[Manami Tsuruse] [THH-01] Super Heroine Domination – 2004/04/30

Starring: Manami Tsuruse

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: THH-01

Release Date: 2004/04/30

Total Duration: 70 min

Miyuki Sumikawa=Night Panther In daytime, she is a female investigator. In nighttime, she is a dark punisher. The female punisher, who leaves an organization and judges evils alone, infiltrates an embassy to reveal the injustice of Sigria, but she encounters her onetime trainer, Ranqua. Under the overwhelming power of Ranqua, she has nothing to do and her joints of limbs are taken off, and she is made doll at the mercy of her. And the Night Panther becomes the slave of perverted spirit of Ranqua.

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[Manami Tsuruse] [THZ-03] Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.03 – 2006/06/25

Starring: Manami Tsuruse

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: THZ-03

Release Date: 2006/06/25

Total Duration: 85 min

Thunder Bolt, a monster of the group of Grim Reapers, has become even more powerful!! He winds a magnetic whip around the neck of Magna Pink. He sucks out her energy through anti-magna claw. He holds her in a bearhug while she is losing bodily strength thoroughly. What comes next is neck-hanging! And the worst of all, Magna Pink continues to receive attacks with an ice sword that is made of aphrodisiac. Her mind gradually approaches the limits.

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[Manami Tsuruse, Yume Kato] [ATHB-09] Heroine Battle Nymph Mask Aurora Zwei – 2009/04/10

Starring: Yume Kato, Manami Tsuruse

Video Director: Kisuke Hizen

JAV Video ID: ATHB-09

Release Date: 2009/04/10

Total Duration: 60 min

Two of Nymph mask girls who’re the Aurora-Blue and the Aurora-Pink have been furiously fighting day and night in order to stop an evil ambition of the Evil-Tusk Gang that is plotting to conquer the world by turning human being into monsters and making use of them. A brain person of the Evil-Tusk Gang named Cobra Sakasaki has been irritated to be interrupted the evil ambition so many times by two of Auroras, so he comes up to the result that it will be continuously disadvantaged for the Evil-Tusk Gang to fight two of Auroras at the same time; and he tries to execute a mission to weaken their forces into a half of them by separately fighting against them. Before the Aurora-Pink notices the Evil-Tusk Gang’s plot, she is ruined her mentality by some strong drug of the Evil-Tusk Gang and she is now twisted her mentality badly… Also the Aurora-Blue is entrapped by a mean strategy of Cobra Sakasaki, and two of Auroras are now fallen into their hand. Finally on the ring, two charming nymphal girl fighters are thrown theirselves into some tragic fights while they have no chance to resist their twisted destinies… BAD END

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[Misaki Aso, Manami Tsuruse] [ZWHD-03] Dual Heroine Vol.03 – 2006/06/23

Starring: Misaki Aso, Manami Tsuruse

JAV Video ID: ZWHD-03

Release Date: 2006/06/23

Total Duration: 94 min

▼Magna Rangers: The battle between Magna Rangers and the Death Corps continue. In the meantime, Pink’s ability to transform is taken away by Thunder Bolt! If things are left as is, the Magna Rangers cannot use the Final Magna Attack, which requires all five members to combine their powers! Pink is driven against the wall. Whatis she going to do?! ▼Space Warrior Dianna: Warrior Dianna fights to protect the peace of the Galaxy. She is forced away from her partner Apollo by the Death Corps, who develop a device for creating an abnormal dimension in space. Warrior Dianna strays into the mysterious Death space. She is unable to equip herself with her reinforcement suit, and has to fight alone, when a brand new monster appears before her. What will become of Dianna, the the space warrior of love and hope?!

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