[SM, 前田陽菜] [CMN-114] Disgraceful Woman Undercover Investigator 7 Character Destruction Hina Maeda – 2013/03/29

Starring: Hina Maeda

Video Director: Yuta Shinonome

JAV Video ID: CMN-114

Release Date: 2013/03/29

Total Duration: 112 min

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[Azusa Maki, Chika Arimura] [GSHE-03] Top 20 User’s Choice 2013 – 2014/07/25

Starring: Nana Usami, Karin Itsuki, Ai Wakana, Chacha Anku, Ayano Kamiya, Ryo Imai, Sakura Yoshino, Saya Aika, Ayu Sakurai, Kana Imai, Meru Takatsuki, Yurina Ayashiro, Tsuna Kimura, Hitomi Honjyo, Kaede Niiyama, Azusa Maki, Chika Hirako, Hina Maeda, Chika Arimura, Hibiki Ootuki, Uta Kohaku, Hikaru Shiina, Yui Hatano, Sumire, Rena Misaki

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: GSHE-03

Release Date: 2014/07/25

Total Duration: 101 min

Top twenty movies of GIGA 2013 chosen by the users. Fontaine, Ami, Sailor fighter, Sentai, etc. Numerous characters battling.

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[Hina Maeda] [JMSZ-12] SUPER▼WOMAN.3 – 2013/03/22

Starring: Hina Maeda

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: JMSZ-12

Release Date: 2013/03/22

Total Duration: 70 min

Six months have passed since the terrible loss of Super▼Woman Rune. She is replaced by Lyla Coatwell, a deputy Galaxy agent for the Earth tasked to hunt down the harmful space beasts. Lyla vows to bring her best friend back to life, fighting evil every day. During the battle she is attacked by enemies using Falconium that had maimed Rune! But Lyla is uninjured because she was born on Planet Tantra, so unlike Rune, who was a Foster, Falconium is just as harmless as air to her. Lyla is thought invincible until she is confronted by a mysterious group Tempel, whose leader Garret ominously proclaims: ‘Phobos 714 … substance also known as ‘Devil’s breath’ … is lethal to you Tantras!’ Lyla, who was thought an undefeatable fighter, has a natural weakness! Garret’s nanobug the size of the little finger’s tip that is secretly put in her genital organ starts producing the deadly substance Phobos 714, and even Lyla has no chance of winning the fight with such a device inside her body. Captured Super▼Woman is strapped on an inverted cross! Because of hard-hitting and incessant punches in the stomach, Super▼Woman throws up and her glorious cape is used to wipe lots of vomit on the floor! But this is only the beginning of Tempel’s carefully laid plans…. Lots of vomit by face fuck is followed by a torture using the enormous iron walls that attacked Rune, and the walls have become much more powerful and vicious!!! Now what will become of our heroine Super▼Woman!?




[Hina Maeda] [GOMK-19] The Lab That Produces Evil – The Unit That Protects a Star – Earthman Earth Blue – 2013/02/22

Starring: Hina Maeda

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GOMK-19

Release Date: 2013/02/22

Total Duration: 85 min

Goverller, who is a member of the Devil tribe, has been searching for highly capable fighters to be their company in order to rule the world. And now, Goverller has an eye on the Astro-Lifeguard Fighting Unit Earth-Man that fights against an evil terrorist group called the Goldo. Goverller believes that even righteous fighters carry a little malice as an human being, so it should be possible to brainwash them by way of amplifying malice. So, it is a question of time that both of the Earth-Blue and the Earth-Yellow turn into fellows of the Devil tribe for the good reason that they are always envious of talent of the Earth-Blue while they are engrossed in her. Goverlla makes use of these two who have been brainwashed, and forms the Devil Fighting Unit called the Devi-Raiser 3. This is all for brainwashing Mayumi Nagisa(means a fine girl on a beach) as the Earth-Blue, and acquiring her as an princess of the Devil tribe… Then, the Devi-Raiser 3 easily defeats the strongest monster of the Goldo, and in addition, they take away the Earth-Blue easily because she has also fought against the monster of the Goldo but she’s been deeply wounded. Now Mayumi Nagisa as the Earth-Blue has the breathtaking and beautiful flesh played by her former fellows who have turned into a devil fighter of the enemy. She’s forcedly ascended to heaven with a kinky torture tool over and over, and she’s also slightingly raped and has the pink hole broken with hot burning cum and then she faints in agony. Then, she gets to know that members of the Devi-Raiser 3 used to belong to the Earth-Man. Now, even she’s being raped, she blows up in anger and yields herself to fury and grudge, and manages to kill her former fellow, the Red-Zavil. But actually, that’s a set-up plot of the devil manufacturing research to brainwash Mayumi Nagisa as the Earth-Blue and to turn her into a female fighter of the Devil tribe.

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CMN-144 シネマジック 乳首責め 執拗系コレクション 5 Shihori Endo あいかわ優衣 進藤由紀乃 中野ありさ 若菜亜衣 グロ SM Tied Marina Matsumoto 及川はるな 湯川みなき ノワール 吉村杏菜 縛り

CMN-144 Cinemagic Nipple Torture Relentless System Collection 5

File 1 – Size: 1836 mb – Time: 01:44:17
File 2 – Size: 1789 mb – Time: 01:41:44

Resolution: 856×480

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JMSZ-12 Super Woman 3

JMSZ-12 Super Woman 3

File 1 – Size: 687 mb – Time: 00:43:33
File 2 – Size: 399 mb – Time: 00:27:18
File 3 – Size: 329 mb – Time: 00:21:22
Resolution: 720×480
Format: mkv

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GSHE-03 Top 20 User’s Choice 2013

GSHE-03 Top 20 User’s Choice 2013

File 1 – Size: 707 mb – Time: 00:31:32
File 2 – Size: 770 mb – Time: 00:34:33
File 3 – Size: 807 mb – Time: 00:36:00

Resolution: 856×480
Format: wmv

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