[Mari Sakurai, Airi Yamamoto] [ZXXD-14] Death Chronicles Vol.2 – 2009/11/27

Starring: Mari Sakurai, Airi Yamamoto

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: ZXXD-14

Release Date: 2009/11/27

Total Duration: 65 min

Midori, a high school co-ed, Yuhki, an actress, and a few of their boy friends are confined in a dilapidated studio, sweltering with the summer heat. They struggle away from the incoming Zombies, looking for a way out but in vain… The survivors are doubting and hating each other, and co-ed Midori is thrown out as a sacrifice to Zombies. She escapes miraculously and sets out to fight Zombis, with her attachment to survival having aroused her fighting instinct.. Meanwhile, Yuhki goes out fighting Zombies to trace down the instigator of massacre and to obtain the cross that is the key to her survival. She soon gets bitten by Yuhna, who has been turned into a Zombie, and falls prey to Zombies… Knowing that she soon will suffer from withdrawal symptoms and degrades into an ugly Zombie herself, Yuhki commits suicide… Co-ed Midori drains her will to fight back and has her white thighs bitten by Zombies.. And, Midori tosses and turns in agony with withdrawal symptoms and soon finds out the truth…!!

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[Mari Sakurai] [AZGB-03] AKIBATTLE – Queen of the Cosmos – 2008/12/26

Starring: Mari Sakurai

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: AZGB-03

Release Date: 2008/12/26

Total Duration: 74 min

Reona Shishino begins to realize that she is not an ordinary human being when she conquere difficulties by exerting superhuman powers at the time an attacker almost kills her. One day, three aliens called Lionne, Zozman and Algieba emerge in front of Reona and press her to hand over ”Golden Mane”. Although Reona runs away having sensed something weird with them, she gets caught. Having gone through the danger of death in the course of tortures and got shocked to know that Zozman group killed her foster parents, Reona comes to herself as a Regulsian from head to toe. But she again gets held in captivity as the previous damages prevail. Lionne, who is now infuriated by the vicious way of the Zozman group, rescues Reona but gets caught instead. Reona falls into the arms of the Zozman group to save the life of Lionne. What will be the destinies of Lionne and Reona?!

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[Mari Sakurai, Airi Yamamoto] [ZXXD-13] Death Chronicles Vol.1 – 2009/10/09

Starring: Airi Yamamoto, Mari Sakurai, Natumi Aoi

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: ZXXD-13

Release Date: 2009/10/09

Total Duration: 63 min

Tokyo Zombie Project is initiated when a man puts on a cursed mask in the mid-summer of 20XX…. Midori is a high school girl working in the production of the show “Saint Beast Squad Dragon Force,” but now she is caught up in a web of terror from which she cannot escape. Midori is attacked by a man turned into a zombie by the curse. His body is filthy and rotten and his evil soul desires only human flesh and blood. Covered in gore and blood, Midori keeps fighting zombies, trying to escape from the building where she is trapped, but the undead soon come back reanimated even after they are beaten, and she falls in the battle in the end. In the meanwhile, two girls Yuna and Yuki are dressed as Yellow and Blue of “Dragon Force,” and blood-thirsty zombies looking for beautiful girl’s flesh fall on them, too…. Yuna in Yellow’s costume is attacked by a horde of flesh-eating zombies and Yuna is slowly turning into a ravenous zombie herself…. The high school girl Midori and Yuki clad in Blue’s costume cooperate with each other to escape from the place where they are locked up, but…!?

