[Miku Shibasaki, 亜佐倉みんと] [VRXS-020] Peeing and Facesitting 3 – 2010/07/30

Starring: Mint Asakura, Maki Kozue, Yuwa Ozawa, Miku Shibasaki

Video Director: Kaoru Adachi

JAV Video ID: VRXS-020

Release Date: 2010/07/30

Total Duration: 112 min

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[Mint Asakura] [TSW-112] Exciting Heroine Space Agent Androcross – Adult Version – 2009/07/08

Starring: Mint Asakura

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TSW-112

Release Date: 2009/07/08

Total Duration: 70 min

Androcross is a school teacher leading a peaceful life as Kayo Kikuhara. But, she is a cosmic investigator coming from the Moon Kingdom to the Earth to crush on crimes rampant in the Milky Way. One night, while watching the Moon with her peer teacher Kiori on the roof of the school, a meteor hits the Earth, on which the cosmic culprit Braggin comes riding. Braggin brainwashes Kiori, and one day she absconds with Kayo’s precious ring which is rife with the Moon power. Kayo goes after Kiori but fails to transform into Androcross without the empowered ring. She has to challenge Braggin in plain self… Alas, she is overpowered and thrown down. Then, she miraculously picks up the ring where she falls down and succeeds in her transformation. Androcross corners Braggin, but here comes Kiori to intervene and suck up her energy as she faints. Androcross bears Braggin’s tortures, who tries hard to squeeze the ring’s secret out of her, and gets the ring snatched away again. Put in the worst pinch, Kayo earnestly persuades Kiori, but will she get her message across to her?

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[Natumi Horiguchi, Ran Kazuki] [GDBS-27] Highlights of Martial Arts Heroine – 2014/07/11

Starring: Rio Nagasawa, Mai Kokubu, Chihiro Asai, Ririka Hayama, Natumi Horiguchi, Mint Asakura, Mahiru Akiduki, Koyuki Ono, Ran Kazuki

JAV Video ID: GDBS-27

Release Date: 2014/07/11

Total Duration: 105 min

Highlights of martial arts heroine.

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[Tasha Reign, Ichika Aimi] [GDBS-24] Highlights of Ame-Comi Heroines – 2014/01/10

Starring: Rei Mizuna, Chika Arimura, Miki Yamashiro, Megumi Haruka, Tasha Reign, Ran Kayama, Ichika Aimi, Nanako Misaki, Mint Asakura, Yui Hatano

JAV Video ID: GDBS-24

Release Date: 2014/01/10

Total Duration: 105 min

[Please enlarge the package to see which products are contained] Highlights of Ame-Comi Heroines!!!

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[Mint Asakura] [ATHB-20] Martial Arts Battle – Female Undercover Agent in Underground Tournament – 2009/07/10

Starring: Mint Asakura

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: ATHB-20

Release Date: 2009/07/10

Total Duration: 73 min

Saki Mamiya is an undercover agent. She enters the underground martial arts tournament organized by gangsters Horiuchi-Gumi in order to investigate the clan’s shadowy business. She suspects that they are running a gambling den, and also selling and buying illegal drugs. Saki wins the battle in the preliminaries against the male martial artist using her formidable fighting skills, and advances to the finals. The fight gets much harder as Saki battles her way up, however, as Saki is confronted by a group of unusual fighters such as a Muay Thai fighter who can hit Saki using his long limbs and, like genuine Thai boxing fighters do, deftly give her a knee kick while clinching her with his hands around the neck. Also, she has to defeat a huge sumo wrestler, former ozeki champion employing various forceful moves like a heavy charge using the head, a slap with an open hand, as well as big moves like sabaori, forward force down. She is hit, punched and thrown across the mat again and again, but despite the numerous wounds in the knees and shoulders, Saki fights back desperately and wins the battle in the end. Exhausted and wounded, Saki has no time to rest because, tipped by an informant, she sets out to the scene of a drug deal. There the criminals start fighting among themselves and one of them snatches the drug and runs away, but she fails to arrest him because of her injury. As her original plan to arrest the gangs on the scene failed, she must continue to fight in the underground tournament so that she could infiltrate the organization. Her opponent in the third round is a sambo master radiating a cool aura, with tactful joint locking techniques. Saki is no match for the new enemy who attacks the injured parts of her body ruthlessly. Saki endures the incredible pains, but her nightmare has only just begun. And her real despair too….

