[Sakurada Sakura, Sakura Sakurada] [TBB-12] Heroine Suppression Vol.12 – 2005/11/13

Starring: Sakura Sakurada

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: TBB-12

Release Date: 2005/11/13

Total Duration: 90 min

The launcher of nuclear missile which the Prime Minister of the country of N was always carrying with him were stolen by Kilimanjaro. The goverment asked Super Heroine ”Sakura Queen” to take back the launcher. Sakura Queen defeated one opponent after another. Her strength violated. She also fought against the pet of Kilimanjaro, Bongo. It was a seesaw match. She was bitten by Bongo in the right thigh, but mangaed to beat it. Then she fought against the cyborg of Kilimanjaro ”Herios,” who made concentrated attacks on the injured thigh. However she managed to reverse the situation and retreat because the retreating order was announced. On the way of retreating, she was attacked by a flying object. The revived Herios sprayed the pain amplifier on the injured thigh of Sakura Queen. She was also forced to hear the sound which warped the brain waves by headphone.The very stinking gas was blown on the face of Sakura Queen who was on the verge of groggy. The eyes were forced to be opened by exposing to the illuminant of tens of thousand lux. The hot heating wire was attached to Sakura Queen whose mind had broken. Various torment, such as striking, kicking and choking, are incorporated.

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[Sakura Sakurada, Mai Tsukisaki] [TVS-02] Super Justion VS. Spandexer the Great – 2004/01/09

Starring: Sakura Sakurada, Mai Tsukisaki

JAV Video ID: TVS-02

Release Date: 2004/01/09

Total Duration: 80 min

Spandexer Great. Super constellation big fight ~ heated fight, fierce fight, super hard fight ~ ”We’re not your enemy!” A hapless destiny torments the two girls. Spandexer and Justione… The two popular characters finally meet to co-play. Fighting scenes with such close-to-life realism, and the fix. And, the gang-bang. Justione and Spandexer in lascivious lesbian plays of dreams. The last sequence in fabulous CG rendition will move all viewers to emotion. Not a scene to be missed.

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[Shion, Sakurada Sakura] [TGGP-05] The Knight-Shift “D’Arc” – 2009/03/13

Starring: Shion, Sakura Sakurada

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: TGGP-05

Release Date: 2009/03/13

Total Duration: 97 min

The year is 21XX…Second Tokyo is the city covered with dark and polluted acid clouds, infested with violent crimes. Mio Tsukumori is a young, beautiful female police chief of TSUKUMA CITY Police Station. She has another face, however; Mio Tsukumori is a masked heroine of justice Darc. Hiding her secret identity, Darc fights the law-evading criminals day and night, clad in the special armored costume a genius scientist (also her dead sweetheart) invented. One day a small traveling circus arrives in the city. A few days later, Mio receives a strange message that says the circus troupe is behind the strange case of serial abductions of women terrorizing the whole city. Disappointed with the way her subordinate officers are dealing with the message, Mio quickly transforms into Darc and sneaks into the tent in the circus camp at midnight. However, all of this is a trap set to capture the mysterious heroine of justice everyone in the city is talking about. Darc has been fighting against vicious gangsters, greedy big corporations and even crime syndicates and never lost a battle, but this time she gets caught off guard and the masked heroine is uncovered by the small-time crooks on the street. Taking advantage of her revealed identity, the criminals force her to do the acts that terribly humiliate her pride. But what is their real purpose!? Now it is the time to start “Special Midnight Stage.” Darc wakes up to discover that, right in front of her, the shadows of men heavily breathing in the dark. Tied and strapped, Darc can neither move nor speak. The face of the invincible heroine will be soon revealed before the audiences. And a feast exposing the true nature of the heroine, a very horny girl hidden under her mask, is about to begin.

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[椎名るみ, 月咲舞] [JKAT-02] ゼウススカトロベストセレクション 爆盛り200分超え – 2010/09/10

Starring: 若林美保, 桜田さくら, 中島佐奈, 菜月唯, 矢吹涼子, 星崎かれん, 舞乃るあ, 持田さつき, 川原レイナ, 倉本安奈, 大友このみ, 米倉真琴, 成瀬心美, 原田ゆり, 椎名るみ, 咲もも菜, 月咲舞, 白石美月, 吉川かりん, 星野みどり

