[Kaori Satou, Yuri Sawamura] [ZEKA-07] Catalogue DVD Cosmore – Glavure Heroines – 2010/10/08

Starring: Satomi Tsubaki, Shiori Tsukimi, Rie Teduka, Marine Nakagawa, Yoshiko Nakamoto, Ai Nanase, Miyo Nano, Mahiro Naruse, Miku Hasegawa, Yukino Hiyama, Rika Fujii, Ako Fujiwara, Aimi Hoshii, Ria Mitsui, Asami Momose, Yuuri Morishita, Mai Tsukamoto, Akane Suzuki, Yui Akamatsu, Ai Amano, Mika Inagaki, Masumi Okamura, Kanami Okamoto, Serina Ogawa, Ayumi Kaede, Himena Kawai, Hana Kawamoto, Yuu Kosaka, Hikari Gonoi, Maya Sakita, Kaori Satou, Yuri Sawamura, Anri Sugihara, Yuu Tejima

JAV Video ID: ZEKA-07

Release Date: 2010/10/08

Total Duration: 211 min

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[Maya Sakita, Ayaka Takeuchi] [CGBD-21] Special Unit Bionic Force Brainwashing & Torture – 2007/09/28

Starring: Emi Hirai, Rei Toda, Maya Sakita, Ayaka Takeuchi

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: CGBD-21

Release Date: 2007/09/28

Total Duration: 70 min

An evil group called ”Death Dealers” has been shaking up the peace of the world. They take on terrorism, assassinations and suchlike. To fight against them, four female cyborg fighters in special suits got together as Special Unit Bionic Force.                                                                    However, Red Force, the leader of the Force, Kanon, loses contact on her mission. Blue Force, Mio, goes out to search her, but gets kidnapped by the enemy and suffers brutal tortures by a female high-ranking member of Death Dealers, Pierra. Red Force is brainwashed and attacks Green Force, Fubuki. The youngest among the Force, Pink Force, Chika, falls into the hands of a monster, Snake Doctor. In the desperate situation, the four fighters must find a way out.

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[Maya Sakita] [CGAD-05] Super Heroine GAIA RANGER – 2006/10/13

Starring: Maya Sakita

Video Director: Kanzo Matsuura

JAV Video ID: CGAD-05

Release Date: 2006/10/13

Total Duration: 60 min

The report suddenly enters the origin of the cornel who is Gaia ranger’s member from a man named childhood friend’s Riki. ItThe cornel that perceives the plot of a dark devil on the back side of the accident of the town starts immediately requesting assistance to the headquarters, and a dark devil appears there and it attacks the cornel. However, the cornel from which Riki was taken by the hostage in mystery man Cragegil in the state of the nonresistance and to the thing that is FAnd, the cornel finally confined to enemy’s hideout : to receiving malicious blame that takes the characteristic of the Gaia suit in the inverted hand. The Gaia suit absorbs the element of the inside of the body when a certain time is passed and supplements energy. Dark devil etc. that are painful and pursue and attack a retreating enemy to cornel further only by installing it. The cornel does escape really from this pinch and can help out Riki?


[Maya Sakita] [CGADT-05] [Raw Footage] Super Heroine GAIA RANGER – 2010/09/24

Starring: Maya Sakita

Video Director: Kanzo Matsuura

JAV Video ID: CGADT-05

Release Date: 2010/09/24

Total Duration: 290 min

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[Toko Hatori, Maya Sakita] [ZXXD-03] Starry Princess Seiren Universe – Counterattack of Guebararu – 2007/12/07

Starring: Asano Aikawa, Maya Sakita, Rie Teduka, Toko Hatori

Video Director: Hiroshi Nagai

JAV Video ID: ZXXD-03

Release Date: 2007/12/07

Total Duration: 60 min

Misaki Kouka, a cover girl, and her manager Shiho Seigo have escaped by the skin of their teeth from a shadowy group dressed all in black. The two women disclose each other’s real identity for the first time; they are orphans who don’t know the faces of their parents, they were brought up in a convent, Siren is the name of the sister who loved them with warmth… And the wheel of strange destiny starts to move on little by little but steadily. In the meantime, Misaki and Shiho get separated falling for a dirty trick. And they fall into the clutches of ” Assassin Assassin ” , a female fighter of Guevararu. She makes a one-sided attack on Shino who is having trouble in transforming herself. But despite being caught, hurt and worn out, the two fighters never stop fighting. There a fierce lengthy battle involving 4 female fighters begins! Shiho devotes her life to rescuing Misaki but Misaki gets held at sword-point to the throat. That’s when a miracle happens! ”Two of us are from the planet much-loved by Gods. We hold dreams of the lost and the upcoming people. We are here to rush through the present!”

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[Asano Aikawa, Maya Sakita] [ZXXD-02] Star Falls Princess Seiren Universe Rai-shin – 2007/11/23

Starring: Asano Aikawa, Maya Sakita, Rie Teduka, Toko Hatori

Video Director: Hiroshi Nagai

JAV Video ID: ZXXD-02

Release Date: 2007/11/23

Total Duration: 60 min

Misaki Koka, an idol, smiles at the camera like an angel. Her competent manager, Shiho Seigo, is giving her a gentle glance. They have a trusting relationship with each other like real sisters. The studio is filled with animated feeling as usual. However, Misaki is overwhelmed by a female photographer with murderous stare who has come to the studio as a substitute. Shiho follows the photographer who secretly leaves the studio and sees her steal the remembrance of Misaki’s parent whom she has not yet seen. Then Shiho is attacked by a female fighter whom she has not seen. On the other hand, Misaki searchs Shiho with anxiety. As she sees a big,sharp sword coming down on Shiho, an electronic sound brays from the remembrance. A Bright light envelopes the body of Misaki. Now she finds herself in a fighter’s costume she’s never seen. Though bewildered, Misaki and Shiho fight the enemy with the help of Heaven’s voice. But they are driven into a corner by merciless attacks.

