[Nene Fujimori] [GXXD-12] Invincible Goddess Beauty – 2008/08/22

Starring: Nene Fujimori

Video Director: Masayoshi Shiki

JAV Video ID: GXXD-12

Release Date: 2008/08/22

Total Duration: 66 min

The space investigator Beauty chased down a criminal named Dice to the earth, but during the midst of the fight against Dice, she mistakenly killed a civilian named Seiji Kawakatsu. In order to save Kawakatsu, she combined with Kawakatsu, and with his cooperation even she could chase down Dice again. However, on the contrary to that Dice didn’t run away because he found out the fact that Beauty combined with Kawakatsu who was just a civilian, and instead of that he was going to attack Beauty for taking his chance. Owing to being combined with Kawakatsu, she started to feel pains that she never had tasted before and she started to feel so terrified. At last she lost her consciousness by attack of Dice, and she was locked in his hidden place and was about be tortured. Dice, who had his long-standing grudge against Beauty, brought his all negative feeling and he crashed into her, and Dice was continuously giving pains to her heartlessly. Actually Beauty, who was combined with Kawakatsu, didn’t want him to be involved, so she couldn’t fight back to Dice at all! Dice was not satisfied with that teasing, so in order to force her into a tight corner, he was starting giving her pleasure torture with all kind of disgrace. After Beauty found out what real pleasure for woman, she began to shake her butts with her own will. Well, was Beauty going to be brought herself down into just one female slave like that!

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[Nene Fujimori] [TBW-05] Heroine Brainwash 05 – 2008/11/14

Starring: Nene Fujimori

Video Director: Kisuke Hizen

JAV Video ID: TBW-05

Release Date: 2008/11/14

Total Duration: 77 min

Miki Aoyama as the Sailor-Sapphire is a girl who loves righteousness, and she has been born and destined to fight against dissolute devils. The head of the dissolute devils named Banba (the Bat-Evil Man) has been plotting to change the earth into the world of darkness, but all the time he has been interrupted by the Sailor-Sapphire. This time Banba plots to brainwash Reiko Kuroki who is a best friend and fellow of Miki Aoyama and suffer the Sailor-Sapphire, and Banba wants to set up the Sapphire as an evil-person (Karami) and terminates her totally… And in front of the Sapphire one monster appears. That is Reiko Kuroki(as Karami). After their magnificent fight, the Sapphire is beaten. The Sapphire, who is totally bound, is going to have lesbo torture by Karami. The Sapphire is sniffed her holes by her best friend, and with too much shame she badly twitches her face!! Banba puts the Sapphire on a brainwashing machine and beams ultrasonic waves into her head. The Sapphire can’t do anything about it! How will destiny of the earth be turned out!?

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[Nene Fujimori] [TTRE-06] Heroine Tentacle insult Vol.06 Wingforce – 2008/12/26

Starring: Nene Fujimori

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TTRE-06

Release Date: 2008/12/26

Total Duration: 72 min

Blasted by a mysterious explosion during the battle against Infinity Empire, unconscious Pink Wing sees a strange dream. It is a terrible dream in which an incredibly ugly tentacle creature winds itself around her body, screws its head that looks like a male sex organ into her mouth, and then into her private place that no one has ever touched. She comes to herself and after receiving a report that people are slipping into unconsciousness everywhere, Pink Wing hurries to the scene. There a tentacle creature she saw in her dream bursts out from the victim’s body and attacks her. Pink barely escapes the creature’s attack, but the octopus monster suddenly transforms into a huge octopus and Pink Wing is assaulted by the monster octopus. Her body is covered in octopus ink and her suit is torn by the octopus sucker, but the octopus’s attack continues as it slips under her costume and sucks her crotch. Pink makes a narrow escape and returns to the base, but she discovers the commander is in fact being manipulated by the tentacle. Now Pink is facing the danger of total extinction of Earth. She gets information from one of the Infinity Empire’s researchers and rushes to the tentacle’s incubation facility, but unbelievable hells await her there. Pulled into the incubation tank, Pink struggles covered in slimy fluid. The monster sneaks into under her suit and destroys her mask from inside. After that, as in the dream she saw before, the monster screws its male genitalia-shaped tentacle into her mouth and ejaculates into it again and again. At the same time the monster rips off her underwear and insistently teases her nipples. Finally it penetrates into her private place and cums inside her body and ecstatic Pink wallows in pleasures. But something terrible is about to happen in her body….

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