[Ayaka Tsuji, Aika Takeda] [ZHPD-23] Super Heroine Saves the Crisis !! Brave Rangers – 2006/08/11

Starring: Chang Li-Mei, Aika Takeda, Ayaka Tsuji

Video Director: Eiji Kamikura

JAV Video ID: ZHPD-23

Release Date: 2006/08/11

Total Duration: 60 min

Names of the young person and four men who defend peace in the earth are brave man fleet blur eve rangers. And, training was taken as a soldier of the fifth person at the girl and the peach garden Emi hometown for which it yearned to them, and even the thing to fight not to mention still transforming was not permitted. The mystery man with a dark cancer that has attacked it aims at in such and me, and is Emisat that finally transforms to the other party and fights. It was a blur eve ranger of loved companions that came to help her who fought hard. However, red and green are brainwashed and become followers of the doctor rouge by the poison pollen attack of a new executive and the doctor rouge of a dark cancer. As for yellow and blue, it is knocked down, and energy has been absorbed to brainwashed red and green with the doctor rouge though the doctor rouge is challenged to a fight to begin to help two people. Can Emisat to which it is forbidden to fight save four people?And, what is the big secret that she holds?

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[Haruna Saitou, Ayaka Tsuji] [ZVGD-03] Konohana-Sakuya – 2007/08/24

Starring: Haruna Saitou, Ayaka Tsuji

Video Director: Hiroshi Nagai

JAV Video ID: ZVGD-03

Release Date: 2007/08/24

Total Duration: 65 min

They summon demons from Hell and use the demonic powers to solve cases involving strange phenomenon caused by other demons harming humans. They are a clan called “Demon Summoners.” “Konoha Homura” is a novice summoner of the group and she is ordered by her uncle, who is also her foster parent and master, to conjure up a demon by herself as the final stage of training. “Konoha” is willing to prove her skills, but she fails and is told to continue her training. Still she wants to be recognized as summoner so she attempts to conjure up “Bael” on her own, a demon whose power is as great as Great Satan’s. However, what shows up before Konoha is a little girl from the demon world, whose name is “Sakuya.”

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[Arisa Kamishima, Moe Karasawa] [ZVGD-02] A Sabbath of Fate -Waltz- – 2007/07/27

Starring: Sakurako Ogawa, Arisa Kamishima, Moe Karasawa, Megumi Komatsu, Ayaka Tsuji

JAV Video ID: ZVGD-02

Release Date: 2007/07/27

Total Duration: 65 min

Though Mai and Chihiro got caught in Yu’s fight, the girls could manage to escape because of the rampage of Mai. Then Mai is told by Yuka about ”The Spirit Stone,” bracelet left to her by her mother, about ”Parasites” and ”Soul Crusade”, the secret clan fighting against the Parasites. Yuka insists that Mai should be in the clan instead of Yu who broke the stone in the previous battle, but Mai would not listen. Next day, before Mai who does not know what to do, and Chihiro trying to persuade her, appears a man in a hood!!

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[Arisa Kamishima, Ayaka Tsuji] [ZVGD-01] A Sabbath of Fate – 2007/06/22

Starring: Sakurako Ogawa, Arisa Kamishima, Moe Karasawa, Megumi Komatsu, Ayaka Tsuji

Video Director: Masayuki Toyama

JAV Video ID: ZVGD-01

Release Date: 2007/06/22

Total Duration: 60 min

The Spirit Stone … it is a stone with special power descending from ancient times…. The stone keeps shining with the power that caused numerous wars, storing the souls of those who fell in the fight…. Now another war is about to begin between ”Parasites”, those who are no longer called humans, and ”Soul Crusade”, secret clan fighting against the growing breed of Parasites … and this is the war that changes the fate of the girls! This is the first movie starring Sakurako Ogawa, graduate of U-15!!

