[Amamiya Kotone, SM] [DMBC-003] きまぐれ☆ボンテージクイーンのM男調教3 雨宮琴音 – 2014/03/31

Starring: 雨宮琴音

JAV Video ID: DMBC-003

Release Date: 2014/03/31

Total Duration: 98 min


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[Arisa Araki, Kotone Amamiya] [GEXP-56] Beautiful Heroine Thief – Sticky Lesbian Torture – 2012/05/11

Starring: Kotone Amamiya, Arisa Araki

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GEXP-56

Release Date: 2012/05/11

Total Duration: 97 min

Coola the pretty girlie thief is actively engaged as an agent for the theft ring in taking back art objects stolen by villains. To catch her, the villains commission Sadiress the capturer, a mysterious beauty. Sadiress traces Coola’s identity to a coed named Rika and also finds out that she has a mental weakness for anything slimy. Sadiress’s desire is to capture Rika and destroy her pride. Coola, successfully beating down security soldiers with her martial art, sneaks into the museum and falls into the trap set on the floor. The trap, called Thief Hoy Hoy, has been set by Sadiress. The Thief Hoy Hoy spews a slimy, viscous liquid that adheres to Coola’s body and hampers escape movements by clinging to her. Sadiress now molests immobile Coola in a lesbian rape. Resisting at first, Coola’s body begins to accept Sadiress’s approach. The moment a mock dick attached to Sadiress drives into Coola’s slits, Coola writhes in joy and reaches acme time and again… With her cat mask ripped off, Coola is in shambles. But, Coola starts fighting back. While held motionless caught in Thief Hoy Hoy, Coola finds a moment to take Sadiress by surprise and drag her into the Hoy Hoy hell of stickiness! The two of them, with the slimy glue sticking to the body, begin losing their minds… [Bad ending]

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[Amamiya Kotone, Kotone Amamiya] [ATHB-45] Female Agent Action Battle – Agent Meiko Himeo – 2011/05/27

Starring: Kotone Amamiya

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: ATHB-45

Release Date: 2011/05/27

Total Duration: 84 min

Here is an elite investigator, Naruko Himeo (literally means a princess makes remarkable sound but also it implies ’Onaruko’ that is a masturbating girl), and she’s been wounded on the heart. It’s due to experience of sexual violence which she received in the past, and the disagreeable memory she still remembers occasionally. And under such circumstances, she is assigned to investigate a case of a serial rape murder. Then, with her subordinate, she succeeds in capturing a man who is very suspicious, but the man is revealed to be a copycat. The true culprit doesn’t yet appear in the course of investigations. In the midst of such an occasion, the true culprit named Momose(means a shoal along with peach trees) watches the news in which Naruko caught the copycat criminal, and now he provides an aim in Naruko as his following target, and issues a commend to his three bodyguards, Kurota(means black fields), Ushiyama(means a bull in a hill), Liu(means Chinese traditional name). However, these three bodyguards get the wrong end of the stick and take Nariko’s subordinate named Mako Mejiro(means a good child living an outstanding castle). Once their faces have being seen by Mako Mejiro, the true culprit Momose decides to terminate Mako Mejiro. The investigator Naruko burns tenacity of the purpose further by having lost her subordinate. However, another subordinate is shortly terminated as if they ridiculed her. Then, the investigator Naruko is cornered gradually… Well, can she follow and stick to the true culprit!? And can she execute her subordinates’ revenge!?

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[Kotone Amamiya, Amamiya Kotone] [GEXP-31] Heroine Superhard Lesbian Rape Moonlight Fighter Artemisia – 2011/12/23

