[Nanami Nei, Nei Nanami] [ATHB-04] Woman detective Action Battle – 2009/02/13

Starring: Nei Nanami

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: ATHB-04

Release Date: 2009/02/13

Total Duration: 68 min

Chigusa Kudoh is a one-time pro wrestler turned detective after her father who’s been missing since a few years back. On the request of Investigator Kuroiwa, she sneaks into Minato-gumi’s office, a Yakuza outfit dealing in narcotics. She exerts her sufficient skills in picking and jamming in breaking into the office. While transferring the evidential data, she gets caught red-handed by two burly, masked body guards of Minato-gumi, whom she has been cautious with. Cornered, she uses her best fighting techniques and weaponry, but the burly men of steel muscles are no match for her. Chigusa gets captured and tortured, but she does not crack under chieftain’s grueling, seeking chances to escape. Will she be able to execute her mission alive…?

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[Nanami Nei, Nei Nanami] [TDLN-89] Bandage Heroine Aurora Lady< download limitation work > – 2009/04/10

Starring: Nei Nanami

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: TDLN-89

Release Date: 2009/04/10

Total Duration: 103 min

Mai Misora is a girlie investigator, having a unique capability of turning into Aurora Lady, a masked worrier. She has been at war with the Diablo, devilish gang of wicked minds trying to imbue mankind with vice. After a deadly fight, Aurora downs Buble and secures peace for the time being. Wounded and damaged, Mai sets out for a massage parlor, recommended by her superior. With her guard down, she commits her body to the masseuse. The masseuse begins to reach for her delicate parts, caressing her nipples and groin. Sensing something funny going, Mai protests but it is too late. By that time, the ointment and massaging have worked up her body senseless. She is now subjected to worse molestation. The masseuse is none other than Wicked Doctoress Majenne, the successor cadre of Diablo. Majenne keeps on giving Mai pleasurable tortures of caressing and groping. Mai, now manages to turn herself into Aurora Lady, but her body is still immobilized. Kidnapped to Majenne’s hideout, where Mai gets further groped, she finds her body and mind breaking down into pieces. Bad ending.

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[Nanami Nei, Nei Nanami] [TBBH-04] Hard Heroine Suppression 04 – 2009/02/27

Starring: Nei Nanami

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TBBH-04

Release Date: 2009/02/27

Total Duration: 79 min

Shizuka Doi, a high school co-ed kidnapped by Don Sphinx, has been cursed by Satan and inhabited by an evil inside her. But, a dormant power in her has come to life and turns herself into Sailor Silence, a warrior of silence and self-love, to save her from troubles. With the incomplete curse still intact inside, Sailor Silence keeps on fighting for the sake of peace against evils. Don Sphinx sends Harry Demon to assassinate her, putting her into a fix. Also, she is assailed by Kiba Demon, a wild monster of the devildom, in a battle of two on one. Sailor Silence suffers wounds inflicted by Harry Demon’s powerful attack and Kiba Demon’s sharp tusk and claws. She gets hurt further by the blood- sucking machine and thick, fat nails… Always under fear of Satan’s curse taking power, Sailor Silence keeps on putting up with her destiny. In the end awais her…(Bad ending)

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