[Ryo Tujimoto] [TDLN-103] Super Heroine Awakening – Delta Ranger[Available Only Online] – 2009/10/09

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto

Video Director: Kisuke Hizen

JAV Video ID: TDLN-103

Release Date: 2009/10/09

Total Duration: 62 min

Special-Mission Delta Rangers have been organized specifically to challenge the Evil Crusaders. Ely Matsumiya, the only girly ranger who transforms into Delta Pink, is a professional bomb-defusing expert. She has set out to rescuing General Commander Nanase Nakagawa, captured and tied to a bomb. Ely succeeds in defusing the bomb, but a Masked Beast Phantom stands in their way of escape. Transformed into Delta Pink, Ely fights with all her might, hurt and bruised all over her body, and finaly beats down the Masked Beast. But, here comes the Generalissimo of Evil Crusaders who overpowers her and takes the two of them as prisoners. The Generalissimo turns himself into Masked Tentacles and starts beating down Ely. Using his magical power, the Masked Tentacles bewitches Ely to believe that Nanase is groping her. In her imagination, Ely keeps on being molested and screwed by Nanase. Deranged by the Generalissimo, Ely takes her peer Rangers, who have come to rescue her, as enemies and beats them down. Soon, as a member of the Evil Crusaders, she turns against Nanao. [Bad ending]

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[Nanako Misaki, Ryo Tujimoto] [GDBS-17] G1 Grand Prix 4th Stage – 2012/10/26

Starring: Nozomi Haduki, Yuki Maeda, Rei Mizuna, Uta Kohaku, Mahiro Aine, Ryo Tujimoto, Asuka Misugi, Ichika Aimi, Chika Arimura, Nanako Misaki, Yu Kawakami, Erika Iikura, Aya Sakuraba, Riri Kouda

JAV Video ID: GDBS-17

Release Date: 2012/10/26

Total Duration: 119 min

10 Highlight scenes of the Fourth G1 Grand Prix!

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[Mina Kanamori, Ryo Tujimoto] [TRSH-44] Super Hard Tentacle – 2013/08/09

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto, Yu Kawakami, Anna Komukai, Sakura Morishita, Yu Yamasita, Mina Kanamori, Ichika Aimi

JAV Video ID: TRSH-44

Release Date: 2013/08/09

Total Duration: 72 min

Tentacles there, tentacles here, tentacles all over the place! Sticky and slimy tentacles wriggling around everywhere! You will be amazed with the various tentacles we’ve got for you. Tentacles that shoot out mucus, tentacles that rip pantyhose, tentacles that screws itself into girls, and much more! We’ve also prepared the most perfect heroines for you. A ninja, Super Lady, naked heroines and more. Hey you, who love girls getting abused by tentacles, here is a great clip for you!

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[Ryo Tujimoto] [GDSC-18] Sailor Aqua(Insult, Female Pervert,Brainwash) – 2013/06/28

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto

Video Director: Taro Musashino

JAV Video ID: GDSC-18

Release Date: 2013/06/28

Total Duration: 96 min

[Insult Part]: ’Now Sailor Aqua becomes the very last fighter. She has used up all of the energy after the intense battle, and has no power to withstand. But, Mazoo who is a cadre of an evil organization is creeping up on such Sailor Aqua.

[Brainwashing Part]: ’Even though Sailor Aqua tolerates numerous torture…, she gradually shows abnormal changes by the cadre Mazoo`s brainwashing….’

[Female Teaser Part]: After Sailor Aqua is steeped in vice, she occasionally detects a man who’s been captured, and she starts raping the man….

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[Ryo Tujimoto, Anri Nonaka] [GPTM-18] Denei Force Chargeman – 2011/09/09

