[Eri Makino, Azumi Mizushima] [TDLN-143] Heroine Tokusatsu Institute Stores Top 20 Selling Films In 2011 – No.10-1 – 2012/05/11

Starring: Yui Hatano, Chika Arimura, Chihiro Asai, Shizuka Kanno, Aoi Yuuki, Mahiro Aine, Azumi Mizushima, Ai Mizusima, Ichika Aimi, Eri Makino

JAV Video ID: TDLN-143

Release Date: 2012/05/11

Total Duration: 87 min

2011 Best of the best! Highlights of the 20 Best Sellers of the GIGA store!! This is awesome!

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[GDBS-16] Legendary Heroine Sakura Morishita & Azumi Mizushima Best Heroine Torture Double Insult – 2012/10/12

Starring: Sakura Morishita, Azumi Mizushima

JAV Video ID: GDBS-16

Release Date: 2012/10/12

Total Duration: 244 min

The highlights of the two Legendary Heroines, Sakura Morishita and Azumi Mizusima.

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[Yui Aikawa, Riko Miyase] [TRSH-46] The Highlights of Sailor Heroines – 2013/12/13

Starring: kotomi Asakura, Noa Imai, Saya Tachibana, Tsukasa Miyashita, Yui Aikawa, Aoi Miyama, Ayumu Kase, Miho Tachibana, Riko Miyase, Hinata Tachibana, Airi Hayasaka, Rei Mizuna, Kotone Amamiya, Nozomi Haduki, Uta Kohaku, Ayumu Sena, Nami Shinohara, Anri Hoshizaki, Minto Suzuki, Mahiro Aine, Azumi Mizushima, Rui Saotome

JAV Video ID: TRSH-46

Release Date: 2013/12/13

Total Duration: 102 min

CLICK TO GET "TRSH46TheHighlightsofSailorHeroines20131213 part 1.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Azumi Mizushima] [WEHD-27] Exciting Heroine Wing Five – Wing Silver – The Against-the-Wall Version[Rated-15] – 2010/11/12

Starring: Azumi Mizushima

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: WEHD-27

Release Date: 2010/11/12

Total Duration: 61 min

Using a deadly iron hammer, the evil organization Avan Clan’s mechanical monster Hammerganki attacks Miu Jouu aka Wing Silver. The blow hits her hard in the head, knocking her armored mask away to reveal the wounded heroine’s painfully contorted face…. Miu is the only female member of Wing Five, and all she wants to do is save ”Rin Kiyama,” her former sempai and mentor, from the clutches of Avan Clan. But Rin has already sold her soul to the evil organization and she attacks Miu as a female boss Dirtis! A jealous woman Dirtis hates whoever is more beautiful than she is, and her attacks on pale-skinned Miu, who is smart and beautiful, become even more mean-spirited and nastier…. Using Wing Shot, she finally destroys Miu’s armored suit, and she begins torturing Miu, rubbing poisonous fluid into the wounds. Miu is subjected to electric tortures, moaning in pain like mad, and she loses consciousness showing the whites of her eyes. But while she endures the tortures, she gets a last chance to reboot the armored suit of Wing Silver. This is a once-in-a-thousand chance, but she is again confronted by Hammerganki with an iron hammer that torments her! She continues to be beaten by the hammer until she dies….

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[Azumi Mizushima] [TSWN-030] 【Exclusive for Membership】Wing Five – Wing Silver – The Adult Version – 2010/12/10

Starring: Azumi Mizushima

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: TSWN-030

Release Date: 2010/12/10

Total Duration: 71 min

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[Azumi Mizushima] [TSGS-06] New Superheroine Begins 6 – Dimension Fighter Tiria – 2010/09/24

