[Nanako Misaki, Ryo Tujimoto] [GDBS-17] G1 Grand Prix 4th Stage – 2012/10/26

Starring: Nozomi Haduki, Yuki Maeda, Rei Mizuna, Uta Kohaku, Mahiro Aine, Ryo Tujimoto, Asuka Misugi, Ichika Aimi, Chika Arimura, Nanako Misaki, Yu Kawakami, Erika Iikura, Aya Sakuraba, Riri Kouda

JAV Video ID: GDBS-17

Release Date: 2012/10/26

Total Duration: 119 min

10 Highlight scenes of the Fourth G1 Grand Prix!

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[Yui Aikawa, Riko Miyase] [TRSH-46] The Highlights of Sailor Heroines – 2013/12/13

Starring: kotomi Asakura, Noa Imai, Saya Tachibana, Tsukasa Miyashita, Yui Aikawa, Aoi Miyama, Ayumu Kase, Miho Tachibana, Riko Miyase, Hinata Tachibana, Airi Hayasaka, Rei Mizuna, Kotone Amamiya, Nozomi Haduki, Uta Kohaku, Ayumu Sena, Nami Shinohara, Anri Hoshizaki, Minto Suzuki, Mahiro Aine, Azumi Mizushima, Rui Saotome

JAV Video ID: TRSH-46

Release Date: 2013/12/13

Total Duration: 102 min

CLICK TO GET "TRSH46TheHighlightsofSailorHeroines20131213 part 1.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Yume Kato, Kiriko Niio] [GDBS-19] The Highlights Of Witch Beautiful Fighter Fontaine – 2013/03/08

Starring: Yume Kato, Misaki Akino, Neo Kazetani, Kiriko Niio, Mahiro Aine

JAV Video ID: GDBS-19

Release Date: 2013/03/08

Total Duration: 90 min

【To see the list of the titles included, please click ‘Enlarge’!!】This is a great collection that consists entirely of films featuring Witch Beautiful Fighter Fontaine!

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[Nanaka Kyono, Anri Nonaka] [GPTM-16] Touch Heart Melpure – 2011/07/08

Starring: Nanaka Kyono, Mahiro Aine, Anri Nonaka

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GPTM-16

Release Date: 2011/07/08

Total Duration: 218 min

Kanae, of a composed nature while a little worrywart, and her filly class mate Mizuki. Mizuki, a shirt-sleeve sort of a girl going her own way, goes well as close friends with Kanae who makes such a contrast with her in character. Given the power of legendary Saint Melpure by Fairy Macaroon from the Pure World, the two have been in battle with their foe Dzohom who tries to plant ’seeds of darkness’ in people’s minds to turn the world into darkness, with Kanae transforming into Pure Fine and Mizuki into Pure Rain. One day, they beat vacuum-leaner type of specter Vacuuma together but get their minds crossed on a trivial matter. The two are in pain and seek advice from Fairy Macaroon with no effects in patching things up. Then, Vacuum, once thought beat, comes back again with boosted power as Ludia the woman cadre. Fine and Rain, prompted by Macaroon, face the battle but fail to unite their power in unison, finally to have Fine captured and taken away. At the Dzohom’s hideout where Fine is taken to, Glad the cadre is waiting for her. He goes after her, trying to plant in Fine the Seeds of Darkness. The Seeds of Darkness has a nature of growing and increasing on the amplified energy of pleasures. Glad tries first to provide her with carnal pleasures. Fine resists with all her might, but Glad finally succeeds in piercing her with his prick to release the Seeds of Darkness inside her. Rain and Macaroon come to her rescue lost in abstraction. They manage to get away, using Macaroon’s magical power, but Fine leaves them behind, feeling ashamed of her having been seen by her best friend as she gets raped by the enemy. Rain, left alone, gets out of transformed self back to herself, which scene is shot by a camera sneakily by a figure… Fine and Rain end up getting caught in Ludia’s operation. Meantime, the Seeds of Darkness planted in Fine have continued growing. And, Rain witnesses to an unbelievable sight… Ludia takes Rain out, who has her mind deranged from the deep shock, and plants the Seeds of Darkness in her. What fate awaits the two now eroded by the Seeds of Darkness… and to the world…? [Bad ending]

