[Azusa Maki, Chika Arimura] [GSHE-03] Top 20 User’s Choice 2013 – 2014/07/25

Starring: Nana Usami, Karin Itsuki, Ai Wakana, Chacha Anku, Ayano Kamiya, Ryo Imai, Sakura Yoshino, Saya Aika, Ayu Sakurai, Kana Imai, Meru Takatsuki, Yurina Ayashiro, Tsuna Kimura, Hitomi Honjyo, Kaede Niiyama, Azusa Maki, Chika Hirako, Hina Maeda, Chika Arimura, Hibiki Ootuki, Uta Kohaku, Hikaru Shiina, Yui Hatano, Sumire, Rena Misaki

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: GSHE-03

Release Date: 2014/07/25

Total Duration: 101 min

Top twenty movies of GIGA 2013 chosen by the users. Fontaine, Ami, Sailor fighter, Sentai, etc. Numerous characters battling.

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[Hikaru Shiina, Sae Ayano] [GOMK-25] School Detective Illusion Mask – 2013/03/22

Starring: Hikaru Shiina, Sae Ayano

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GOMK-25

Release Date: 2013/03/22

Total Duration: 77 min

The beautiful girl, Miya Horie, is a junior and a member of the Detective Club at Nightmare Academy known for its Spartan education methods for sending students to schools of higher education. She transforms into Phantom Mask and protects peace and order at the Academy. Nobody knows that she is the Phantom Mask… fighting a lone battle. Only one sympathetic with her in the Spartan life at the Academy is Tomoko Komamura, a woman teacher. Then, a strange incident happens. All the students’ underwear have been switched to loincloths, which is embarrassing for young girls. Miya has to wear the loincloth to attend her class, while Komamura, the woman teacher, has been put to shame with no panty on. For this incident, Amazume, the evil Demon is responsible, who haunts the school. Miya wears a panty on her head to turn into Phantom Mask, starts fighting with the students and teachers obsessed by the Demon. But, she gets the woman teacher Komamura taken as hostage, and she finally is beat by a teacher sent by Demon Amazume. Phantom Mask comes to life from consciousness to find the woman teacher Komamura, dressed in a sexy costume, looking down on her luridly with a smirk. The teacher starts groping Phantom Mask in a torturous way. Phantom Mask, now betrayed by the butchering teacher, Demon Amazume, and the woman teacher Komamura whom she has esteemed from the bottom of her heart, gets groped, raped, and she is made to cum time and again. The woman teacher Komamura, with her mind sold off to the Demon, rips Phantom Mask’s panty off her and puts it on to turn into Phantom Mask and destroy peace and order at the Academy. Then, Miya explodes her anger and… ! [Happy ending]

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[Hikaru Shiina] [GOMK-15] Non-Transforming Heroine – Combatant Torture – Rise Pink – 2013/02/08

Starring: Hikaru Shiina

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GOMK-15

Release Date: 2013/02/08

Total Duration: 98 min

The Rise-Pink is a sole female fighter in the Hard-Demolishing Fighting Unit called the Rise-Man, and she’s been defeating adversaries one by one, who belong to an evil organization called the Grudge. But, at the same time, in the hiding place of the Grudge, one strategy to terminate the Rise-Man is delivered to the combatants. The strategy is that intensively taking down the Rise-Pink who is the sole female fighter. Some tools are handed to the combatants from the cadre in order to defeat the Rise-Pink. Accidentally, Momoko Kashiwagi(means a peach in a god tree) as the Rise-Pink on patrol finds the combatants who are talking about the strategy on the street. In order to find out the Grudge’s plot, Momoko lures the combatants, and she demands to know about it. But they button their lips. So Momoko is really annoyed at the combatants who still seal their lips, and she finally decides to interrogate the seized combatants with her charms like a weapon. The combatants face unprecedented situation but they desperately bear it. At such times, the Grudge’s monster invades into the base of the Rise-Man. Momoko tries to rush for the aid, but by some chance or other, she can’t transform herself at all. Momoko feels pressed under a state of not-transforming…

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GSHE-03 Top 20 User’s Choice 2013

GSHE-03 Top 20 User’s Choice 2013

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GOMK-15 Rise Pink torture non-combatant heroine makeover, Hikaru Shiina

GOMK-15 Rise Pink torture non-combatant heroine makeover, Hikaru Shiina

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