[Ren Kikukawa, Aya Mizuki] [TSR-03] SUPER Sailor Troopers Act 3 – 2004/07/02

Starring: Ren Kikukawa, Aya Mizuki

JAV Video ID: TSR-03

Release Date: 2004/07/02

Total Duration: 90 min

Aya has been brainwashed by nasty sexual fondling performed by an enemy. With no knowledge about it, Ren runs to rescue her. Ren has a furious fight against militants. But, Ren faces Aya standing against her. Ren and Aya starts real fight. Then, Ren gets captured. Ren suffers from dirty sexual fondling performed by brainwashed Aya. Ren finally looses herself when Aya gives lesbian play.

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[Aya Mizuki, Ren Kikukawa] [TSR-02] SUPER Sailor Troopers Act 1 – 2004/06/02

Starring: Ren Kikukawa, Aya Mizuki

JAV Video ID: TSR-02

Release Date: 2004/06/02

Total Duration: 90 min

Aya and Ren get a curious pendant. From that day their destiny has changed. They are reborn as Sailor Trupers. Aya sneaks into a hideout of evil religious group that can be a threat to society; Aya’s goal is to destroy the group. But, there is an unexpected trap. Her classmates have been kidnapped. With no other choice, Aya suffers from nasty sexual fondling by the guru. Now, Ren is in search of Aya…

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[Ren Kikukawa, Kikugawa Ren] [TRH-08] Super Heroine Returns 08 – 2005/08/28

Starring: Ren Kikukawa

JAV Video ID: TRH-08

Release Date: 2005/08/28

Total Duration: 110 min

Satan Cross developped a new kind of drug ”Black out”. Innocent people will get suffered from their intrigue. Hurry Ranger! End Satan Cross’s ambition!! 1. Enthusiastic fighting scenes. 2. Deep shit, and violence. 3. Getting human experimented in ”Black Out”. 4. Abondoning herself to pleasure little by little. 5. Extremely miserable ending. note: This film features not transformed Ranger Peach. Her fight against Satan Cross fellows wearing hot pants ( very short pants) on sexy thighs, and her tolerance over the dirtiest lubricious rape are perfectly pictured in this film, so she wouldn’t transform this time.

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[Shiina Riku, Ni Okayuri] [SGKA-11] GIGA Popular Characters Best Selection – Hand‐Picked Scenes Over 200 Minutes – 2010/08/13

Starring: Saki Yumemura, Kotomi Sayama, Kei Satomi, Minaki Saotome, Nana Saeki, Mao Saito, Yui Komine, Sayaka Kusunoki, Reiko Kikuchi, Ren Kikukawa, Sara Ogawa, Marin Asaoka, Mari Hida, Chinatu Uehara, Yuuki Hibino, Mahiru Sakuraza, Yukari Sawano, Riku Shiina, Mami Shindou, Rina Yuuki, Rika Yamanaka, Aki Yatou, Akane Mochida, Anri Mizuna, Aya Mizuki, Rina Himekawa, Arisa Hinata, Sayaka Hagiwara, Tomoka Nozawa, Yuri Nioka, Aya Natguki, Kiyomi Nakayama, Mika Nakajyoo, Runa Tachibana, Mikan Tokonatsu

JAV Video ID: SGKA-11

Release Date: 2010/08/13

Total Duration: 210 min

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If you see this best selection, you can acquaint yourself with all of them at a glance.
This is a digest for your full understanding! This is the BEST version, which was stuffed only the outstanding spots of 30 titles exclusively selected! !
Those your heroines are gathered all again!!

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