Starring: Anri Nonaka, Ryo Tujimoto, Azusa Kirihara

Video Director: Issei Utsunomiya

JAV Video ID: GPTM-18

Release Date: 2011/09/09

Total Duration: 158 min

Disguising herself as a television reporter, Queen Mahames brainwashes ordinary people by making them give up their dreams, using TV media as a tool. The crime fighting rangers Denei Sentai discover the Queen’s heinous plans, and send out five fighters called Denei Sentai Chargemen. They attempt to defeat Mahames, but a horde of hydra soldiers from the Gozua star cluster stands in their way, together with the evil organization’s higher-rank officers. To eliminate all the enemy officers once and for all, the rangers try to use their secret weapon Charge Bazooka, but they are all sucked into a space camera. The inside of the camera looks like an old movie theater, but it is actually four-dimensional space more advantageous to the Gozua forces. There two female Chargeman members Nanami Aoi and Yui Hadori are made to watch the images of each other, both brainwashed, by Mahames, before they pass out. Then Aoi is raped by Commander Guild, Hadori by Aide-de-camp Zima. Hadori and Aoi are on the verge of totally being brainwashed by Mahames, when three Chargeman fighters arrive to their rescue, taking advantage of a blunder by lazy Aide-de-camp Booga, who failed to keep an eye on them. The five rangers manage to destroy the projector and return to their world. They also defeat the enemies including Zima, Booga, and even Guild transforming into Ultra Guild, but not Queen Mahames, who escaped. The five Chargemen fighters continue their fight, entering the spaceship Gozuart, where an incredibly strong enemy Planet King Bazee awaits them….

CLICK TO GET "GPTM18DeneiForceChargeman20110909 part 1.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

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[Ryo Tujimoto] [GXXD-80] Heroine White Eyes Faint Hell – Sailor Aquos – 2010/12/24

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: GXXD-80

Release Date: 2010/12/24

Total Duration: 80 min

To resurrect the demon named Demonish, Rebellion has already got Silver Stone they took from Sailor Warriors. Rebellion further plans to collect the ”Material Energy” of the girls, so they order Conquista, the guide of the underworld, to summon the giant Golem Ghost, to attack the last surviving member Sailor Aquos. Now she must fight the sturdy enemy with overwhelming power, and she is subdued by the enemy, never given a chance to show what she can do. Subjected to the powerful attacks that cause breathing difficulties, she hovers between sanity and unconsciousness, showing the whites of her eyes again and again. While she does so, her soul travels between this world and the underworld, and this is the only moment when her Material Energy can be extracted from her body. Conquista then summons Octopus Ghost with tentacles, and orders it to strangle Sailor Aquos’s body, but not too strong so as to keep her alive and have her show the whites of her eyes repeatedly. Sailor Aquos’s soul ultimately reaches Hades, the abode of the dead, where the lost souls sink her in the Styx…. Can she ever come back to this life? Sailor Aquos shows the whites of her eyes, suffering every kind of excruciating pains, and slowly losing her Material Energy….

CLICK TO GET "GXXD80HeroineWhiteEyesFaintHellSailorAquos20101224 part 1.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GXXD80HeroineWhiteEyesFaintHellSailorAquos20101224 part 2.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GXXD80HeroineWhiteEyesFaintHellSailorAquos20101224 part 3.wmv" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Ryo Tujimoto, Ryo Tsujimoto] [TSGS-07] New Superheroine Begins 7 – Cutie Ami – 2010/10/22

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TSGS-07

Release Date: 2010/10/22

Total Duration: 101 min

Ami Kannazuki is an android high school girl with a build-in infinite particle circuit. Using the special powers of her system, Ami transforms into the messenger of justice ”Cutie Amy,” and she keeps fighting every day to stop the sinister plans of the evil organization Queen Crow. However, when Witchel, cunning officer of Queen Crow, takes hostage and sets a trap for Ami, Ami cannot fight back and is captured by the enemy. Queen Crow is after the infinite particle circuit, which can be removed only by those to whom Ami opens her heart. Witchel humiliates Ami, rubbing liquid all over her body, moving her hands in an erotic manner. Then Witchel uses a specially-designed ink brush to give sexual stimulation to Ami. As waves of erotic sensation assaults the girl for the first time in her life, Ami reaches orgasm. After that Zena, leader of Queen Crow, rapes her and Ami becomes addicted to sex…. Will she lose her infinite particle circuit in the end? And what will become of Ami?

CLICK TO GET "TSGS07NewSuperheroineBegins7CutieAmi20101022.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Asuka Misugi, Ryo Tujimoto] [TGGP-33] 【G1】Forever Living Heroine Domination – 2011/11/11