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[Asami Tani, Ayaka Tsuji] [ZMX-14] Teke Teke – 2009/07/23

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Asami Tani

Video Director: Motoharu Takauji

JAV Video ID: ZMX-14

Release Date: 2009/07/23

Total Duration: 61 min

Yuri Shiraishi, a senior in college studying to become a child minder, has been working since her freshman days at the house of Aki Kobayashi, an elementary school kid, as a baby sitter cum tutor to gain experience in minding children. One day, Aki tells Yuri a weird story now rampant in her school. The story has stemmed from a real train accident which happened in a winter, where a girl was run over by a train, severing her body into two; upper and lower parts. The girl died in great agony, and her spirits were roaming with her upper body. Yuri, returning home, spends carefree hours with her lover, Kenji. And, the news on the TV reports an accident that is identical with the weird story Aki was telling. Ever since that day, Aki behaves in strange ways. Aki’s mother, Masami, says that Aki, suspecting Masami’s getting remarried, is just sulking. But Yuri feels uneasy for some reason. She gets a phone call from Aki while on a date with Kenji. ”Mom is staying out tonight. So, please come over!” On her way to Aki’s house, Yuri experiences… Will she ever overcome the impending fear?

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[Ayaka Tsuji, Emi Hirai] [ZMX-12] UMA File – 2008/10/15

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Emi Hirai

Video Director: Hiroshi Nagai

JAV Video ID: ZMX-12

Release Date: 2008/10/15

Total Duration: 76 min

Everything starts with one telephone call… One call of witness information of UMA (Unidentified Monstrous Animal) is urgently received to a desk of the examiner named Ayaka Tsuji in the Tokyo headquarters of the Unit of UMA Examiners. It’s said that an unidentified monstrous creature appears around Edogawa River in Matsudo-City of Chiba Prefecture. What kind of creature is that monstrous animal? The Unit of UMA Examiners starts an investigation about it right away. However, Tsuji examiner feels some doubt about an information she gets. It’s because Matsudo-City of Chiba Prefecture is located next to the Metropolis of Tokyo, and it’s hard to believe that a monstrous creature appeares in such a close place of the center of Tokyo. Does the monstrous creature really appear in there…? Although the Unit of UMA Examiners are having expectation and uneasiness, they rush to Chiba Prefecture. A person who welcomes the Unit of UMA Examiners is Emi Hirai local examiner who will support them for this investigation. Immediately, they start to examine from a witnessed spot. Locally the monstrous creature has been called ”Matudodon.” What is the surprising true character!? Also, a creature named ”The Strange Fish Eddy” which is supposed to be living in Edogawa River. ”Ojjashi” which is hiding in Ojaga Pond. And a snake which can turn itself into an octopus named ”The Snake-Octopus (HebiDako)” and the mystery of UMA’s strange creatures will be researched completely!!


[Ayaka Tsuji, Maya Hatakeyama] [ZCGD-08] Beautiful Soldier Soul Gurdian 2 – 2005/05/08

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Maya Hatakeyama

Video Director: Masaru Okada

JAV Video ID: ZCGD-08

Release Date: 2005/05/08

Total Duration: 80 min

Oboro, the diabolic ogre of the underworld who is given Getsuhana’s cursed Japanese sword, starts off on his search for the Soul Guardians. Oboro who takes the soul of Lena Yamashiro, a classmate of Shinobu and Tenon, lures the Soul Guardians out to a secret place. The battle between Oboro who flings the cursed Japanese sword around, and the two Soul Guardians breaks out. Lena’s soul is handed over to Geppaku… Oboro and his men drive the Soul Guardians up against the wall with their whips and swords. Getsuhana finally destroys her own hide-out and buries the Soul Guardians alive. What will become of Lena’s soul? And, what will become of the Soul Guardians?!

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[Ayaka Fukumasu, Manami Tsutsuura] [ZMPD-02] Meteor Rangers Cosmo Five – 2007/02/23

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Manami Tsutsuura, Ayaka Fukumasu, Shieri Nakamura, Kotomi Onodera

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: ZMPD-02

Release Date: 2007/02/23

Total Duration: 120 min

After a strange meteor falls to Earth, five girls sneak into the National Science Laboratory to steal it. Unbeknown to them, Space Demon who messes around in space, was also seeking the meteor. When the girls are surrounded by the aliens, the stone starts to glow and the girls’ bodies turned into special armor suits. Naming themselves ”Meteor Rangers Cosmo V”, they fight against Space Demon. But five evil space monsters, Devils of the Universe, damage and torture the girls physically and mentally. The girls fight back desperately, trying to make it through the battle. But the enemies are too strong to them! To make the matter worse, Space Demon transforms into his real form. Now four of the girls are down. Red, the last one standing, physically and mentally shattered, confronts the enemy. When ruthless Space Demon is about to deliver a final blow, the other four run to save her. Meteor Ranger Cosmo Five get together for the last battle.

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