Starring: Azumi Mizushima

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: TSGS-06

Release Date: 2010/09/24

Total Duration: 81 min

After being chased from their home planet, two young warriors Tiria and Byrn travel to the Earth, where they start to live as ordinary humans…. But Murder Empire that destroyed their home sets out to invade the Earth! Tiria and Byrn vow to defeat the evil empire for their dead father and Karen, who sacrificed their life for them, and the Earth that became their second homeland. But a mysterious female fighter in a red life-supporting armored suit confronts them. Calling herself “Kaijin” or “human monster,” the mysterious enemy intercepts Tiria before she wears the transformed costume completely, and sends Tiria into a hell of lust and hot sex. She tortures her, thrusting a specially-designed huge vibrator deep into Tiria’s pussy and forces her to reach orgasm again and again. Then the enemy officer Mad rapes her and cums inside her, and the enemy combatants also rape her, and they cum inside her, too. She is ashamed she couldn’t resist the pleasure of sex, so she stands up again to fight, but an unexpected fate awaits her…. Having lost her partner, she becomes an eternal slave of sex with parasitic tentacles inside her that entangle her body.

CLICK TO GET "TSGS06NewSuperheroineBegins6DimensionFighterTiria20100924.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Azumi Mizushima, Maya Maino] [THP-36] Super Heroine in Grave Danger!! Vol.36 – Science Bird Force Bird Pink – 2010/10/08

Starring: Azumi Mizushima, Maya Maino

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: THP-36

Release Date: 2010/10/08

Total Duration: 78 min

A sole female fighter of the Scientific Bird-Humans Fighting Unit, Asuka Momoki (means a flying bird on a peach tree) as the Bird-Pink has taken care of Kasumi Shiraishi (means a mist over a white stone) who is a pupil like her real younger sister and also trainee of the Scientific Bird-Humans Fighting Unit now, however; one day Kasumi (the trainee) is captured by an evil organization named the Guarain(means takes money in). Asuka(the Pink), without hearing the words of the director general who keeps her back, transforms herself into the Bird-Pink and solely goes to rescue Kasumi(the trainee)―now Asuka (the Pink) understand why most cadets of the Scientific Bird-Humans Fighting Unit are terminated―having appeared before the Bird-Pink is a robot called ”the Geecon” made for terminating the Bird-Five. The Geecon gets down from the sky, and it comes and attacks her! And in addition that an armed work machine called ”R-990”, which is controlled by a major Rubby known as a shrimp and boorish man, drives the Bird-Pink into a tight corner. Contrary to a meaning of a trap, the Bird-Pink is defeated in the battle of too simple power match. Then, a snow-white leotard of the Kasumi Shiraishi(the trainee) is spoiled, and of course she’s made the sport of the combatants. The Bird-Pink is also tattered her strengthening suit, and her damaged flesh is violated. Then, the penis of the short vulgar major riots earnestly in the Bird-Pink’s voluptuous flesh of 5’6” and shoots cum inside of her vagina. A cadre man, a colonel Gertz also raises his sexual desires toward her flesh, so he gets her ride on him and shoots cum inside of her vagina with the riding-horse style. However, the Bird-Pink never gives up fighting against the foe because she really wants to rescue the pupil like her younger sister, Kasumi Shiraishi(the trainee) who has received humiliation out in the fields. Then, the Bird-Pink somehow goes to where Kasumi is, however what is awaiting her is the armed work machine ”R-990” ridden by the major Rubby and the robot called the Geecon made for terminating the Bird-Five as if they come for hunting small birds. Well, how would these girls’ future be turned out…!? [HAPPY END]

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[Azumi Mizushima] [GXXD-83] Heroine Pinch All Mix – Wing V Wing Blue – 2011/01/14