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[Mahiro Aine, Aine Mahiro] [THP-35] Superheroine Overcoming Crises! Vol.35 – Masked Knight Ruby Knight – 2010/08/13

Starring: Mahiro Aine

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: THP-35

Release Date: 2010/08/13

Total Duration: 62 min

Rumiko is a high school girl who loves reading and her favorite book is a fairy tale “Ruby Knight.” One day something strange happens: one of the characters of the book, spider monster “Spander,” has really come out of the book! Spander possesses the body of Rumiko’s brother to dominate the world! Not only that; chasing the escaped monster, Ruby Knight has also jumped out of the book! However, to live in the real world, those characters from the book world need to be merged with humans. Rumiko is all too happy to offer her own body to Ruby Knight, the heroine she loves. In the meanwhile, Spander has created his minions, and orders them to attack Ruby Knight who never gives up chasing him! She fights back, ripping the enemies apart with her weapon of choice, fencing sword! But killing Spander means taking the life of Rumiko’s brother, and Ruby Knight hesitates to attack…. That’s when the spider monster attacks her, gripping her body tight with its sharp talons that dig deep into her flesh, and Ruby Knight is driven into a corner. Ruby Knight passed out, but Spander, who wants to know whereabouts of the notebook that can change the story of a fairy tale, subjects the heroine to tortures, rapes her together with the minions and cums inside her. Only Rumiko can save Ruby Knight from the predicament, but she is also attacked by the monster. What will become of the fairy tale heroine Ruby Knight!? [HAPPY END]

CLICK TO GET "THP35SuperheroineOvercomingCrisesVol35MaskedKnightRubyKnight20100813 part 1.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Mahiro Aine] [TGGP-32] 【G1】Masked Space Girl Sharumare – 2011/11/11

Starring: Mahiro Aine

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: TGGP-32

Release Date: 2011/11/11

Total Duration: 85 min

A girls’ school student, Mia Osaki (means a splendid beauty on a big cape) has the genius found out by the Tess-Miller Star’s alien named Xenol and has been given the capability to transform herself into the Schallmarle, but the Tess-Miller Star’s vicious alien named Wahoog, who plots to conquer the earth, takes aim at her, so that reluctantly she is changed into a doll and now is hiding herself from prying eyes. Picked up by an ordinary employee Reiji (means a serene guy), Mia of the doll object is treated nicely in his room and is passing every day while seeing Reiji’s gentleness and weakness. One day, the doll Mia knows by news on TV that a mysterious flying object is trying to take contact with the whole world. Intuitively, Mia realizes that the alien of the old days has attacked, but she cannot do anything while being the doll. However, while Reiji is away, Xenol appears and tells her that time has come to become a fighter again and to protect the earth, and then Xenol unlocks the state of the doll object. Such time, Reiji is abducted by the alien’s advance guards. Therefore, using a special compact, she transforms herself into the masked lovely girl, the Schallmarle and goes to the enemy’s place in order to rescue Reiji. Though the Schallmarle beats the advance guards and tries to rescue Reiji, the alarm of the transformation time-limit sounds in only one step away. Actually, the Schallmarle in the transformation state can only have 10 minutes limitation to fight on the earth! Under approach of the compulsive transformation release time, the Schallmarle temporarily retreats by a car of Xenol who has been watching. Later on, the Schallmarle ventures into the hiding place of the enemy, but she encounters the formidable enemy Wahoog and unimaginable trap of the Tess-Miller Star’s alien… Well, is it possible for the masked lovely girl, the Schallmarle, who has once been accepted by the space righteousness, to protect the earth from the alien’s invasion!? And can she rescue the tender-hearted earth person, Reiji?…

CLICK TO GET "TGGP32G1MaskedSpaceGirlSharumare20111111 part 1.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "TGGP32G1MaskedSpaceGirlSharumare20111111 part 2.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "TGGP32G1MaskedSpaceGirlSharumare20111111 part 3.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Jun Nada, Mahiro Aine] [GMMD-15] Wild Ranger – Wild Pink : Badly Fallen Heroine – The Female Commander Betrayer – 2011/04/22