JAV Video ID: JKAT-02

Release Date: 2010/09/10

Total Duration: 211 min



[Koda Lee, Nao Ayukawa] [GXXD-43] Cutie Lily – The Black Diamond – 2009/12/11

Starring: Nao Ayukawa, Riri Kouda, Sakura Sakurada, Ririka Hayama

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GXXD-43

Release Date: 2009/12/11

Total Duration: 88 min

Lilly Minazuki, a temporary office worker, is known otherwise as Cutie Lilly. She is a woman warrior, fighting the Monster Claw, a vicious gang led by Sister Guill, with the special device G System imbedded in her own body, which is the invention of her late father, Dr. Minazuki. One day, an able career woman Reiko Kumoyama joins the company where Lilly is working. Cool and self-posed Reiko is in fact an assassin, Lady Spider, sent by Monster Claw in pursuit of Lilly’s G System. Lilly, called out by Reiko, gets surrounded by Monster Claw’s underlings in their hideout but beats them around with her variable fighting skills. But in front of victorious Lilly comes forward Natsumi who has been captured and taken hostage by Spider. Unable to resist, Lilly is caught and Lady Spider and Lady Devil beat her down. Almost dying, Lilly’s body is unable to keep G System in normal functions, with the power overflowing. Lilly fells Spider and hurts Devil severely before she exhausts her power and tumbles into the arms of Hayakawa, the press reporter. Lilly’s colleague Natsumi has been held by Sister Guill. Then, Natsumi’s pendant shines mysteriously. She is the holder of Black Diamond, a jewel of the darkness, that gets activated once in a hundred years. Cutie Lilly sets out to confront Monster Claw and save Natsumi. What power does Black Diamond wield? Will Lilly have a chance to win over? [Happy ending]

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[Sakura Sakurada, Rin Momoi] [TOR-60] Heroine Real Breakdown – Duo Chronicles : Insulted Metrofalus Obeys – 2009/07/10

Starring: Rin Momoi, Sakura Sakurada

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: TOR-60

Release Date: 2009/07/10

Total Duration: 88 min

Year 21XX. In the wake of a Russian nuclear facility explosion, the world is shrouded by a dark veil of released radioactivity even in daytime. There a hundred of armed sects are rampant, each claiming to bring peace to the world. Governments have enacted newly ” International Laws for Suppressing Insurgents ” and poured in huge sums of money and military knowhow covertly, leaving operations to commercial sectors. The Far-East Section. Metro Falce, a civilian security firm successful in suppressing sects in the territory of Nichiwa Federal Republic in the now deserted Kanto area of former Japan. The Seventh Special Attack Platoon. Saya Kusunoki, the Platoon leader, and her buddy Maki Ichijo are now mobilized for actions, armed and clad in state-of-the-art special reinforced costume. One day, they receive while in training a request from the Development Section for a monitor test to introduce a new technology. It’s a communications technique to help heighten the communication efficiency during battles by conveying thoughts without using words. Saya turns it down at first, but she is obliged to volunteer for the test to patch up a mishap caused by Maki’s slip. But the scheme has been cleverly designed as a trap. A battle ensues to lure the two warriors into sensual, enslaving sprees that tumble their pride and creed completely into rubbish.

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[Ryou Akanishi, Sakura Sakurada] [TGGP-18] CRIME HUNT CASTER SHADOW – 2009/11/27

Starring: Ryou Akanishi, Sakura Sakurada

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: TGGP-18

Release Date: 2009/11/27

Total Duration: 94 min

A serial rapist case is headline news and the media reports on it everyday. Akira Noshiro is a beautiful news anchorwoman reading the news with a painful look on her face. Akira proposes an anti-rape campaign in her program, but Yuko, the TV producer, flatly declines. Dissatisfied with the decision, Akira decides to punish the rapist on her own. She first obtains a rejected heroine costume from the assistant director. Akira marvels at the very skimpy costume, but she kind of likes it and thinks it is not a bad choice after all. Renaming herself as “Shadow,” the heroine of justice, Akira makes her way into an abandoned building where criminal activity is in progress, and successfully fights off one of the rapists. One night, however, a supervising crime syndicate sets a trap for Shadow. Akira prepares for the final battle, but before her appear Yuko and a mysterious humanoid monster Killner all ready to fight. He is in fact a broker selling the rapists’ memories to buyers from other planets as “simulated experience program.” To the captured Shadow, Killner in a surprisingly gentlemanlike manner offers a deal. With the hostage situation going on, Shadow cannot refuse anyway, so accepts it reluctantly. However, little does she know that she herself will be the merchandise for sale, terribly abused and humiliated! [BAD ENDING]