Starring: Yuki Mizuho, Kotone Amamiya, Naoko Oosako

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GEXP-31

Release Date: 2011/12/23

Total Duration: 92 min

One-time, the Moon-Princess Luna has been fighting against demons sent by the dark king named YaBushi who has been approaching the earth, her second hometown. Now YaBushi sends the strongest evil sisters Biace and Tatango, and applies last spurt to the exhaustive domination of the earth. When a crisis approaches humans, the moon bracelet of Luna shines and she transforms herself into the Moonlight-Fighter Artemisia. The Moon-Shield of Artemisia prevents any demons’ attack, and the Moon-Sword also tears apart an aspiration of the vicious demons. Tatango obtains monstrous power but cannot foresee motion of Artemisia, and loses against her. But the elder sister Biace belongs to more intelligent evils, attacks behind of such Artemisia, and totally knocks her out. Actually, these two evil sisters love girls more than men do. If a game who’s fainted is very beautiful, they love it even further. Then, they set up a plan not to kill her immediately, and instead of that they decide to play and enjoy with her flesh and strong spirit fully. Biace and Tatango start insulting Artemisia enormously without mercy. Her strengthening suit of the moon is being unlocked, and Artemisia exposes her real character, Luna. Furthermore, her lips are spoiled, the strengthening suit is totally destroyed, and her sex organs are exposed. Then, she sees a sick and wrong sight right before her. Surprisingly, between legs of both Biace and Tatango, she can see things look like penises, soaring to the ceiling. Especially, Tatango’s penis is grotesquely huge just like a beast. With the horrifying meat sticks, Artemisia is obstinately raped so hard. Biace and Tatango keep giving stimuli of pleasure to Luna’s sensitive area sadistically and cruelly. Luna realizes that she is gradually accepting these two evil sisters’ insult, so that she gets impatient and her soul is about to be destroyed. Well, how is her fate going to be…! ?

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[Nakayama Erisu, Amamiya Kotone] [GPTM-20] Cyber Special Agent Inspector LEGACY – 2012/03/09

Starring: Ayaka Hasumi, Erisu Nakayama, Kotone Amamiya

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GPTM-20

Release Date: 2012/03/09

Total Duration: 176 min

The world is under threat of conquest by a crime syndicate named Gorgon that utilizes computers. The Computer Special Task Bureau, a special security organization coping with network crimes, has developed Dive Machine that turns into an inspector in the computer world. But, fighting with magic beasts in the computer world is so risky that no inspector is fit for the job. Akira Asakura, an able one-time investigator, has been trapped and blamed for a murder by another inspector who is jealous of her capability and has committed acts of corruption. Shizuku Yazo is a one-time homegirl turned investigator who has killed another investigator in revenge for a friend of her hooligan day’s killed by the investigator. The Computer Special Task Bureau appoints both Akira and Shizuku, who are serving time in prison, to inspectors in return for amnesty of their crimes. To arrest the true culprit of trapping her, and to retrieve the past crime, the two become inspectors and dive into the risky computer world. Meanwhile, the culprit who trapped Akira sneaks a virus into the Dive Machine and plans to kill both of them in the computer world. [Bad ending]

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[Amamiya Kotone, Kotone Amamiya] [GEXP-29] Possessed By Heroine – Shining Angel – 2011/12/09

Starring: Kotone Amamiya

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: GEXP-29

Release Date: 2011/12/09

Total Duration: 89 min

The Shinning-Angel loses the original body in a battle with Delbee(who’s a female). A person who accidentally is looking at the battle, a tender-hearted nurse Mitsuki Aoi(means holy shining one) runs up to the Angel. Then, the Angle mentioned, ’Forgive me…I cannot be disappeared right now…let me possess you….’ The Angel possesses Aoi. On the other hand, Delbee who is wounded by the Angel’s attack possesses a doctor named Osawa(means big swamp). These two has mutually possesses other persons. But coincidentally, the two persons work at the same hospital. While Aoi is returning to the consultation room, Delbee who has possessed Osawa senses something strange. Delbee separates from Osawa’s body, and appears before Aoi. She is so perplexed. Delbee mercilessly attacks Aoi. Then! The Angel’s voice sounds and crosses inside Aoi, and the Shinning-Angel appears! A battle between the Angel and Delbee is now taking place again, but the Angel cannot move her body as she wishes! Delbee says, ’The Shinning-Angel! I’m really excited to see a way you suffer!’ Well, can the Angel escape from Delbee’s attack!?

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GPTM-20 Cyber Special Agent Inspector LEGACY

GPTM-20 Cyber Special Agent Inspector LEGACY


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