Starring: Mahiro Aine, Jun Nada

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GMMD-15

Release Date: 2011/04/22

Total Duration: 90 min

One year after the demise of the Dark Sacrifice, the junto of vice, a mysterious corps Leviathan has come invading. The new Wild Rangers are formed, assigning as its commander Shizuka Ugetsu, aka Wild Pink, who once conquered the Dark Sacrifice alone in a heroic venture. Yayoi Kamishiro, who admires Shizuka like her own sister, has been quite active on the team as the newborn Wild Pink. While respected as an able commander, Shizuka remembers secretly her damned torture and rape experiences as well as the womanly sexual desire which behind her glory and fame, uncontrollably torments her body as she recalls the untold shame… And, the boss of the Dark Sacrifice, supposedly burned to death, returns as Clarken before Shizuka. Hiding his anger for having his face burned ugly, he manipulates the body of Shizuka who has been undergoing brainwashing and orders to trap Yayoi Kamishiro. Unable to cast off the pleasure broken into her, Shizuka betrays Yayoi, her quasi-sister Wild Pink, despite her will. Since then, Commander Shizuka Ugetsu changes into the vicious woman fighter Siren of the Leviathan. Shizuka loads the dice with Yayoi’s transformation bracelet. Unknowingly, Yayoi uses it to transform before her enemy and she slips into her reinforced suit mounted with chastity belt for pleasurable torturing. Yayoi the newborn Wild Pink is captured, screwed and broken in. Shizuka, the one-time adorable commander, tortures Yayao relentlessly, whom Clarken and his fighters ram with violence. Beat down, stout-hearted Yayoi falls for pleasure and is subdued just like Shizuka, becoming the vicious woman fighter Scula. [Bad ending]

CLICK TO GET "GMMD15WildRangerWildPinkBadlyFallenHeroineTheFemaleCommanderBetrayer20110422.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Mahiro Aine] [GEXP-14] Witch Beautiful Girl Fighter Fontaine – 2011/07/22

Starring: Mahiro Aine

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GEXP-14

Release Date: 2011/07/22

Total Duration: 124 min

Yuka Sawamura is a beautiful girl protecting the town using transformation ability granted by the god. Sweet and earnest, she is also the head of the student council who has a strong sense of justice, and today she rescues a mild-mannered businessman from a group of punks he got into a scuffle with. To punish the bad guys of the street, she transforms into a magical beauty girl fighter Fontaine, guiding them back onto the path of righteousness. In the meanwhile, a science teacher Shimane, discharged from the school because of serious-minded Yuka Sawamura’s act, visits his sempai or former upper-class man Dr. Shiyama, and he finds a monster secretly developed by the genius doctor in the laboratory. The doctor has been working on the project, in order to get even with the academic society that ousted him, and there is one thing that the vengeful doctor desperately needs to achieve what he wants. It is energy source for the monster’s body that requires enormous amount of power. Shimane, who had witnessed Fontaine punishing the street punks, and her great magical powers radiating from her body, offers a solution to the doctor: to make use of Fontaine’s magical energy. At first Dr. Shiyama is not sure, not knowing how to steal the superheroine’s energy, but Shimane insists and devises a cunning plan to entrap Fontaine. Using a newly invented machine that can collect magical energy, the doctor extracts the superheroine’s energy from captured Fontaine, and sends it to his creation, a monster named Debbles. Their plan succeeds, and the doctor sets out for revenge with the monster that is alive now, leaving Shimane and weakened Fontaine behind. Then Shimane gropes her body, saying ‘I have raped so many young girls – but none like you.’ Fontaine tries to fight back, but as she is terribly weakened, she is no match for the tough and able-bodied man like Shimane. Being a quick-witted superheroine of justice, however, she somehow manages to escape. She makes it to the exit of the laboratory, but there she encounters Doctor Shiyama and his monster, who has just returned from avenging himself on the academy…. Can the magical beauty girl fighter Fontaine, superheroine of justice, protect the town and her mask of justice!?

