[Hinata Tachibana] [GIMG-10] Heroine Image Factory10 The Fighter Of Love And Peace Aphrodite – 2013/11/28

Starring: Hinata Tachibana

Video Director: Tadayuki Hasegawa

JAV Video ID: GIMG-10

Release Date: 2013/11/28

Total Duration: 30 min

Aphrodite is attacked by someone… When she regains consciousness, she is put into a horrifying situation.

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[Yui Aikawa, Riko Miyase] [TRSH-46] The Highlights of Sailor Heroines – 2013/12/13

Starring: kotomi Asakura, Noa Imai, Saya Tachibana, Tsukasa Miyashita, Yui Aikawa, Aoi Miyama, Ayumu Kase, Miho Tachibana, Riko Miyase, Hinata Tachibana, Airi Hayasaka, Rei Mizuna, Kotone Amamiya, Nozomi Haduki, Uta Kohaku, Ayumu Sena, Nami Shinohara, Anri Hoshizaki, Minto Suzuki, Mahiro Aine, Azumi Mizushima, Rui Saotome

JAV Video ID: TRSH-46

Release Date: 2013/12/13

Total Duration: 102 min

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[Hinata Tachibana] [GDSC-41] The Fighter Of Love And Peace Aphrodite (Subjugation, Slutification, Nipple Torture, Insult) – 2014/01/10

Starring: Hinata Tachibana

Video Director: Tadayuki Hasegawa

JAV Video ID: GDSC-41

Release Date: 2014/01/10

Total Duration: 91 min

[Subjugation] The enemy restrains Aphrodite and beat her repetitiously. Aphrodite screams, ’No matter how many times you beat on me, I will never obey you!’ Aphrodite endures the pain but the enemy gets more violent and…
[Nipple Torture] Aphrodite cannot move because she is restrained onto the chair. When you approach her, you can hear a weird noise… What is this? Something is hanging on her nipples! An another enemy shows up and they remove the things that were hanging from her nipples. The enemy sucks on her boobies and Aphrodite feels…
[Insult] The monsters jump on to Aphrodite… She gets her legs and genital exposed… and they begin screwing her. After getting violated by the monsters, Aphrodite takes her domino mask off…
[Slutification] Due to the monster’s venom, Aphrodite’s vagina desires for men. She masturbates to forget the ache but several henchmen come by to observe her. But nothing mattered for her anymore, she just desired anyone who has a giant cock. Aphrodite is toyed by the henchmen and she can no longer live a life without a penis.

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[Miku Abeno, Hinata Tachibana] [STAK-06] Charge on themis – titan soldiers – 2014/01/10

Starring: Miku Abeno, Hinata Tachibana

JAV Video ID: STAK-06

Release Date: 2014/01/10

Total Duration: 72 min

After a hard training, Misaka became a warrior. She fights against the mysterious gigantic creatures with her friends. Although they were killing the creatures everyday, a different one comes climbing the great wall. Misaka fights against the female gigantic creature with all she’s got but…

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[Hinata Tachibana] [GOMK-29] 【Vogue Character】SUPER LADY – 2013/04/12

Starring: Hinata Tachibana

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GOMK-29

Release Date: 2013/04/12

Total Duration: 75 min

Seila Yonekura, a journalist, sets out to cover a story with her peer Kimura on the SiSP cell project, a sensational project much talked about in town, that plans to create stronger creatures by means of engineering genes. The two interview Professor Matsudo, the spearheading scientist promoting the SiSP cell project. Kimura is simply impressed by the professor, while Seila has an unpleasant premonition. It may have resulted from the words uttered by the terrorist who was assailing Prof. Matsudo when Seila rescued him out. He howled; ’Super Lady, you’re mistaken!!’ Uncertain, Super Lady sneaks into Prof. Matsudo’s laboratory, where before her appear monstrous creatures that are likely to have been born by using the SiSP. Using her super power, Super Lady manages to subdue the monsters and confronts Prof. Matsudo, who runs away. Later, Seila discovers the missing Prof. Matsudo and follows him to his secret research facility. Turning into Super Lady, Seila marches into the facility and meets with a monster TheEnd, the strongest enemy she has never seen!! It is the humanoid that has had Clapton ore embedded in its body, the ore that Super Lady has a weakness for. What destiny awaits Super Lady now…? [Bad ending]

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[Hinata Tachibana] [TBB-56] Heroine Suppression Vol.56 – 2011/09/09

