[Chinami Sakura, Hana Haruna] [GHKP-79] Tales of Vastinarve -Episode. ZERO- – 2018/03/09

Starring: Hana Haruna, Mirei Yokoyama, Chinami Sakura

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: GHKP-79

Release Date: 2018/03/09

Total Duration: 70 min

This is the overture of one Heroine’s dramatic story. SUPER WOMAN is a famous super heroine. She loves the Earth and dedicates voluntary justice. A prison breaker who escaped from her several years ago appears before her again. His name is Vastinarve. But this is just beginning of their long story. He skillfully set a trap one after another. SW unconsciously kills innocent two women. She is tortured and remodeled by the opponent. When SW awakes, she is not already justice heroine. She changes her name Gerbera. Two women who were killed by WS are born again as combatants. Three women fall into evil. One man is contributed to the three women. They entangle tongues, suck nipples, and search private parts by fingers each other. “The chief of staff Battler is waiting for you at the Fourth Galaxy Port.” What do you watch three women who swear allegiance? Wake up, SUPER WOMAN!!!

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[Mirei Yokoyama, Miku Aoyama] [TBB-75] Heroine Suppression Vol.75 – 2016/07/08

Starring: Miku Aoyama, Mirei Yokoyama

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: TBB-75

Release Date: 2016/07/08

Total Duration: 70 min

Lavina is a beautiful witch girl fighter for love and justice. Yun Asahina worries about Aries Lavina/Kaede Sawamura, team leader and Yun’s best friend. Kaede is busy to look after her mother so Gemini Lavina conceives that she has to show a leadership to other members. Meanwhile a veteran soldier who has same atmosphere with Yun suddenly appears before her. She called herself Dark Lavina and tries to fight with Gemini Lavina. Dark Lavina is much stronger than other opponents. Gemini Lavina suffers from Dark Lavina’s overwhelming power. She gets punches on her stomach, endless strikes, choking, and beating to wall relentlessly. Gemini Lavina crashes into the wall. She is captured and taken to the opponent’s base to get severe torture. Her hymen is broken under her bounding. “Oh my chastity is robbed by such this monster…” Besides a bomb which reacts liquid is set by her foot while she bears her pee. Time is passed mercilessly. She is wounded her legs and whole her body. Her right arms bone is crushed. She shows desperate efforts to win with only her left arm. What happen to Gemini Lavina next?

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[Mai Tamaki, Mirei Yokoyama] [GHOR-32] Heroine Lesbian SM -Two Female Benevolent thief- – 2016/05/13

Starring: Mai Tamaki, Mirei Yokoyama

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: GHOR-32

Release Date: 2016/05/13

Total Duration: 80 min

In a present day, two beautiful women compete each other in the dark night. The name of younger woman is Rin. She is a sincere girl calling herself “Maboroshi-Kozo” and believes that she is descendant of a famous benevolent thief, Nezumi-Kozo. The name of senior mature woman is Sion. She calls herself “You-Kozo” and strongly believes that she is the best thief. These two women reasonably conflict each other and never give way stubbornly. After a witchcraft battle, Sion won the battle because of her strong subordinate Suzaku. Maboroshi-Kozo is known as a thief that she seduces man to get white “Sign” in the house where she robbed in. Sion finds Maboroshi-Kozo is a virgin and it fired her sadistic mind. Maboroshi-Kozo become incontinent and is suffered from a lot of ancient tortures. Heavy stones on her legs folded under herself, triangle bar sticks her vagina standing on her tiptoes, and fucked on her nostril with You-Kozo. Sadistic Suzaku also joins their torture. Maboroshi-Kozo’s mind and body are corrupted. Maboroshi-Kozo lost her virgin by You-Kozo. What will happen to Maboroshi-Kozo next?

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[Mirei Yokoyama, Rina Utimura] [TGGP-76] Beautiful Brave Women Vehement Mask Gorgeous – 2015/11/27

Starring: Mirei Yokoyama, Emiri Takayama, Rina Utimura

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: TGGP-76

Release Date: 2015/11/27

Total Duration: 90 min

The real character of two glamourous beautiful women are secret special agent. They sneak into the mysterious notorious Satan academy to investigate there as a teacher and student. But the accident happens. They transform to Vehement Mask, Phoenix and Fairy to rescue the student captured by corrupt teacher. They find the tragic fact that the former “Vehement Mask” was raped and assaulted by “Human Chair.” Phoenix and Fairy notice about the top secrets about the academy. So the principal of the academy beats them. Two Vehement Mask, Phoenix and Fairy are captured and become victim of the Human Chair. They are also bound and assaulted by the principal of the academy. Two ladies become sex slave and their screaming echo over the schoolyard of the academy eternally…[BAD END]

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[Yokoyama Mirei, Mirei Yokoyama] [GMMD-05] Contemptuous Heroine – Desperate Endurance – Beautiful Fighter Briria – 2010/04/09

Starring: Mirei Yokoyama

Video Director: Kisuke Hizen

JAV Video ID: GMMD-05

Release Date: 2010/04/09

Total Duration: 65 min

If forgiven by Goddess, I won’t forgive you! Here comes the beautiful fighter Brillia!! It’s time you got punished, mind you! Then appears the beautiful fighter, Brillia, with the resounding cries. The sweet voice enlivens all on the Earth with such a vigor. Dominus, the lesbian boss of evils, who is envious of her outstanding activities, is in search of a means to break her into a lesbian. Brillia and Dominus, in fact, are close friends. both hiding their true selves. Brillia gets broken by Dominus who is still oblivious of the truth! Fearful shrieks echo in the hideout, then Dominus learns the fact… [Bad ending]

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[Momoka Nishina, Mirei Yokoyama] [SACE-043] Saint Tentacles School. The Virtue Of A Busty Schoolgirl That Was Stolen By A Lustful Beast – 2012/01/08

Starring: Mirei Yokoyama, Momoka Nishina, Hitomi Kitagawa, Mako Higashio

Video Director: Kin Ishikawa

JAV Video ID: SACE-043

Release Date: 2012/01/08

Total Duration: 100 min

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