CLICK TO GET "GEXP14WitchBeautifulGirlFighterFontaine20110722 part 1.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Chinatsu Koizumi, Mahiro Aine] [TBW-08] Heroine Brainwash Vol.08 Sailor Medium – 2011/01/28

Starring: Mahiro Aine, Chinatsu Koizumi

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: TBW-08

Release Date: 2011/01/28

Total Duration: 73 min

Dargott, Empire of Darkness, hatches a new plan for their evil purposes again. This time they are not just going to defeat Sailor Warrior; they capture the girl and make use of the superpower…. The empire’s initial attempt to capture Sailor Medium and force her to join the dark army by electric tortures fails, because the female warrior using water and wisdom is a much stronger fighter they thought. Sailor Medium escapes, but she is too proud a fighter to ask for other Sailor members’ help. While she hesitates, Lagmedender the strongest monster of the underworld attacks her. Using tentacles like a whip, the monster beats Sailor Medium, and sucks her life energy from her Crystal. Lagmedender has a special ability of changing the energy he took from his victim into the evil and sending it back to the victim’s body. To do so, the monster inserts his reproduction tentacle deep into the vagina of Sailor Medium to bring the energy into and out of her body. Raped, with her transformation canceled, she is forced to transform again into Sailor Warrior while the evil thought is directly sent into her brain, turning her into a loyal minion of the evil, Dark Sailor Medium. Sailor Wizard arrives to rescue her, but she is also captured and subjected to steamy lesbian humiliation from the fallen Sailor Medium. Horny Sailor Warriors reach orgasm again and again before their own enemy, and it is only a matter of time before the two girls fall into the dark world of sex pleasure…. That’s when the girls’ secret treasure Sailor Crystal starts shining divinely, trying to awaken them, but…!?

CLICK TO GET "TBW08HeroineBrainwashVol08SailorMedium20110128 part 1.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Azumi Mizushima, Mahiro Aine] [GPTM-07] Sailor Prism – The Ultimate Tentacle Insult – 2010/09/10

Starring: Mahiro Aine, Minto Suzuki, Azumi Mizushima

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GPTM-07

Release Date: 2010/09/10

Total Duration: 134 min

When the moon shines in the night, three Sailor-Fighters jump into the alternate-world which has been created by the Devil-King. It’s for beating up an origin of evil and rescuing their friends who have been captured. However, the Devil-King’s capability is far beyond imagination of the Sailor-Fighters. Unawares, heroines are separated and fight against the foe. And countless tentacles that the beautiful-lovely-fighters dislike most appear and attack them. At first, the countless tentacles get twisted around a flesh of the Water-Sailor-Fighter, raising her in the air and depriving her virginity with the more countless tentacles in the air. The maiden blood and the semen ejaculated from the heads of tentacles are carried out through a crotch of the Water-Sailor-Fighter―but the pain of her virgin loss is changing into pleasure by the tentacles moving inside of her vagina limply and obscenely, and she is reached the acme many times in the air. Then, next, the Flame-Sailor-Fighter fights against a huge insectivorous plant which also can be said to be the Devil-King himself, but she is fully swallowed by it during the battle. ”Oh, no… My body will be digested in case of as it is!” Her delicate body with the Sailor-Fighter’s whole strengthening suit is about to be melted… But strangely, the Devil-King is so pleased with the courageousness and beautiful appearance of the Flame-Sailor-Fighter, he rapes her sex organs and also her anus with his tentacles which are supposed to be his hands, legs and sex organs. And then, the remained heroine, the Moon-Sailor-Fighter looks at the two wounded friends and brings out her deadly blows by the anger. But the Devil-King has taken two sailor fighters’ energy, and reveals such a figure before her at last! Her hands and feet trembles contrary to the feeling to fight. The tentacles get twisted around her shuddering body and drop her into the tentacles’ nest which has turned to the hell of sorrowful crying. There are the three Sailor-Fighters who lost the battles are caught by the tentacles. And these Sailor-Fighters’ tentacle hell in the pandemonium follows further―the tentacles insult them with shooting the cum inside of their vaginas, make them pregnant and lay their eggs―mercilessly, the tentacles inserted from their anuses break through their bodies and pushes and come themselves out from the girls’ mouths and tear their the lips… The Sailor-Fighters are defeated before the tentacles insult, and being continued to be raped together like best friends forever…

CLICK TO GET "GPTM07SailorPrismTheUltimateTentacleInsult20100910 part 1.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

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