[Madoka Hitomi, Mizuki Hayakawa] [GHKP-11] Ninja Closer No.3 -Fear of the Evil Ninja Group Devil Ninja Party! Targeted Ninja Closer No.3 – 2017/08/11

Starring: Mizuki Hayakawa, Madoka Hitomi

Video Director: Hanamichi

JAV Video ID: GHKP-11

Release Date: 2017/08/11

Total Duration: 80 min

The first Ninja Closer No.3 Yui Sakurano left for overseas assignment. “Mami Amamiya” is appointed Ninja Closer No.3 the second. She starts her job immediately. She gets information that Ninja corps which called “Devil Ninja Corps” commit a crime. Her mission was to snake into the corps for investigation. When she almost reach their secret, she is exposed her real identity. She reluctantly transforms to fight with them, but she is tossed about by ninja arts of “Beni Okoze.” She is toyed and loses her mind. She throws a Lose Ninja Star (her best card) to defeat Beni Okoze while her unguarded moment and kills Beni Okoze. However, fear of the Devil Ninja Corps isn’t finished. A cadre ninja of Devil Ninja “Kiryu-Maru,” Beni Okoze’s husband, appears before her. Ninja Closer No.3 can’t match his overwhelming power and vengeful mind. Her body and mind is exhausted. What is happen to “Mari Amamiya” next…?

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[Madoka Hitomi] [GHKO-80] Sailor Crescent – 2017/05/26

Starring: Madoka Hitomi

Video Director: Hanamichi

JAV Video ID: GHKO-80

Release Date: 2017/05/26

Total Duration: 75 min

Minami Himekawa is a woman who transforms into Justice Fighter Sailor Crescent. Her beautiful face and splendid fighting style fascinates a lot of her funs. Masuo Kakita, one of her funs, runs up tons of debt to purchase presents for her and is captured loan sharks. Minami goes to rescue him because she feels a little responsible for the abduction. However the organization that abducted Masuo is evils and monsters who fight with Crescent. Masao is remodeled to monster as security for his loan. He gets furious at Crescent who comes to help him. Is Sailor Crescent safely able to rescue Masao?

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[Madoka Hitomi] [TGGP-83] Tears -RUI- Farewell Requiem – 2016/11/11

Starring: Madoka Hitomi

Video Director: Hanamichi

JAV Video ID: TGGP-83

Release Date: 2016/11/11

Total Duration: 60 min

Everyone has to protect their own life by themselves in this world where is infested with desires and money. This is a story of one woman. Heroine of this story is “RUI,” her birth, real name, and background is all unknown. She is a cruel assassin. A mysterious woman, always cool, few words, and never lose her calmness. Her fighting ability is extremely high, so she takes various types of job request one after another. Whether she takes on a job request or not is only depends on her motivation. A large organization starts their action through her refusal of job request. RUI is targeted by them. Opponents are send to RUI one after another. How RUI against them? What happen to RUI next? “Ha ha ha” a weird woman who changed her appearance laughs there…[BAD END]

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[Madoka Hitomi] [GTRL-34] Lingerie Angel Lingeriena Destiny Vol.01 – 2016/09/09

Starring: Madoka Hitomi

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: GTRL-34

Release Date: 2016/09/09

Total Duration: 105 min

A girl who brilliantly beats evils wearing white mask and lingerie. Whose name is Lingeriena and her true color is high school girl Ranko. She tries to rescue her brother (he is an investigator) and confronts Jinbo who is a spy of evil organization Gokuaku and betrayed Ranko’s brother. However she is injected a devil drug “ACME.” Lingeriena can’t hold her burning sexual excitement from inside her body. A bold and sexy new heroine is born. [HAPPY END]

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[Madoka Hitomi] [GHOR-74] Bright Armed Force Soldier Five – 2016/08/26

Starring: Madoka Hitomi

Video Director: Hanamichi

JAV Video ID: GHOR-74

Release Date: 2016/08/26

Total Duration: 95 min

Alice Tenma/Soldier Pink of Bright Armed Force Soldier Five battles with the evil organization “GENMAKAI” which plot domination of the human world. One day, a citizen is injured during their battle. Alice visits his house for apology. The wounded citizen whose name is Takeru Kiba takes advantage of Alice’s fault. She is forced to get laid with him every day. She is reluctantly to accept his assault and hates it but she tries to fight with GENMAKAI as Soldier Pink at the same time. “HIDORA” a cadre of GENMAKAI waits Alice. She has no way to beat him because of his overwhelming power. She can’t fight with him although she has a fighting spirit. After she is raped by a citizen and an evil cadre, her spirit is broken off and finally lose her pride as a fighter. She is fallen losing her mind…[BAD END]

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[Saori Baba, Chihiro Ishihara] [ZEOD-01] Sexual Dynamite Heroine 12 Bird Soldier – 2015/09/11

Starring: Madoka Hitomi, Chihiro Ishihara, Saori Baba

Video Director: Sosuke Higashimura

JAV Video ID: ZEOD-01

Release Date: 2015/09/11

Total Duration: 60 min

The five courageous soldiers of Bird Soldiers fight against Gaister, who plan to destroy Earth. The leader of the Bird Soldier, Professor Namba, flies to Brazil to attend a World Peace Conference with Red, Black, and Yellow. Bird White (Kasumi Shiratori) and Bird Blue (Natsuki Kaien) must stay at the base. Belcschlange uses this chance to attack Bird White, who made a scar on her face, instead of attacking the World Peace Conference. White shows up to save Blue, who was getting attacked by the Spider Gaister. But Octopus Gaister sucks all of her energy out and her transformation dispels! Although White succeeds on escaping from them, she cannot get out of the area because of a barrier. The beautiful fighter is captured and tortured by Belcschlange and her monsters. For two days and two nights, the heroine is tortured but she does not speak the secrets of the Bird Soldiers. Just when she was about to pass away, Blue comes and saves White. But can the two girls defeat Belcschlange and her monsters!?

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