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[Mint Asakura, Asakura Minto] [TBBH-03] Hard Heroine Suppression 03 – 2008/12/26

Starring: Mint Asakura

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TBBH-03

Release Date: 2008/12/26

Total Duration: 71 min

Girion is the leader of “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons,” a group planning to conquer the whole world, but their plans are all thwarted by Shadow Storm. Frustrated, Girion decides to conjure up the forbidden goblin. Shadow White fights the enemy combatants with Shadow Red, but she is caught by Kiba Shark, blood-thirsty goblin summoned by Girion. Kiba Shark is ordered by Girion to eliminate the Shadow Storm members, but because he is free for the first time in a long while, Kiba Shark ignores the order and quenches his thirst with the blood taken from the body of Shadow White. Using a saw blade, Kiba Shark tears her ninja suit to tatters. Then the mini shark joins torture and the red blood begins to gush from all over the body. Covered with her blood, Kiba Shark gets excited and tortures Shadow White with a huge metal grater until her body becomes a mass of blood. She cannot fight any more and a giant roller starts crashing every bone in her body…. BAD END

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[Asakura Minto, Mint Asakura] [ATHB-12] Heroine Battle China Heroine Reira – 2009/05/08

Starring: Mint Asakura

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: ATHB-12

Release Date: 2009/05/08

Total Duration: 75 min

Reira is a girl fighting the evil organization “Death Empier” every day and night. In fact she is searching her father abducted by Death Empire, for whom a ransom of $ 1,000,000 is demanded. Reira somehow rescues him alone, but discovers she has no way to escape. That is when “Mister X,” the mastermind promoter of the underground pro-wrestling association, shows up before her and offers a chance to survive on one condition; that is, if she joins the organization’s super exhibition match “Bloody Sabbath” and win the championship, she can earn the prize money $ 1,000,000 and pay for the ransom of her father. But if she loses, her father will be killed and moreover, Reira has to be punished by unbearable humiliation words cannot describe. Reira accepts it and she defeats all the ferocious male wrestlers one after another before winning through to the final. However, exhausted after a series of fights that are more like killing, she loses the battle in the end and Reira has to suffer the unwatchably horrifying humiliations.

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[Mint Asakura] [TRE-16] Heroine Insult! Vol.16 – 2008/12/12

Starring: Mint Asakura

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: TRE-16

Release Date: 2008/12/12

Total Duration: 92 min

Reira is a daughter of Dr. Asakura who was taken hostage by the Zomers, a criminal group that plans to dominate Japan. In order to rescue her father, Reina fights with the syndicate and uses a captured enemy fighter as a guide to their hideout. Her ruse is a success and she battles her enemy there, but the group’s leader Zomer is too powerful for her and Reira gets beat up by him. She is hung up with one leg lifted, is fondled by the enemies all over her body, is subjected to electric massager tortures, and has her groin abused with a knotted rope. Then her father shows up and Reira experiences the ultimate humiliation of being forced to show him her own vagina. After that, she was made to suck Zomer’s sexual organ and her energy is sucked up by him, and then sex-hungry lower-class combatants rape her one after another, every one of them cuming inside her. Finally, humiliated by her own father who is brainwashed, she becomes totally corrupted in the end. (BAD END)

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[Ichika Aimi, Mint Asakura] [GEXP-69] Black Dress Temptation 3 Case of Superlady – 2012/07/13

Starring: Ichika Aimi, Nanako Misaki, Mint Asakura

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: GEXP-69

Release Date: 2012/07/13

Total Duration: 88 min

A girl student Marino(means a pear covered with hemps) recalls her dead former teacher named Erica and again aspires to be a teacher, while she’s standing on the campus. Suddenly, a cry is gone with the wind. She’s being lured to a fort of silver frost. A witch named Carnola awaits Marino and demands the flesh like steel. The SuperLady(SL) Marino fights back, but she has tough time with the witchcraft. But a miraculous victory occurs. Then, only the dark diabolic costume of the foe is left. When she leaves, Marino suddenly feels Erica’s warmth and some air out of Erica’s lungs. Now she gives herself in the fascination and a whisper of the evil spirit, and mind and body is completely captured. And surprisingly, deceased Erica appears in front of Marino. Then, a battle of the two SLs occurs. Now, Marina’s sensuous-subconscious feelings are badly stirred up… [BAD and then HAPPY END]

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