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[Mari Sakurai, Asami Sugiura] [WEHD-03] [OVER-15] Exciting Heroine Battler Sienne Matra – 2008/11/14

Starring: Mari Sakurai, Asami Sugiura

Video Director: Motoharu Takauji

JAV Video ID: WEHD-03

Release Date: 2008/11/14

Total Duration: 67 min

A ninja’s descendant named Matra is anyhow trying to learn the last secret from her master, and then she is working hard at her training. However it’s not so easy. Such a day there is a girl who appeared in front of the master after an interval of five years. Actually she is Matra’s older sister named Kisara, and she returns after she has disappeared for five years. The master named Hanzou makes some suspiciousness toward Kisara. And a thing that Hanzou that catches in his eyes is Kisara’s left arm which is spoiled by evil curse. After Matra finds out that the master is captured by Kisara, she rushes to the place in which the master is being captured. She mows down ninjas who tries to block her, and at last Matra reaches the enemy’s secret base. But violent attack by her sister Kisara is awaiting Matra. And what Matra gets in her hands after a cutthroat battle over the last secret of ninja is…?

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[Mari Sakurai] [AZGB-16] Future Fighters – 2010/03/12

Starring: Mari Sakurai

Video Director: Sosuke Higashimura

JAV Video ID: AZGB-16

Release Date: 2010/03/12

Total Duration: 64 min

The Toujou (means east-stream) Conglomerate has been gathering distinguished fleshes and creating mutants in order to control the world. To stop his evil ambition, a female secret investigator, Phi Chung (means white spring) sneaks into an underground combative tournament hold by the president of the Toujou Conglomerate, Toujou himself. Her purpose is to win the tournament’s victory and to slip into inside of Toujou’s organization, and to seize evidences of the Mutant Plan. As scheduled, she joins the tournament, and at first she stands face to face with a world wrestling champion from Germany named Scorpion, who has got a tastes of killing people in the matches and has become a mercenary. She is afflicted with sadistic attack of a power-fighter, Scorpion, but somehow she crushes the opponent. And Phi Chung goes on to the semifinals, and she confronts with three opponents, such as a street fighter, a master of the art of drawing the sword, and a karate fighter. These men have strength in proportion to their obtaining card, ”Jack”, ”Queen”, and ”King.” But fortunately, she crushes all of them and succeeds in going on to the final. Her final opponent is a female bat master, Carry. Carry finds out that Phi Chung tries to search something, but contrary to Phi Chung’s thought, Carry says she will help Phi Chung if she becomes her lover. Of course, Phi Chung refuses Carry’s offer and also crushes her like others. However, Carry totally flips herself into Toujou’s side and betrays Phi Chung after all. Now, Phi Chung is captured by the enemy, and surprisingly, Carry appears in front of Phi Chung as her torture officer and she utilizes electricity and her vaunt skillful fingers as her torture tools, treating Phi Chung so harshly. But luckily, Phi Chung escapes her narrow death even if she has suffered from the serious torture, and she succeeds in beating Carry. Then she appears in front of Toujou and challenges a fight. She once seems to win the fight against Toujou, who utilizes Muay Thai. But right before he passes away, he turns himself into a mutant and starts attacking her again. Well, is it possible for Phi Chung to accomplish the mission!?

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[Mari Sakurai, Nana Sakurai] [CGAD-21] Super Sexy Heroine Spiritual Battler Ybsass – 2008/09/12

Starring: Mari Sakurai, Nana Sakurai

Video Director: Hiroshi Nagai

JAV Video ID: CGAD-21

Release Date: 2008/09/12

Total Duration: 79 min

YBSASS is a security organization that protects women from diverse crimes in the 22nd century.It is also the name of the special fabric,that is put on a human being’s skin,captures DNA from sweat and changes it to armor.Mao inherits the organization from her father who passed away.Her boss,Saki, is a rock star at the institute.An incident happens on the day they holds a show for the newly created YBSASS. When Saki shows YBSASS under the spotlight for the audience, she loses her mind.It is shy Mao who is told to get the situation under control.Male staff who previously like Saki are on Mao’s side now.Being jealous,Saki attacks Mao by taking advantage of the weak point of EBSASS. While the male staff watch Mao’s costume melt down by special poison. Sadistic Saki attacks Mao persistently!The Big Boss behind the scene is Honma,the head of Security.Sasara,The head of the organization is no help,falling into a trap.The fates of 4 people are connected by EBSASS.Time is ticking away and the costume is dissapearing!

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