[Ayaka Tsuji, Emi Hirai] [ZMX-12] UMA File – 2008/10/15

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Emi Hirai

Video Director: Hiroshi Nagai

JAV Video ID: ZMX-12

Release Date: 2008/10/15

Total Duration: 76 min

Everything starts with one telephone call… One call of witness information of UMA (Unidentified Monstrous Animal) is urgently received to a desk of the examiner named Ayaka Tsuji in the Tokyo headquarters of the Unit of UMA Examiners. It’s said that an unidentified monstrous creature appears around Edogawa River in Matsudo-City of Chiba Prefecture. What kind of creature is that monstrous animal? The Unit of UMA Examiners starts an investigation about it right away. However, Tsuji examiner feels some doubt about an information she gets. It’s because Matsudo-City of Chiba Prefecture is located next to the Metropolis of Tokyo, and it’s hard to believe that a monstrous creature appeares in such a close place of the center of Tokyo. Does the monstrous creature really appear in there…? Although the Unit of UMA Examiners are having expectation and uneasiness, they rush to Chiba Prefecture. A person who welcomes the Unit of UMA Examiners is Emi Hirai local examiner who will support them for this investigation. Immediately, they start to examine from a witnessed spot. Locally the monstrous creature has been called ”Matudodon.” What is the surprising true character!? Also, a creature named ”The Strange Fish Eddy” which is supposed to be living in Edogawa River. ”Ojjashi” which is hiding in Ojaga Pond. And a snake which can turn itself into an octopus named ”The Snake-Octopus (HebiDako)” and the mystery of UMA’s strange creatures will be researched completely!!


[Maya Sakita, Ayaka Takeuchi] [CGBD-21] Special Unit Bionic Force Brainwashing & Torture – 2007/09/28

Starring: Emi Hirai, Rei Toda, Maya Sakita, Ayaka Takeuchi

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: CGBD-21

Release Date: 2007/09/28

Total Duration: 70 min

An evil group called ”Death Dealers” has been shaking up the peace of the world. They take on terrorism, assassinations and suchlike. To fight against them, four female cyborg fighters in special suits got together as Special Unit Bionic Force.                                                                    However, Red Force, the leader of the Force, Kanon, loses contact on her mission. Blue Force, Mio, goes out to search her, but gets kidnapped by the enemy and suffers brutal tortures by a female high-ranking member of Death Dealers, Pierra. Red Force is brainwashed and attacks Green Force, Fubuki. The youngest among the Force, Pink Force, Chika, falls into the hands of a monster, Snake Doctor. In the desperate situation, the four fighters must find a way out.

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[Mami Nawano, Toko Hatori] [ZARD-43] Female Combatants Story PART III : Advance – 2007/07/13

Starring: Toko Hatori, Asano Aikawa, Maya Sakita, Etsuko Tokunaga, Mami Nawano, Emi Hirai, Ayaka Tsuji

Video Director: Naoki Otsuka

JAV Video ID: ZARD-43

Release Date: 2007/07/13

Total Duration: 70 min

Mika Yuki, aka Brave Yellow is in Dark Joker’s hands, going through tortures. Rena Hidaka comes back from abroad to save Mika, her childhood friend while other Brave Rangers abandon Mika. Rena sneaks into Dark Joker’s hideout, pretending to be a combatant named Suisen to search Mika. But She finds out that Mika is now a brainwashed combatant. While Rena tries to get Mika out of there, Shunran, the Captain of Dark Mist, spots them. Shunran controls Mika to attack Rena. In the meantime, Koume, a member of Dark Mist, inspired by Rena’s passion, helps Rena with another member of Dark Mist, Hinagiku who is less motivated. However, Rena gets shot right in front of Koume. The next thing Koume knows, a gun is pointed at her forehead.

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[Rei Toda, Ayaka Takeuchi] [CGBD-22] Special Unit Bionic Force Destruction & Violated – 2007/10/12

Starring: Ayaka Takeuchi, Maya Sakita, Rei Toda, Emi Hirai

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: CGBD-22

Release Date: 2007/10/12

Total Duration: 70 min

Death Breaker, a higher-rank officer of Death Dealers, shows up before Piera, who hates Bionic Force more than anything. Meanwhile, Red Force disappeared leaving a message, saying she must quit Bionic Force as she bitterly regrets that she was manipulated by the enemy and attacked her partners. Before the final battle against Death Dealers, sub-leader Blue Force decides to confront their deadliest enemy with only two members, Green Force and herself alone, telling Pink Force to go and find Red Force for them. The two fighters fight bravely, but they are soon overwhelmed and wounded by the enemy’s powerful attack. The fighters find themselves in a pinch as their mechanical parts in their limbs get severely damaged. Moreover, vengeful female officer Piera stands in the way of Pink Force looking for Red. Blue Force and Green Force are captured and tortured by Death Dealers: Pink Force is tortured by Piera while Red Force refuses to fight. Now, can Bionic Force win the battle?

