[Rei Tokunaga, Ayane Suzukawa] [GHKP-86] The Lab That Produces Evil REMAKE -The Unit That Protects a Star- Earthman Earth Blue – 2018/03/23

Starring: Ayane Suzukawa, Rei Tokunaga

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GHKP-86

Release Date: 2018/03/23

Total Duration: 90 min

Meg Mihama/Earth Blue is an excellent strategist and has cool strong mind. Reader Earth Red and Earth Yellow feel jealousy and alienated. Female Cadre Ririza make a plan to change all members of Earth Man into evil fighter through taking advantage of the darkness of their mind. Earth Red and Earth Blue are turned into monsters and defeat Earth Blue. Red and Blue sexually torment and torture Earth Blue to avenge her. Female cadre Ririza pours evil energy to Meg Mihama/Earth Blue to fall her down the Witch Burana. However, it was a beginning of collapse and hell for the evil organization…!

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CLICK TO GET "GHKP86TheLabThatProducesEvilREMAKETheUnitThatProtectsaStarEarthmanEarthBlue20180323 part 2.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Azuki, Rei Tokunaga] [GGTB-37] Heroine Cunnilingus Torture -Cheer Knights VS Monster Namenba – 2018/03/23

Starring: Azuki, Rei Tokunaga, Yuka Asami

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: GGTB-37

Release Date: 2018/03/23

Total Duration: 115 min

Akira Ayukawa/Cheer Sapphire fights with monsters every day. Although she is late for or absent school, she never makes an excuse. So, she has to take extra lessons. Yurigawara (She is lesbian) takes charge of Akira’s extra lessons. Yurigawara can’t control her desire. She uses a drug to deprive Akira of her freedom. Yurigawara thoroughly tortures Akira but when decreasing the drug effectiveness, Akira knocks down Yurigawara. Then, monster Namenba appears before Akira. Namenba was watching for a chance to get Akira’s body. Akira caught in the Namenba’s trap and is licked whole her body. Akira transforms into Cheer Sapphire to counterattack. When Cheer Sapphire delivers a finishing blow, somebody interrupts her attack. It was Yurigawara who changed into Namenba. Cheer Sapphire is defeated by two Namembas. She is licked whole her body and gets cunnilingus. Cheer Sapphire loses her vitality. What is going happen to Cheer Sapphire!?

CLICK TO GET "GGTB37HeroineCunnilingusTortureCheerKnightsVSMonsterNamenba20180323 part 1.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GGTB37HeroineCunnilingusTortureCheerKnightsVSMonsterNamenba20180323 part 2.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GGTB37HeroineCunnilingusTortureCheerKnightsVSMonsterNamenba20180323 part 3.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Runa Nishiuchi, Rei Tokunaga] [THZ-66] Super Heroine in Grave Danger!! Vol.66 -Revealed Real Identity of Ms. Universe- – 2018/03/09

Starring: Runa Nishiuchi, Rei Tokunaga

Video Director: Tadayuki Hasegawa

JAV Video ID: THZ-66

Release Date: 2018/03/09

Total Duration: 100 min

Evil society Garos attack five different places at the same time for being isolated Battle Flash force members. Commander Gelder thinks that they should disclose real identity of Battle Flash force members to destroy the force. He makes a plan with female cadre Syarome and Vampire Genie. Ms. Universe solely appears before Syarome although she knows it is Garos’ trap. Ms. Universe dominantly fights with opponent but she is driven into the corner by Vampire Genie’s attack. Ms. Universe is hard to stand because she is sucked her blood by the genie. She manages to escape from there and hide herself. However, it is difficult to completely escape from them. Ms. Universe understands she is found and captured by them sooner or later. “I know! Garos doesn’t know my appearance before transformation.” She releases her transformation and appears before Syarome with her human appearance. Is Ms. Universe able to escape from the crisis and defeat opponents!?

CLICK TO GET "THZ66SuperHeroineinGraveDangerVol66RevealedRealIdentityofMsUniverse20180309 part 1.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "THZ66SuperHeroineinGraveDangerVol66RevealedRealIdentityofMsUniverse20180309 part 2.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "THZ66SuperHeroineinGraveDangerVol66RevealedRealIdentityofMsUniverse20180309 part 3.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Nanami Shinohara, Mako Hashimoto] [JMSZ-65] Heroine Ruin Suppression -The Last Battle of Spandexer -Cosmo Angel VS Brutal Evil Hunter – 2018/03/09

Starring: Mako Hashimoto, Rei Tokunaga, Nanami Shinohara

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: JMSZ-65

Release Date: 2018/03/09

Total Duration: 65 min

Her beautiful face is hidden with the mask. Hair style is short and boyish. She has square shoulders and killer cleavage and tight stomach. Spandexer Cosmo Angel is an ultimate heroine who has a lot of manly appeal. She fights with Devil Hunters to rescue Shizuka Kahara who is captive beautiful girl. However, opponents Kagura and Kongo are very formidable. Cosmo Angel is beaten and her body is gradually destroyed. She bends her body with groaning and suffering. Cosmo Angel never give up. She tries to rescue the girl. She manages to find the girl Shizuka Kahara although she is injured all over, but it was a trap to defeat Cosmo Angel. She despairs of appearance of Evil queen. Her desperate battle is started again.

