[Eri Makino, Ai Mizusima] [GPTM-10] Here Comes Mask the Glamour! 2 – Find The Glamourous Sisters – 2011/01/14

Starring: Nao Mizuki, Mika Mizuno, Ai Mizusima, Eri Makino

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: GPTM-10

Release Date: 2011/01/14

Total Duration: 183 min

I remember that night. I was being punished again. I was stripped of my bra and school uniform. It was very embarrassing. They said they wanted to stick lots of sewing needles on my boobs and make them look like ”needle mountains.” I was so scared that I wanted to pee…. But teachers would not let me go. I cried in a loud voice when someone started banging on the door from outside. Teachers were mad, opened the door to see what was going on, and there appeared a sexy leg in red boot, very beautiful boobs and hips, too. Dirty old teachers all went wild, but suddenly they were given a good beating. I knew it. I would be saved not by Prince Charming on a white horse, but by my gorgeous onee-sama, ”honored elder sister” I really adore. Today she came to rescue me again, but we are in big trouble because she is surrounded by these sadistic teachers. It’s a trap by the school principal. But my onee-sama is not like Saya. She is brave and is not afraid of anything. Look how she beats them up all. She is so cool! No! She gets caught! I can’t believe that! She gets punished hard in front of all students now!? Oh, no, please….

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[Sakura Sakurada, Mika Mizuno] [TGGP-11] Into the Body – Micro Heroine Mamorunger – 2009/11/13

Starring: Mika Mizuno, Sakura Sakurada

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: TGGP-11

Release Date: 2009/11/13

Total Duration: 68 min

There is a worst incident happened to the Righteous Fighting Unit, the Protecteryaah, who protects the earth!! The one of member, the Pink, and her friend Hikaru Yokoyama is affected by a virus, which is released by the Evil World Army! There is the virus wriggles inside of Himaru’s body! Then, the Pink as Miyuki rushes to the spot and tries to rescue Hikaru. The Pink proposes to her doctor to make herself into micro size and sneaks into Hikaru’s body in order to kill the virus. The Pink succeeds in making herself into micro size, and due to an experiment, at first she fights against the Spider No.1 craft, which’s invented by the doctor. Obviously her power is being smaller because of her size, and she has to fight against heavy odds. But somehow she can clinches victory. And she sneakes into Hikaru’s body and makes her way to the gullet. But suddenly the virus appears with strange noise!!! The Pink has a tough fight in the narrow gullet. Well, is it possible for the Pink to beat this virus!? And what is waiting for her after that!!!!

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SVDVD-222 強制 ギャルゲロイラマチオ 2 Marina Morito Mika Mizuno フェラ・手コキ もりとまりな Rio Sakura 嘔吐 宮下つばさ Tsubasa Miyashita

Size: 1247 mb
Time: 01h 43min
Format: avi
Resolution: 800×448

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