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[Maya Sakita, Rei Noma] [ZARD-47] Assassin: The Mission – 2007/09/14

Starring: Maya Sakita, Rei Toda, Rei Noma

Video Director: Masayuki Toyama

JAV Video ID: ZARD-47

Release Date: 2007/09/14

Total Duration: 60 min

CAT (Confidential Agent Team) is an organization secretly formed by the government to assassinate the criminals the law cannot touch. The CAT members are all former death-row convicts specially trained for assignment and if they successfully complete the mission, they get freedom. However, if they fail, death by execution awaits them…. Mihiro’s hunches were right and Yuki is captured and put in prison. After their failed mission two girls go back to CAT and explain to their instructor what exactly happened, but the opinions are divided between Kyoko and Mihiro. When it seems the three girls are no longer able to cooperate with each other again, terrible truths about the mastermind lurking in the darkness are finally revealed. Can the girls complete their mission!? Will the day come when Yuki’s sister understands Yuki’s feelings toward her!?

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[Mami Nawano, Toko Hatori] [ZARD-43] Female Combatants Story PART III : Advance – 2007/07/13

Starring: Toko Hatori, Asano Aikawa, Maya Sakita, Etsuko Tokunaga, Mami Nawano, Emi Hirai, Ayaka Tsuji

Video Director: Naoki Otsuka

JAV Video ID: ZARD-43

Release Date: 2007/07/13

Total Duration: 70 min

Mika Yuki, aka Brave Yellow is in Dark Joker’s hands, going through tortures. Rena Hidaka comes back from abroad to save Mika, her childhood friend while other Brave Rangers abandon Mika. Rena sneaks into Dark Joker’s hideout, pretending to be a combatant named Suisen to search Mika. But She finds out that Mika is now a brainwashed combatant. While Rena tries to get Mika out of there, Shunran, the Captain of Dark Mist, spots them. Shunran controls Mika to attack Rena. In the meantime, Koume, a member of Dark Mist, inspired by Rena’s passion, helps Rena with another member of Dark Mist, Hinagiku who is less motivated. However, Rena gets shot right in front of Koume. The next thing Koume knows, a gun is pointed at her forehead.

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[Maya Sakita, Miki Komori] [ZARD-27] Strawberry Killers -Returns- – 2007/01/12

Starring: Hiromi Nishiuchi, Ichie Tanaka, Maya Sakita, Miki Komori

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: ZARD-27

Release Date: 2007/01/12

Total Duration: 65 min

It was Miyuki, a female investigator, who rescued the beauty sisters Harumi and Aki suffering from poison gas. Having failed to eliminate the sisters, the boss of an IT-related business uses the Mafia to seek the lives of the sisters and even of the investigator Miyuki. Meanwhile, a female fighter Yoko also plots a revenge on Harumi. Harumi and Aki undergo a fight at the scene of the Mafia’s trade and succeed in depriving some secret documents. However, Harumi is beaten up into insensibility and taken away by Mafia guys who have broken into her house. She then is bound and attacked by Yoko… Although Aki and Yoko come and rescue Harumi, it results in a furious brawl on the spot. Then in front of the beauty sisters who are chasing the string puller, a masked killer appears and causes them great pain! Even strangled or tramped, Harumi and Aki keep fighting but there is zero chance of winning… What will be the destiny of the beauty sisters Harumi and Aki who have decided to become assassins to avenge their father…!? And will the female investigator Miyuki be able to solve the case!?

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[Miki Komori, Maya Sakita] [ZARD-26] Strawberry Killers -Begins- – 2006/12/22

Starring: Miki Komori, Maya Sakita, Ichie Tanaka, Hiromi Nishiuchi

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: ZARD-26

Release Date: 2006/12/22

Total Duration: 65 min

Lovely sisters Harumi and Aki have been fighting as assassins against people in the vicious underground community to avenge their murdered father. They find out that the murderer who killed their father is Yoko, a mafia woman. But Yoko and her men are skilled at martial arts… so the beauty sisters are in a pinch and face an uphill battle. Meanwhile, a shrewd female detective on the trail of Harumi and Aki traces down the truth of the case; it was involving a trade of special drug. What Harumi and Aki did (they changed the password to the data circuit the mafia uses for trade) rouses the mafia’s anger and a berserk masked killer appears before the sisters! Harumi and Aki fight desperately but they end up being captured and tortured. As the bodies and souls of the beauty sisters reach a limit, they are driven into a corner and uncover the password. Then the worn-out sisters suffer from poison gas in a locked room. What will be the destiny of the lovely sisters Harumi and Aki…!? The female detective blows up splendid techniques to touch on the case and the captured sisters…! The lovely sisters become assassins to fight against evil! And the shrewd good-looking female detective follows the case! Don’t be swayed by their nice legs… They are still within expectations! A sexy action film in which 4 beautiful women are engaged is now born!

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