CLICK TO GET "JMSZ65HeroineRuinSuppressionTheLastBattleofSpandexerCosmoAngelVSBrutalEvilHunter20180309 part 1.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Arisa Hanyu, Rei Tokunaga] [JMSZ-64] Cuckolded Heroine -Dyna Woman – 2018/02/23

Starring: Arisa Hanyu, Rei Tokunaga

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: JMSZ-64

Release Date: 2018/02/23

Total Duration: 90 min

Legendary Dyna Woman used to be a famous Super Heroine with her glamorous body. Seven years has passed since she was married and retired. A housewife Aina gently sends her husband Keiji, an investigator, to the door. Keiji never knows that his wife was Dyna Woman. He investigates a suspicious religious corporation. Keiji is caught in the vicious trap on the brink of arrest of the organization’s representative, Rajanata. Aina has a bad feeling and she returns to the Heroine. Then, unpredictable thing is happened. Keiji and Aina are continuously trapped to separate. They deeply trust each other but they are gradually filled with misunderstandings and distrustfulness. Aina is put love potion all over her body and feels orgasm by having a sex with another guy in front of her husband. She doesn’t notice her husband watches her sex, but she passionately has a sex with another man. “I believe a teaching of Gudull.” She finally becomes a believer in bad religion. Wake up, Dyna Woman! The world is calling you!!!

CLICK TO GET "JMSZ64CuckoldedHeroineDynaWoman20180223 part 1.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "JMSZ64CuckoldedHeroineDynaWoman20180223 part 2.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "JMSZ64CuckoldedHeroineDynaWoman20180223 part 3.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Miki Sunohara, Rei Tokunaga] [JMSZ-63] Power Woman Tickling Torture – 2018/01/26

Starring: Miki Sunohara, Rei Tokunaga

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: JMSZ-63

Release Date: 2018/01/26

Total Duration: 110 min

Female mad scientist Keira plans to dominate the world but she is always interrupted her desire by Power Woman. Keira hears from National Defense Force that Power Woman’s weakness is the meteorite which was fallen to the Earth, and Keira captures Power Woman by using the meteorite. Keira strikes Power Woman and gives electric shock to her, but Power Woman’s body is very tough although she is weakened by the meteorite. However, when Keira accidentally touches Power Woman’s ear, Power Woman startles and let out her voice. Then, Keira notices that Power Woman is weak at tickling. Power Woman suffers from Keira’s thorough tickling. Power Woman struggles with the feeling that she has never felt and finally gives in Keira.

CLICK TO GET "JMSZ63PowerWomanTicklingTorture20180126 part 1.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "JMSZ63PowerWomanTicklingTorture20180126 part 2.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "JMSZ63PowerWomanTicklingTorture20180126 part 3.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Rina Utimura, Erika Saeki] [GHKP-54] Justice or Evil!? -Female Combatant DUALFACE- – 2017/12/22

Starring: Yuzu Kitagawa, Erika Saeki, Rei Tokunaga, Rena Sakurai, Rina Utimura

Video Director: Hanamichi

JAV Video ID: GHKP-54

Release Date: 2017/12/22

Total Duration: 80 min

Evil Female Combatants Corps Dark Medusa continuously abduct and brainwash young women to produce excellent female combatants. One day, a combatant Rina is defeated by Pink Soldier. After that, Rina is violently tortured for punishment by combatants of her colleagues. She reminds her conscience before she is brainwashed as combatant. Rina restarts her life as justice female combatant. Rina cooperates with Pink Soldier and defeats female combatants one after another. However she is caught in the Dark Medusa’s trap and captured again. Rina is violently tortured by them. Is Rina going to back to the evil combatant again?

