[Noriko Fujioka, Ayaka Tsuji] [ZATS-20] Burning Action – Super Heroine Chronicles – Magnet Warrior Magnizer RETURNS 2014 – 2014/01/24

Starring: Misa Shibata, Ayaka Tsuji, Noriko Fujioka

Video Director: Kyouki Chiba

JAV Video ID: ZATS-20

Release Date: 2014/01/24

Total Duration: 68 min

Soon after Rie graduated from school, an accident happens to her. Her favorite treasure happens to be the Soul Crystal, which the Jamu Empire had been looking for. Etsuko comes to Earth in search for the Soul Crystal. Etsuko teaches Rie the importance of the crystal but she will not believe her. Etsuko finds out that the only way to obtain the true power of Magnizer is by making the owner of the Soul Crystal use it. While Rie and Etsuko are having a fuss, another enemy of the Jamu Empire approaches Earth. They attack the people of Earth to lure Magnizer out. At first, Rie had no interest in fighting against the forces of evil, but as she watches many innocent people get hurt, she decides to transform into Magnizer. When the two girls decide to fight together, they are able to become Magnizer ONE! Will they be able to save the people of Earth from the Jamu Empire…?

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[Ayumi Mogi, Misa Shibata] [ZATS-19] Burning Action – Superheroine Chronicles – Codename Minerva W – 2013/10/11

Starring: Kana Yume, Misa Shibata, Ayumi Mogi

Video Director: Toru Kikkawa

JAV Video ID: ZATS-19

Release Date: 2013/10/11

Total Duration: 63 min

Asuka Izumi, also known ask Minerva, is exhausted from battling against the Secret Society Egoisma. One day, she meets a girl named Kana Hijiri. The two become very close, but the Egoisma sends out three vicious monsters to destroy Minerva. In the midst of the battle, Asuka gets caught by the Egoisma. Kana finds the Minerva Suit in Asuka’s suitcase. Kana transforms and fights against Mushiizuma but gets blinded by the venom. Will Kana be able to save Asuka!? How will their fate be?

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