[Anna Mutsumi, Mutsumi Anna] [TGGP-04] Hiroin supar hard rape nymph mask Orroraserenite – 2009/03/13

Starring: Anna Mutsumi

Video Director: Kisuke Hizen

JAV Video ID: TGGP-04

Release Date: 2009/03/13

Total Duration: 71 min

Sumika Haruhi (Anna Mutsumi) was gifted a mystic force from heaven and has been fighting as Beauty Mask Aurora Serenity to protect women from evil. She avenges the defeat of the past on the shadowy prince ”Yamimaru”. Meanwhile, a brutal group SREPAR seeks the life of Mari Tamaru (Sakura Sakurada) but Aurora prevents it. Then SRERAR and Yamimaru join hands with each other in targeting Aurora!! And they attempt to make a victim of Aurora who has sneaked into the secret base of the group. Screams are heard from there! (Bad End)

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