[Manami Tsutsuura, Ai Suzuki] [ZEKA-05] ZEN Pictures Catalogue DVD – Highlights of Heroine-In-Danger Series – 2010/05/14

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Chinatsu Nakano, Shieri Nakamura, Asuka Nagayoshi, Ai Nanase, Maya Hatakeyama, Nami Hanada, Ayaka Fukumasu, Misaki, Aya Mizuki, Misa Mochiduki, Hikaru Yuzuki, Miwa, Kisaki Tokumori, Rie Teduka, Rika Inoue, Erina Ogawa, Yuuki Kurata, Yui Komine, Minaki Saotome, Riku Shiina, Ai Suzuki, Aika Takeda, Natsumi Takenaka, Mao Tachibana, Riko Tachibana, Chang Li-Mei, Manami Tsutsuura

JAV Video ID: ZEKA-05

Release Date: 2010/05/14

Total Duration: 207 min

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[Satoko Uehira, Asuka Nagayoshi] [ZEKA-06] ZEN Pictures Catalogue DVD – Kids Heroines – 2010/07/09

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Aika Takeda, Rie Tanabe, Manami Tsuji, Nana Toujou, Yuka Nakazawa, Asuka Nagayoshi, Maya Hatakeyama, Shouko Fujimatsu, Masako Horie, Manami Tsutsuura, Kae Yamaura, Miwa, Yayoi Takahashi, Ai Suzuki, Shiori Inoue, Rika Inoue, Yumi Ueno, Satoko Uehira, Erina Ogawa, Serina Ogawa, Yukari Ono, Ayumi Onodera, Kotomi Onodera, Arisa Kamishima, Mana Kirihara, Natsuki Sakano, Reina Fujii

JAV Video ID: ZEKA-06

Release Date: 2010/07/09

Total Duration: 210 min

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[Manami Tsutsuura, Miwa] [ZHPD-14] Super Heroine Jr.Saves the Crisis !! 2 Demonic Mates Double Zarahn – 2005/11/25

Starring: Manami Tsutsuura, Miwa

JAV Video ID: ZHPD-14

Release Date: 2005/11/25

Total Duration: 60 min

Mio Aikawa is an ordinary girl at first glance. But, that is only what she looks like on the outside under her hidden identity. The truth is that she is an underagent devil called Zarahn, who was reborn into the world of mankind to protect Satan, the Prince of Darkness. Satan is reborn as a kind-hearted boy named Kenji. She poses as his older sister, and forgets her mission as Zarahn as she gets accustomed to life on Earth and spends a succession of peaceful days. However, the evil hands of Angel Michael and his legion of gods, who scheme to take advantage of Satan to conquer the world are closing in on the brother and sister team.

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[Ayumi Yoshida, Shiori Inoue] [ZCGD-06] Specail Unit Beauty – Win Mirage 3 – 2005/02/11

Starring: Miwa, Ayaka Tsuji, Rie Tanabe, Ai Suzuki, Shiori Inoue, Ayumi Yoshida

Video Director: Masaru Okada

JAV Video ID: ZCGD-06

Release Date: 2005/02/11

Total Duration: 90 min

After two of his executives are defeated, Gloria gives out orders and indiscriminately sucks people from all over into the mirror world. Spark and Flash fight him, but to no avail! Yuhri dispatches a mysterious girl called Thunder to the site. However, Thunder who cannot control her body collapses on the spot. The Electron Special Investigation Unit senses danger, so Yuhri goes off in person, to offer assistance. However, she is taken captive by the overwhelming power of Gloria! Thunder, although not completely recovered, sallies forth to rescue Yuhri. Spark and Flash follow Thunder from behind to help her.

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[Shiori Inoue, Miwa] [ZCGD-05] Special Unit Beauty : Win Mirage 2 – 2005/02/11

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Rie Tanabe, Miwa, Ai Suzuki, Shiori Inoue, Ayumi Yoshida

Video Director: Masaru Okada

JAV Video ID: ZCGD-05

Release Date: 2005/02/11

Total Duration: 85 min

Galvery’s top executive, Schperta, is defeated. Dekohz, the second executive that Gloria sends out executes a film project that sucks in everyone who looks at images, into the mirror world. Yoko Morizono is among the people watching a movie at home. Dekohz, who takes note of Yoko who gallantly confronts her enemy, and has faith in her fighting qualities, tries to get her to join them, but is refused. A battle is launched between Dekohz and Flash.(Yoko) Flash is pressured by Dekohz’s overwhelming power. Just then, the 3rd Win Mirage appears. Will they be able to defeat malevolent evil?!

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[Miwa, Ayaka Tsuji] [ZCGD-04] Special Unit Beauty : Win Mirage 1 – 2005/02/11

Starring: Ayaka Tsuji, Rie Tanabe, Miwa, Ai Suzuki, Shiori Inoue, Ayumi Yoshida

Video Director: Masaru Okada

JAV Video ID: ZCGD-04

Release Date: 2005/02/11

Total Duration: 90 min

A certain experiment is carried out on Hiromitsu Sudo, a hideous criminal, at the special Electrotechnical Laboratory. However, the experiment fails! At that moment an irreparable warp occurs in this world. Sudo is blown into the mirror world and attains invincible power. The Flash Beauty Special Investigation Unit-Win Mirage Spark confronts the evolved Sudo, that is, Galvary Gloria to defeat him. A violent battle unfolds with Schperta, Galvary’s number one executive! Spark is at the on the verge of collapsing, having to fight the enemy alone… At that moment, another figure dressed in a Win Mirage outfit appears!

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[Miwa, Kisaki Tokumori] [ZHPD-20] Super Heroine Jr. Saves the Crisis !! 3 Beauty Fighter Sailor Soldier Princess – 2006/01/27

Starring: Miwa, Asuka Nagayoshi, Kisaki Tokumori, Rika Inoue, Ayaka Tsuji

Video Director: Tomoaki Sato

JAV Video ID: ZHPD-20

Release Date: 2006/01/27

Total Duration: 55 min

Oh my! The Princess has become a Sailor Soldier! Her code name is Sailor Princess!! Although this sounds false it’s really true. Huh?! Is she going to be okay?! Well, she is super powerful. I mean, she may probably be as strong as Sailor Alpha. Primary school villain, Hell Cat sometimes fights on her side, then at times, betrays her. What the hell is going on….? The Princess, with super action fights her way through the enemies that attack her one after the other. But, of course at times, she falls into a pinch! Hang in there, Princess! The peace of this country depends on you.

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