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[Maya Sakita, Etsuko Tokunaga] [ZARD-40] Female Combatants Story PARTIII : DEJAVU – 2007/06/08

Starring: Asano Aikawa, Toko Hatori, Mami Nawano, Etsuko Tokunaga, Maya Sakita, Emi Hirai, Ayaka Tsuji

Video Director: Naoki Otsuka

JAV Video ID: ZARD-40

Release Date: 2007/06/08

Total Duration: 70 min

Koume is a female combatant of the evil organization Dark Joker. Actually she only joined in the syndicate emboldened by ”liquid courage” and Koume is now thinking about fleeing the group. So she tries to defect in the middle of the battle with the fighters of justice Brave Rangers, but her attempt fails as she is killed by one of the Rangers. But a strange thing happens: she comes to life and on awakening again she discovers that she has gone back in time to the moment when Dark Joker’s combatants are ordered to attack, just some minutes before she died! She uses this to her advantage and makes another attempt to run away in a different way, but this time she is found by Dark Joker’s monster that executes her as deserter. Koume wakes up again, however, exactly at the same moment as before, and she tries another method this time. She plans to use the only female member of the Rangers for her own purpose, but she ends up with capturing Brave Yellow despite her original intention. She is awarded a medal for her work by the combatants’ leader, but still her doomed fate does not seem to have changed. Can she escape from the evil organization and the labyrinth of fate alive?


[Yuri Sawamura, Emi Hirai] [ZARD-35] Cyber Special Unit Win Mirage ZWEI – Green Smile – 2007/04/27

Starring: Emi Hirai, Yuri Sawamura

Video Director: Naoki Otsuka

JAV Video ID: ZARD-35

Release Date: 2007/04/27

Total Duration: 60 min

Bent on revenge for the death of Strangler, Stinger hatches a ruthless plan to destroy Win Mirage. Stinger attacks Hikaru and Haruka, and severely damages Haruka with a poisonous sting. Haruka suffers from the pains caused by the poison with no antidote, but grief-stricken Hikaru can do nothing for her wounded partner. This is exactly what Stinger planned. Now Hikaru must endure the sorrow watching the slow death of Haruka in front of her – the same sorrow as when her Strangler was killed! Hikaru realizes Stinger’s heinous scheme and attempts to get the antidote only Stinger possesses. She manages to find Stinger, but is beaten up by her as she could do nothing to Stinger, the only one who can save the life of Haruka. Stinger delights herself in watching Haruka slowly dying and wouldn’t give the serum. To get the antidote, Hikaru finally decides to do one thing, seeing this is the only chance left for her.

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[Emi Hirai, Yuri Sawamura] [ZARD-32] Cyber Special Unit Win Mirage ZWEI – Red Rage- – 2007/04/13

Starring: Emi Hirai, Yuri Sawamura, Etsuko Tokunaga

Video Director: Naoki Otsuka

JAV Video ID: ZARD-32

Release Date: 2007/04/13

Total Duration: 65 min

Assassination Clan ”Poison” is seeking the life of the CEO of Takatsu Co. Ltd. To frustrate their plans, Hikaru Hidera, self-proclaimed ”ace” of Win Mirage, provides personal protection disguised as his secretary. However, she is betrayed by CEO’s son and is attacked by Strangler, Poison’s deadly assassin. Hikaru beats off the attack, but Hikaru’s partner Haruka Kazamatsuri, chasing Strangler too far, is caught by the enemy. Holding Haruka hostage, Poison demands surrender, but Hikaru makes CEO’s safety priority and refuses to negotiate. Haruka is tortured by Stinger, high-ranked Strangler, but she manages to escape. Meanwhile, Hikaru tries to protect CEO Takatsu, but another betrayal of his son lands them in a fresh trouble. Stinger, intent on tormenting Hikaru who cannot do anything because the CEO is taken hostage, keeps severely torturing her as she likes. Now Haruka hurries to Hikaru, but can she save the life of Takatsu and her?

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