Starring: Hinata Tachibana

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: TBB-56

Release Date: 2011/09/09

Total Duration: 69 min

The human race is on the brink of total annihilation at the hands of Gorath, God of Darkness. A legend has it that there is ‘Goddess’s Stone’ that has the power to stop the impending catastrophes. A renowned scholar Masaki Kamiki and his sister Iona have discovered the legendary stone, but they are attacked by the enemy. They somehow protect the stone, but Iona loses her life and Masaki is heavily wounded. Overcome by grief at the death of his beloved sister, Masaki throws away the Goddess’s Stone, which means nothing to him anymore. Then something strange happens. The discarded stone enters the body of Iona, and a legendary female warrior Diana manifests herself before dying Masaki, telling him that she will grant her immense powers to the brave girl Iona. When Diana disappears, Iona wakes up and finds Masaki lying on the ground. She holds her dying brother in her arms, who says to Iona that she must continue to fight as the warrior Diana. Masaki dies and Iona makes a vow with tears in her eyes that she will defeat Gorath and all enemies of mankind. With the warrior Diana’s powers Iona is virtually invincible, defeating all the enemy forces she fights. During one battle, however, while chasing enemies running away, Diana encounters someone she never expected to meet again. It is Masaki, who claims that he needs Goddess’s Stone to resurrect completely. Surprised at the unexpected reunion with her dead brother, Diana nearly gives it to him, but thinks something is not quite right. Her judgment proves right. It is her enemy Sarda in disguise. However, Diana gets caught off guard during the battle with Sarda, and is captured. To retrieve the stone from her body, the enemy puts her through various tortures. Battered physically and mentally, Diana still attempts to endure the pains desperately, but….

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[Hinata Tachibana] [GEXP-27] Heroine Surrenders – Sailor Dalia – 2011/12/09

Starring: Hinata Tachibana

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GEXP-27

Release Date: 2011/12/09

Total Duration: 77 min

Dark Queen, once sealed by Sailor Princess, is now back with vengeance in mind for her. While thinking that slow death is deserving, Queen is advised by her entourage Dark Snake to capture Sailor Princess’s warriors and destroy their loyalty to the Princess one by one. Dark Queen accepts the advice and selects the fiery warrior Sailor Dahlia for her first target, the one closest to Princess and with the most fighting capability. Dark Snake lures Sailor Dahlia, Botan Tensaki, alone to another dimension where he is at an advantage to damage and capture. Botan transforms into Dahlia and fights with Snake. At first Dahlia is overwhelming, but she ends up deprived of her vision by Snake’s poisonous venom and gets manhandled. Bruised and hurt, Dahlia manages to deliver her deadly blow through her bearly visible eyes, damaging Snake and escaping narrowly from the different dimension. Botan, with her half vision, gets as far away from Snake as possible to recover her physical strength, but the venom slowly starts working on her whole body. Stricken with the poison, Botan is caught up with by the angry Snake who strikes at her again. Transformed again, Dahlia fights back but gets beat and captured. In front of captured Dahlia appears Dark Queen, who demands her to pledge loyalty to Queen instead of to Princess. Dahlia rejects. Queen hurts her but Dahlia keeps hanging on. Beat all over her body, Dahlia endures. Her unshakable loyalty to Sailor Princess and her justice mind have sustained her strong will. Snake throws out special ice obtained from the dark world onto Dahlia who has fire attributes. At last, Snake drills his own ice rod into Dahlia. As long as Dahlia endures, Dark Queen and Snake keep on torturing her. And, it lasts until Sailor Dahlia succumbs in a miserable pose… [Bad ending]

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[GVRD-53] Wild Ranger – Betrayal of the Commander – 2014/05/09

Starring: Hinata Tachibana, Kanari Tsubaki

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GVRD-53

Release Date: 2014/05/09

Total Duration: 96 min

The Commander had a secret she can never tell… She was sexually brainwashed! Reika Samejima escaped from the enemy before getting completely brainwashed by but this was purposefully done by the enemy to annihilate the Wild Rangers. The commander teaches Wild Pink, aka Haruka Shimasaki, to a point where she can defeat a combatant. But just then, the cadre of the Leviathan shows himself. The Commander loses against him and the brainwash is complete. She returns to the base and changes the settings for Pink’s transformation bracelet. When Haruka tries to transform, a mysterious costume appears. Then Wild Pink is raped and brainwashed by the Commander.

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TRSH-46 The Highlights of Sailor Heroines

TRSH-46 The Highlights of Sailor Heroines Kotomi Asakura Noa Imai Saya Tachibana Tsukasa Miyashita Yui Aikawa Aoi Miyama Ayumu Kase Miho Tachibana Riko Miyase Hinata Tachibana Airi Hayasaka Rei Mizuna Kotone Amamiya Nozomi Haduki Uta Kohaku

File 1 – Size: 538 mb – Time: 00:35:13
File 2 – Size: 546 mb – Time: 00:35:44
File 3 – Size: 480 mb – Time: 00:31:26

Resolution: 800×448
Format: avi

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