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[Aika Miyazaki] [TGHR-02] Superheroine Begins 02 – 2008/06/27

Starring: Aika Miyazaki

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: TGHR-02

Release Date: 2008/06/27

Total Duration: 96 min

Aurora, the masked beauty with intelligence and outstanding tactics, has been fighting the Wicked Satan. Satan, to trap the invincible Aurora, has kept Aurora under surveillance. And, on the analysis of her menstrual period and physiological dispositions, he has devised insidious traps… Without knowing such traps, Aurora has her mentor taken as hostage and gets herself subdued by tentacles laced with chloroform. What Wicked Satan intends to do is to tame her to be his own wife. The sacred fighter, masked beauty, Aurora gets her body tarnished and molested by the sordid hands of dirty mid-aged villain. Satan, having surveyed that today is her most susceptible day to conception, forces her to repeated orgasms and stops the molestation in mid course just before her coming to a climax, bullying her to insanity. At last, Satan spews his cum fully inside Aurora, soiling her with virgin blood. And, after a series of breaking, Aurora finally ends up avowing to be Satan’s wife… [bad end]

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[Aika Miyazaki, Miyazaki Aika] [TSW-105] Ninja – 2008/11/07

Starring: Aika Miyazaki

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: TSW-105

Release Date: 2008/11/07

Total Duration: 91 min

A female Ninja named Aika, who belongs to the Fog-Hiding Ninja Army, has been fighting against the Death Ninja Army in order to take back a deprived treasure ”The Dragon Hammer.” However, the odds become against her and she tries to escape danger with disguising herself as a high school girl. But the enemy’s female head named as the Dark-Mist sees through her true character. So Aika has to fight against the enemy while she is wearing the high school costume. Anyhow she puts up a good fight in the beginning, but she is gradually wasting herself and at last she looses her fight. However, by a happy chance she escapes death by a hairsbreadth and when she wakes up, she sees her transformation comes clear and only finds herself wearing a loincloth. Still unfortunately she is found by pursuers and is insult shamefully with the loincloth. There her old master of the Fog-Hiding Ninja Army appears and extends a helping hand to Aika, and again she escapes death by a hairsbreadth. While Aika is training herself with a sexy leotard, her old master appears in front of her and orders her to take back the Dragon Hammer again. She ventures into the enemy’s territory and fights well against them in the beginning, but again she is captured by the enemy. Aika experiences furious dirty teasing one after another, and her mentality as the female ninja is gradually being ruined. (BAD END)

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[Aika Miyazaki, Miyazaki Aika] [THP-23] Super Heroine in Big Crisis 23 – 2008/03/14

Starring: Aika Miyazaki

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: THP-23

Release Date: 2008/03/14

Total Duration: 75 min

Lilis Factory was the only female soldier in Sonicman, whose duty was to kill the fighters of Gema, the monster organization who had appeared in town. Then she heard the desperate news that the students of Lilis were attacked by Gestova, the monster. Lilis could hear the childeren who were crying for help. She went to the scene to save the children. She changed into Sonicman to challenge against Gestova. But, the deadly Sonicsaucer was repelled with the strong tail attack of Gestova. In addition, she was tightened by the tail which wound her neck and definitely damaged by electrical attack. Gestova continued to afflict her by supersonic wave with using her sense of hearing. Lilis lost her conscious in spite of her desperate resistance. Gestova who had captured Lilis tortured her to make her confess where the Sonic Station was. He changed the tip of the tail into the mouth to melt the armor of Lilis. Felling frustrated that she would never open her mouth, Gestova decided to humiliate her with taking advantage of her weak point of the children they had captured as hostages. With communicating with the fighters who got the children on radio trasmission, Gestova tried to change the rebellious Lilis into the obedient woman. Gestova stimulated her groin and take her humiliaing pictures to show them to the children. In addtition, Gestova raped her. She spilled his semen from the secret place. Then, surprising event happendt ot the body of Lilis! She once again fought aginst Gestova with full armor! (Happy End)

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[Aika Miyazaki] [TRH-15] Super Heroine Returns 15 – 2008/03/28

Starring: Aika Miyazaki

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TRH-15

Release Date: 2008/03/28

Total Duration: 109 min

To beat down the Heroine Sailor Angel of justice, the Dantess Empire has sent a new monster named Masked Magician. He contrives to submit Sailor Angel mentally and snatch the pink crystal shinning on Sailor Angel’s chest to deprive her power. First, he approaches her benefactor high school teacher to accost Sailor Angel out. Captured and taken advantage of her sensitive sex consciousness, her virgin body is now subjected to molestation. With her cunt exposed by invisible strings, Sailor Angel is losing the mighty power of her weaponry. The Masked Magician is so deft with vibrations to torment her secret spot, who also dubs her body with sweet honey and have the watchdog Kerbelos lick her all over. Sailor Angels defies all of the torment but now her benefactor teacher is made to rape her. All proceedings are recorded in images and distributed worldwide for publication, revealing everything to her school mates. Soiled by her sweet school teacher, Sailor Angel loses her last strain of will and falls prey to the Dantess Empire… {Bad End}

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[Miyazaki Aika, Aika Miyazaki] [TBB-34] Heroine Suppression Vol.34 – 2008/02/08

Starring: Aika Miyazaki

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TBB-34

Release Date: 2008/02/08

Total Duration: 70 min

“Captured” is a ninja group dedicating themselves to maintaining universal peace and fighting against an evil organization “Gale Ninjas.” However, members of Captured vanish one after another. Five of the original seven members are missing and only Peach and Fire remain. And the agonized death cry of Fire echoes in the city! It is deadly Dark Crow of the Gale Ninjas that has been attacking the Captured members. In fact, the six members of the Captured – Rock, Wind, Thunder, Ice, Fire and Iron – were all driven to fear by Dark Crow who devoured their souls taken away from their body. Dark Crow has obtained the secret powers of the dead six members by eating their souls, and now is about to get Peach using these six types of special abilities. Cornered Ninja Peach is made to give up her soul and loses her life when her superpower is used against herself. 【BAD END】

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[Aika Miyazaki] [TTRE-02] Heroine Tentacle Insult Vol.02 – 2008/04/25

Starring: Aika Miyazaki

Video Director: Masayoshi Shiki

JAV Video ID: TTRE-02

Release Date: 2008/04/25

Total Duration: 70 min

Yoshino, high school girl, has an acute headache of unknown origin. And the next moment she realizes that she is at a ruined place in the unconscious. A mysterious Tentacle Phantom shows up and attacks her. But she transforms into Heroine with a help of strange power and in turn gets rid of him. Still puzzled with the dream-like situation, she suddenly gets sleepy. Again, she is attacked by evil tentacles when she is rather unprepared. She decides to go back to the ruin and have another fight against Tentacle Phantom. However, when there is an attack of tentacle from behind, she cannot defend it and let them get into the mucous membrane. With no prior experience of this, she cannot even move the body. A bundle of tentacles crawls on her body and become sexually. She passes out due to the pleasures she gets from them. Meanwhile, Tentacle Phantom keeps attacking her…

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