[Over 4 Hours, 異物挿入] [SOAN-017] This Horny Gal Mama Still Isn't Satisfied After 4 Anal Fucks Mion Hazuki, The Anal Monster 4 Hours – 2017/10/01

Starring: Mion Hazuki

Video Director: Mafuyu Fuzai

JAV Video ID: SOAN-017

Release Date: 2017/10/01

Total Duration: 243 min

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[Mion Hazuki] [GHPM-24] Charge Man – Charge Mermaid The Last Battle! The Endless Nightmare – 2015/09/11

Starring: Mion Hazuki

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: GHPM-24

Release Date: 2015/09/11

Total Duration: 70 min

Nanami Aoi, aka Charge Mermaid, is the member of the Gaia Force. She was captured and assaulted. The Galaxy Beasts stare and laugh at her. They force her to have orgasms and Nanami was exhausted… But she didn’t lose all hope! The female cadre runs out of patience and shows Nanami the Charge Bracelet! ‘I’ll give you a chance to transform and defeat me’ This may perhaps be the final chance for her to save the Earth form the Galaxy Beasts!.. ‘I’ll accept your challenge! You’ll regret it! Charge!! Mermaid!!!’ [HAPPY END]

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