CLICK TO GET "GHKP54JusticeorEvilFemaleCombatantDUALFACE20171222 part 1.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GHKP54JusticeorEvilFemaleCombatantDUALFACE20171222 part 2.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GHKP54JusticeorEvilFemaleCombatantDUALFACE20171222 part 3.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Rei Tokunaga, Miki Sunohara] [TGGP-90] Female Investigator in Grave Danger -J Men 2017 Hong Kong Karate Woman VS Female J Men- – 2017/11/10

Starring: Miki Sunohara, Rei Tokunaga

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: TGGP-90

Release Date: 2017/11/10

Total Duration: 115 min

Female investigator Anna Kazami gets the information from informer about drug dealing at Hong Kong Connection. Anna and her colleague Nakaoka have a look at the site in advance. However, female leader of Hong Kong Connection Oh Kouryu and her subordinates await her there. Kouryu had heard from Nakaoka about Anna comes to the site. Kouryu tries to capture Anna to elicit the information about informer because Anna gave damage to the organization through the information from the informer in the past. Opponent Aryu and Unryu attack Anna in perfect match. Besides strongman Yao Shin and Kouryu also attack her. Anna is finally captured Kouryu. Sadistic lesbian Kouryu violently tortures Anna. Kouryu licks Anna’s body, gives her electric shock, prick needles to her breast, and whip her damaged breast. Anna manages to stand the torture but Kouryu lusts after Anna’s agonized expression. She is raped with strap-on dildo and is forced to feel orgasm over and over again. She is finally destroyed not only her body but also her mind. Anna manages to escape while their guard is down. And then she tries to defeat Kouryu to recover her pride.

CLICK TO GET "TGGP90FemaleInvestigatorinGraveDangerJMen2017HongKongKarateWomanVSFemaleJMen20171110 part 1.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "TGGP90FemaleInvestigatorinGraveDangerJMen2017HongKongKarateWomanVSFemaleJMen20171110 part 2.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "TGGP90FemaleInvestigatorinGraveDangerJMen2017HongKongKarateWomanVSFemaleJMen20171110 part 3.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Reina Shirogane, Rei Tokunaga] [GHKP-31] Art Guardian Mio VS Monster Namenba – 2017/10/13

Starring: Reina Shirogane, Rei Tokunaga, Ichika Hayano

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: GHKP-31

Release Date: 2017/10/13

Total Duration: 135 min

Mio Bitou is an ace of Art Guardian which is a security guard for art collections. Mio and female investigator Maguchi were ordered to solve the case that Art Guardians became missing while they are guarding art works. Then, monster Namenba suddenly attacks the two. Namenba captures Maguchi, and lick Mio to deprive her energy. Namenba loves strong and beautiful woman’s energy. She was the criminal of the recent missing cases. Namenba knows that Mio is searching the case, so she attacks Mio and licks her body to deprive her energy. Mio is exhausted when she is rescued by Maguchi. In addition, Maguchi shows her real identity as a lesbian, and tortures Mio’s body. Then, Namenba appears there. Mio transforms into Art Guardian to protect Maguchi even though she was attacked by Maguchi. Mio easily defeats Namenba. Namenba smiles although she is driven into the corner. Namenba says Maguchi to wake up. Mio is surprised but Maguchi changes her appearance to Namenba and gets a full nelson on Mio. Two lesbian Namenbas lick Art Guardian Mio’s whole body to torture her.

CLICK TO GET "GHKP31ArtGuardianMioVSMonsterNamenba20171013 part 1.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GHKP31ArtGuardianMioVSMonsterNamenba20171013 part 2.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GHKP31ArtGuardianMioVSMonsterNamenba20171013 part 3.mp4" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Moe Haduki, Rei Tokunaga] [GHKP-20] Heart Sailor Fighter Afrodita – 2017/09/08

Starring: Moe Haduki, Rei Tokunaga

Video Director: Shige Kawamori

JAV Video ID: GHKP-20

Release Date: 2017/09/08

Total Duration: 105 min

Kokoro Aikawa is a girl who were given the fighting ability by goddess of love and beauty. She transforms into Heart Sailor Fighter Aphrodita to fight with monsters. Evil female fighter Hydra appears before Aphrodita. Besides, Hydra was a female teacher Ryuzaki who deprived Kokoro’s first kiss. Aphrodita knows Ryuzaki’s real identity and furiously attacks her. However, Hydra doesn’t accept any kind of light beam. Hydra overwhelms Aphrodita even in physical fight. Aphrodita releases her killer attack in Hydra’s unguarded moment but it only give her a slight of damage. Hydra toys and infringes on Aphrodita’s body. Aphrodita is crucified, licked all over her body, forcibly felt orgasm with Hydra’s tongue, and laid down to the floor and raped with Hydra’s finger. Aphrodita is totally trained and now she hopes to be raped by Hydra. However, Hydra isn’t heated up for obedient girl. So, she orders male monsters to rape Aphrodita.

CLICK TO GET "GHKP20HeartSailorFighterAfrodita20170908 part 1.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GHKP20HeartSailorFighterAfrodita20170908 part 2.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GHKP20HeartSailorFighterAfrodita20170908 part 3.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME