[Kotone Amamiya, Kana Imai] [GSHE-04] Highlights of the Sailor Fighters – 2014/08/22

Starring: Rina Fukada, Mikuni Maisaki, Meru Takatsuki, Rin Tsubaki, Saya Aika, Hikaru Ayami, Nana Kominato, Ayu Sakurai, Kana Imai, NozomiAiuchi, Riri Kuribayashi, Kotone Amamiya, Aoi Miyama, Uta Kohaku, Saya Tachibana, Yui Hatano, Tsukasa Miyashita, Hikari Matsushita, Ayaka Tomoda, kotomi Asakura

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: GSHE-04

Release Date: 2014/08/22

Total Duration: 90 min

Enjoy watching the beautiful Sailor fighters battle against the evil monsters.

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[Yui Aikawa, Riko Miyase] [TRSH-46] The Highlights of Sailor Heroines – 2013/12/13

Starring: kotomi Asakura, Noa Imai, Saya Tachibana, Tsukasa Miyashita, Yui Aikawa, Aoi Miyama, Ayumu Kase, Miho Tachibana, Riko Miyase, Hinata Tachibana, Airi Hayasaka, Rei Mizuna, Kotone Amamiya, Nozomi Haduki, Uta Kohaku, Ayumu Sena, Nami Shinohara, Anri Hoshizaki, Minto Suzuki, Mahiro Aine, Azumi Mizushima, Rui Saotome

JAV Video ID: TRSH-46

Release Date: 2013/12/13

Total Duration: 102 min

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[Mashiro Aizawa, Mai Miori] [GHKO-47] Female Combatant Insult and Brainwash -tranquilo- – 2017/02/24

Starring: kotomi Asakura, Miori Hara, Mai Miori, Rina Utimura, Sena Minami, Ao Mizuhara, Mashiro Aizawa, Nana Hoshino

Video Director: Taro Musashino

JAV Video ID: GHKO-47

Release Date: 2017/02/24

Total Duration: 80 min

Evil organization Zadan plans to dominate this country. They have a hard fight with a lot of heroes and heroines. However Zadan succeeds to capture Miku, leader red of the Shadow Ranger, as a slight counterattack. All members of Shadow Ranger go to the base of Zadan to rescue leader Miku. “Brainwash torture with pleasure start!” the voice of Zadan’s female combatant sounds in the small room. The operator of Shadow Ranger is also captured Zadan and becomes a next victim. Can they rescue her before she is brainwashed and destruct Zadan?

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[Kotomi Asakura, Riko Nanami] [GHPM-76] Making an Adorable Heroine Your Slave Ⅳ – 2015/12/25

Starring: kotomi Asakura, Mai Miori, Riko Nanami

Video Director: Taro Musashino

JAV Video ID: GHPM-76

Release Date: 2015/12/25

Total Duration: 90 min

The Three Ranger(justice force) protects the peace of Japan from the Dark complex (evil organization). Justice heroes are also ordinary people in their daily life. Kenji (sub-leader and Blue Ranger) asks Asuka (leader and Red Ranger) out although he knows she is way out of his league. But Asuka can’t reply soon because it is difficult to have romantic feelings with her partner. She wants to focus on keeping piece of the country. Kenji approaches Asuka persistently. Asuka gets angry about his attitude and says to him that if he mentions about same topic, she discharges him from the Three Ranger. But Kenji can’t give up his feeling. Kenji sneaks into women’s dressing room and masturbates with using Asuka’s underwear. Dark Complex notices Kenji’s abnormal mind and makes a contact to him for breakdown of the Three Ranger…[BAD END]

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[Naoko Oosako, Kotomi Asakura] [JOVD-17] Female Pro Wrestling Bloody Domination Death Match – 2011/07/08

Starring: kotomi Asakura, Nami Shinohara, Naoko Oosako

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: JOVD-17

Release Date: 2011/07/08

Total Duration: 121 min

To make money for her elder sister in hospital, Nami Shinohara, an ace wrestler of a women’s pro wrestling organization Atenas, moves to another pro wrestling company Dominus, popular for its matches featuring heels beating up baby faces. Kotomi Asakura, Atenas’s up-and-coming star wrestler who adores Nami, also joins Dominus. In their first match the girls fight a sadistic female wrestler Hunteress Ramy, and Hound, the only male wrestler of Dominus who acts as Ramy’s faithful watchdog. Despite Kotomi’s protests that fighting a male wrestler is not part of their deal, the gong rings and the match gets started, which turns out very tough for the girls, with the Dominus wrestlers pulling out dirty tricks including two-platoon attacks while the referee is not looking at them. Nami and Kotomi manage to win the battle in the end, but Tank Oosako, Dominus CEO and sometime wrestler, frames the girls by drugging them and humiliates Nami, with whom she has been long infatuated. With Kotomi taken hostage, Nami can do nothing but endure Oosako’s humiliation, but when Ramy breaks their promise and starts humiliating Kotomi, too, Nami flips out, knocks down Ramy and Oosako and tries to run. Angered at unexpected attack, Oosako and Ramy beat up Nami and Kotomi in the ring ruthlessly. Though the girls attempt to fight back, the weapon attacks continue and their bodies get soaked in blood.

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[Sayuri Ichimatsu, Kotomi Asakura] [TSWN-038] [Exclusive for Membership] Domestic Animal Heroine – Ninja Special Agent Bird Fighter – 2011/08/12

Starring: Sayuri Ichimatsu, kotomi Asakura

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: TSWN-038

Release Date: 2011/08/12

Total Duration: 102 min

CLICK TO GET "TSWN038ExclusiveforMembershipDomesticAnimalHeroineNinjaSpecialAgentBirdFighter20110812.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Kotomi Asakura, kotomi Asakura] [TBB-62] Heroine Suppression Vol.62 – 2013/01/11

Starring: kotomi Asakura

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: TBB-62

Release Date: 2013/01/11

Total Duration: 67 min

With team members scattered all over the world, Honoka/Sailor Gemini alone remains in Japan where the unit’s base is. It’s a cozy and sleepy afternoon, and while she is communicating with another team member Marie, she witnesses two strange objects falling from the sky! She hurries to the spot where they landed, and encounters two men, who call themselves Budler and Phil. Honoka quickly transforms into Sailor Gemini and starts fighting the two invaders’ combatants. Using her moves elegantly, Gemini knocks down the enemy soldiers! However, Phil, a guy with a huge body, joins the battle and turns the tables on Sailor Gemini, who is overwhelmed by his enormous strength. To make matters worse, a bumbling police detective gets caught by the enemy! Gemini decides to retreat for now to treat her injuries, but, to rescue the captured detective, she stands up to fight once again. However, Gemini cannot attack the enemy holding a hostage, and Phil beats up Gemini relentlessly, using a hammer and an iron ball. Moreover, the battered Gemini is raped by low-rank combatants! She is put into a prison cell, where, though physically and mentally devastated, she tries her one last shot, giving to the detective a device that contains data of her unit’s base! Her plan fails, however, because of the betrayal of the detective who wants to save his life. Now the heroine has to be punished once again….

CLICK TO GET "TBB62HeroineSuppressionVol6220130111 part 1.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Kotomi Asakura] [JMSZ-08] Unjust Execution Heroine – Magical Idol Girl Star Light・Rinka – 2012/11/23

Starring: Kotomi Asakura

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: JMSZ-08

Release Date: 2012/11/23

Total Duration: 73 min

A girl named Linka Kirahoshi(means a starlight that is a flowerlike bell) plays actively as the Idol Magical Lovely Girl. She arrests offenders one after another. Literally, she is an idol at the height of the popularity. But the president of a major talent company named the Galactica envies activity of such Linka. The president plots with a politician and manages to backstab Linka. Linka is falsely charged and is beaten at a grillroom. And she’s determined to send to the ZEUS Prison. Then, what is waiting for her is an atrocious chief warden. The chief warden engraves a number on Linka’s buttocks with a smoothing iron, and puts her in a solitary cell. After being in the prison, she’s got neither any meal nor bathing. Linka…murmurs in the solitary cell. Right after the chief warden hears it, throwing leftover food to Linka, and also as she wishes, discharging water to her instead of a shower, and washing Linka with a mop over and over. Then, people who appear before such Link are the prisoners once arrested by Linka. Only a couple of days are left until a day of her execution…

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[Asakura Kotomi, kotomi Asakura] [GEXP-89] Super Heroine Domination Hell – Sailor Soldier – 2012/10/12

Starring: kotomi Asakura

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: GEXP-89

Release Date: 2012/10/12

Total Duration: 84 min

A school girl named Misaki Shiranui(means God’s fire like flowers) fights against evils as the Sailor-Marmaid that is one of the Sailor-Soldier. She obtains a strong sense of righteousness, and has good reliance from all the female students. One day, she receives some consultation from the students. They want her to do something with their teacher named Manba(means ten thousand shuttlecocks) because he has set up some hidden cameras to shot the students. Misaki uses herself as a decoy, and succeeds in entrapping Manba. And she seizes the proof and beats up Manba. But Misaki is suddenly attacked by a space witch named Camilla. Actually, the witch beats girls who are stronger and more beautiful than her in order to get their power. Misaki transforms herself into the Sailor-Mermaid and overwhelms Camilla. But Camilla’s subordinate named Cerberus joins the battle, and the Sailor-Mermaid falls into a plight. Her energy is sucked by Camilla, and the transformation is finally unlocked. The Sailor-Mermaid is really driven to the wall; however, she gets new power and transforms herself into the Sailor-Phoenix, and obliterates Cerberus. But Camilla absorbs power of the Sailor-Mermaid and transforms herself into the Sailor-Scylla. And also the bad teacher Manba gets power from Camilla and becomes a monster called Hebimoss(means tons of snakes). Their evil power is mush superior to Misaki, so she is heavily beaten up and finally she is killed.

CLICK TO GET "GEXP89SuperHeroineDominationHellSailorSoldier20121012 part 1.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

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