Starring: Azumi Mizushima

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GXXD-83

Release Date: 2011/01/14

Total Duration: 78 min

In order to destroy fearful arms which the enemy has developed, the Wing-Ⅴ(five) begins to move! The most popular cool and sexy beautiful-fighter in the public mind, Azumi Hiyama(means a peaceful girl in soaring mountains) as the Wing-Blue approaches, along with strategy of her fellows, on a base of the enemy organization! Her figure, which attacks and beats the coming combatants with the splendid techniques, looks so beautiful over her strength. However, forcible release of her transformation is carried out suddenly. This is just opening of the enemy’s fearful strategy. Actually, the enemy has formed a plan to make a use of the arms as a decoy in order to lure the Wing-Ⅴ(five), and scatters each of them and terminates one by one! The Blue-Wing, who is beautiful and smart, succeeds in escaping from it. However, within the enemy’s territory, she’s caught by the countless tentacles and is insulted in the field. Her whole body is made to move convulsively with the attack which precisely stimulates a female’s sexually sensitive areas such as her sexual organs, tits, sides and neck and so on, and she finally ascends to heaven… But somehow she seize a chance to transform herself once again, but she is held by a machine which generates powerful magnetism and is tattered totally by the electric whip, and then the torture which brainwashes her into an unchaste female fighter begins. After the brainwashing, the Wing-Blue excites, and shows the indecent figure without any hesitation because she wants a hard soaring penis in front of her. That sad figure is broadcasted all over the country, and her fellows of the Wing-Ⅴ(five) are also watching it. But the Blue-Wing, who has spoken about all secrets of the Wing-Ⅴ(five) and driven her fellows into the deep pool of death, wakes up from the brainwash at last then. While she’s regretting immedicable matters which the Blue-Wing cannot recover, she is raped and humiliated in front of her fellows… However, the undaunted will as the fighter is still strongly remained. Azumi Hiyama as the Blue-Wing transforms herself and beats the enemy’s monster, and then she regains the pride as the fighter and defeats the whole battles. But unfortunately, she is shot by a combatant whom she has regenerated before. She loses her entire energy and is made into stark nakedness, and continued to be raped…

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[Azumi Mizushima] [GXXD-75] Giant Heroine Red Mars – 2010/11/12

Starring: Azumi Mizushima

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GXXD-75

Release Date: 2010/11/12

Total Duration: 67 min

The flesh of the Red-Mars―Shouko Misugi (means soaring from a beautiful cedar) is tattered by fights against invading-aliens and monsters for a long time… However, she unties her bandages which is wrapping her wounded flesh and transforms herself into the Red-Mars so as to exterminate a huge eyeballs monster named Iras which has been destroying a city. But the eyeball monster, Iras applies hypnotism to the Red-Mars, shows an illusion and makes her fight in vain. Actually, it is not only for depriving physical strength of the Red-Mars but also for analyzing her weak points for a sake of their strongest monster named the King-GablerⅢ… Anyway, she barely beats the huge eyeball monster, Iras, but after that day, the Kiiler-Star Alien plotting earth invasion finds out Shouko Misugi before she transfors into the Red-Mars, and then the alien attacks her, and craves and rapes her wounded body… Now Shouko Misugi encounters a mentally bitter situation because of the alien’s humiliation; however,in order to beat the foe’s strongest monster, the King-GablerⅢ, she tells the truth to her fellows that she’s actually the Red-Mars, and openly she raises her Red-Eye and transforms herself into the Red-Mask again. But the King-GablerⅢbites the flesh of the Red-Mars with its gigantic mouth and makes her scream in agony… In addition, a body fluid which is supposed to be the saliva of the King-GablerⅢdirties her body slimy and torments her wounded flesh… Her Mars-Timer is destroyed and she’s shaken much with the monster’s tentacle tongue, and finally the light of the Red-Mars’ eyes go out… However, she explodes her forbidden mortal technique in exchange for her life in order to protect the earth which she deadly loves. And cruel enough, the Kiiler Star Alien makes the Red-Mars, who falls into ruin in the battle, into gigantic figure in order to rape her. She is totally raped and dies truly…

CLICK TO GET "GXXD75GiantHeroineRedMars20101112 part 1.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

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