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto, Asuka Misugi

Video Director: Taro Musashino

JAV Video ID: TGGP-33

Release Date: 2011/11/11

Total Duration: 80 min

As a small child, Ryo has had his parents killed and now lives with a family whose business is to extinguish specters. Ryo has developed talents and grown to spearhead specter clean-up campaigns… One day, she engages in a fierce battle with the specter head of a clan called Water Family, but she gets cursed for immortality. She feels pain but never dies. Immortal body…that’s how she’s been subjected to… The specters never diminish in number however hard she fells them… And she keeps getting assignments, confounding her. She complains to her sister Asuka, who cajoles her somehow… Day after day, Ryo goes out for getting rid of specters. By request, she marches into Gondo’s office, a specter Yakuza, where she gets in a deadly fix but never dies because of the ’immortal’ curse. She succeeds in terminating Gondo and his underlings. With her mission completed, Ryo reports to her sister via cell phone but she gets irritated by her sister not even responding with a ’Well done’. Later, she gets into an argument with her sister for receiving a request directly from a specter and yells emotionally, ’Sis, you want to down specters. Why don’t you do it yourself!’ Realizing how heavily the family has burdened Ryo, Asuka leaves a message and sets out to encounter the specter alone. Learning that the request came from the next boss of Water Family that put the ’immortal’ curse on Ryo, Asuka gets excited with anger and challenges the specter all in vain. Ryo runs after Asuka for help, but Asuka tries to take the specter’s life along with hers… She ends up destroying herself alone, without hurting the specter. With her sister now killed, Ryo goes for revenge, yet the specter is no enemy of Ryo. The specter, now aware that Ryo is the clan head’s foe, starts atrocious revenge… [Bad ending]

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[Ryo Tsujimoto, Ryo Tujimoto] [GXXD-94] Psyche Switch Heroine – Female Ninja ‘Sparkle’ Toka – 2011/03/11

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto, Misato Orihara

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: GXXD-94

Release Date: 2011/03/11

Total Duration: 102 min

Touka, the girlie Ninja of justice, and Ayabikuni, the girlie cadre of the specter gang, have had their bodies and minds switched over in an explosion of weaponry caused by a technical glitch. Abikuni has acquired a young, supple and sensitive virgin body of Touka, which she abuses to relish sexual pleasures. But, her colleague Kokuryumaru does not know about the body-mind switch and grabs her to torture. Ayabikuni, revealing the mutual secret to him, wins his understanding and sacrifices her own body dwelt by Touka’s mind, letting Kokuryumaru to tarnish Touka’s virginity. Touka is under unbearable pain, with her own body devouring sexual pleasures with glee, but Ayabikuni allows Kokuryumaru to ejaculate cum inside her. And, Ayabikuni infiltrates deep into Touka’s organization and tempts the commander with witchcraft and carnal body. Finally, with the help of a machine, her mind and body are recovered and Touka’s body is led to vampish ecstasy. After all, will Touka be able to get out of this hell of sexual pleasures? [Bad ending]

CLICK TO GET "GXXD94PsycheSwitchHeroineFemaleNinjaSparkleToka20110311.avi" FROM FBOOM.ME

[Ryo Tujimoto, Michiru Tsukino] [GMMD-14] Masked Beautiful Girl Freia & Evil Queen Lilis Double Insult – 2011/04/08

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto, Michiru Tsukino

Video Director: Issei Utsunomiya

JAV Video ID: GMMD-14

Release Date: 2011/04/08

Total Duration: 94 min

’Goolar’ is the evil organization plans the world domination but their operations have been always interfered by the Lovely-Girl-Mask Freya, even though they have reached only one step away. So Dr. Gedoo, who is a staff officer of ’Goolar’, has been booed by the Queen of the organization, Lilith each time, the stress of Dr. Gedoo toward Freya and Lilith has reached the limit. One day Dr. Gedoo is order by Lilith, intercepting Freya who ventures into the headquarters, but Dr. Gedoo is defeated so easily. Finally, toe-to-toe battle between Freya and Lilith begins, and both of them show deadly blows and at the moment of mutually attaching in the knees, suddenly with shout of Gedoo, the combatants arrest two girls who have been weakened. Actually, Gedoo is not dead. And Gedoo attaches both Freya and Lilith with ’The Cranial Nerve External Operation Equipment’ in the shape of a choker ring. This equipment is really fearful because it reacts to vocal cords of Gedoo and stimulates brain of the person attached with the choker ring, and certainly the person will perform what the order contents. Well, what is going to happen to fate of both Freya and Lilith!?

CLICK TO GET "GMMD14MaskedBeautifulGirlFreiaEvilQueenLilisDoubleInsult20110408 part 1.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GMMD14MaskedBeautifulGirlFreiaEvilQueenLilisDoubleInsult20110408 part 2.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GMMD14MaskedBeautifulGirlFreiaEvilQueenLilisDoubleInsult20110408 part 3.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME

CLICK TO GET "GMMD14MaskedBeautifulGirlFreiaEvilQueenLilisDoubleInsult20110408 part 4.mkv" FROM FBOOM.ME