[Azusa Maki, Chika Arimura] [GSHE-03] Top 20 User’s Choice 2013 – 2014/07/25

Starring: Nana Usami, Karin Itsuki, Ai Wakana, Chacha Anku, Ayano Kamiya, Ryo Imai, Sakura Yoshino, Saya Aika, Ayu Sakurai, Kana Imai, Meru Takatsuki, Yurina Ayashiro, Tsuna Kimura, Hitomi Honjyo, Kaede Niiyama, Azusa Maki, Chika Hirako, Hina Maeda, Chika Arimura, Hibiki Ootuki, Uta Kohaku, Hikaru Shiina, Yui Hatano, Sumire, Rena Misaki

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: GSHE-03

Release Date: 2014/07/25

Total Duration: 101 min

Top twenty movies of GIGA 2013 chosen by the users. Fontaine, Ami, Sailor fighter, Sentai, etc. Numerous characters battling.

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[Kanari Tsubaki, Rena Misaki] [GVRD-93] Black Dress Temptation 7 – Special Unit Bird Fighter – 2014/09/12

Starring: Kanari Tsubaki, Rena Misaki

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: GVRD-93

Release Date: 2014/09/12

Total Duration: 94 min

Shleichen tells Bird Three that 200 proton bombs were set all over the city… From that point on, Makoto Honma’s whereabouts become unknown… Her mother, Yuki, was the original Bird Three, but her daughter takes over the task now. Yuki uses the Bird Changer once again to search for her daughter…Everyone has some sorts of secrets, but this may become a problem for a super heroine. Makoto watches her mother masturbate while she is gone… Having an affair with a combatant in the Special Investigation Headquarters… Schleichen zaps Yuki with a special laser that can change one’s personality. Yuki’s love toward her daughter does not stop. Kissing, spit swapping, cunnilingus, vibrator, dildo play… Can Yuki and Makoto retrieve the peaceful days?

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[Rena Misaki] [GOMK-07] Wife Heroine with Beautiful Big Breasts – Wonder Wife – Ugly Retirement – 2013/01/25

Starring: Rena Misaki

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: GOMK-07

Release Date: 2013/01/25

Total Duration: 67 min

It has been 11 years since she became a super heroine… Maiko is the physics teacher for the Isawashi Academy, but she also saves the world as Wonder Wife! During the 11 years, she met her husband and gave birth to a child. Recently, she noticed herself getting weaker due to aging. One day, her beloved son gets kidnapped by someone. She attempts to save her son but her son sees her changing into Wonder Wife! But luckily, her son is proud to be the son of a super heroine. With his cheers, Wonder Wife becomes more powerful and defeats the monster. Although it seemed as if the case was solved, an iron wall falls on her and rocket arms attack her… While being broadcast to the world, Wonder Wife proposes an unbelievable statement. ’Thank you for coming to my retirement ceremony.’ Wonder Wife gets raped before the camera… Her breast milk shoot out like a fountain!.. Will she be able to rescue Yuki!? [HAPPY END]

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GSHE-03 Top 20 User’s Choice 2013

GSHE-03 Top 20 User’s Choice 2013

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