[Mel Kimura, Tsuna Kimura] [TRE-58] Heroine Insult Vol.58 Get! Merupure Pure Daisy Saga – 2013/02/08

Starring: Tsuna Kimura

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: TRE-58

Release Date: 2013/02/08

Total Duration: 113 min

Kikuno Ourai is a member of the Melpure, the justice heroine. While she was watching her favorite TV show (Masked Soldier Riot), a monster named Albinus drags Kikuno inside the screen. When she wakes up, Riot and a monster are battling. But unfortunately Kikuno gets captured by the monster and is in grave danger. Kikuno is furious about how her favorite hero is getting tortured and transforms into Pure Dixy. She defeats the monster and saves Riot from danger. But from this event, Riot loses confidence and cries that he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Now she supports Riot to regain confidence but a powerful monster shows up. Electer, radio tower monster, uses brainwashing sound wave on Riot and…

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TRE-58 Heroine Insult Vol.58 Get! Mel Kimura

TRE-58 Heroine Insult Vol.58 Get! Mel Kimura

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